Morning Greatness: IG Rorschach Test on FISA Shenanigans Drops Today

Good Monday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • President Trump has lunch with the Vice President
  • President Trump participates in a roundtable on empowering families with education choice
  • The president and First Lady participate in a Christmas Reception

Today is the day: the Horowitz report drops

Today, the Inspector General will release his investigation into the FBI’s use of FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. The IG allows people named in the report to review their part of the report prior to release and that’s why we’ve seen leaks related to our favorite derp state characters trying to get in front of the findings. Let’s talk about what’s going to happen now.

First and most importantly, the media is going to lie about what the report says. (Assuming the media does not ignore it and covers the conveniently scheduled impeachment hearing today.) As you watch the media and news reports, keep the lying in mind. The report is said to be long and most people will get the “gist” of the report from headlines, hot takes from twidiots, the blue check mark mafia and moron late night talk show hosts/court jesters. Do you remember the melt down of the NeverTrump industry when A.G. Barr held a press conference to simply report the Mueller findings weeks before the report was released? This was because the resistance media had nothing to spin. Barr spoke the simple truth. Today, the media’s job is to come up with a “hands up, don’t shoot” mythology about the IG report.

Second, don’t expect much. Don’t. Are you waiting for justice? Late night raids by jack boots at Comey, Brennan, or Clapper’s homes? It’s not coming so get that out of your head. The IG report is restricted to current FBI employees and he has little power outside the current roster. Horowitz can make criminal referrals but I wouldn’t expect any high level action.

Chuck Ross at The Daily Caller has a great rundown of what to expect from the report.

We are getting some pre-spin from the corporate media. The most important spin “factoid” is that, although flawed, the RUSSIA investigation was valid. The resistance needs this to be true, they need the investigation to be valid, because the president claimed he was targeted by political bias and it is most important to discredit the president. He deserved to be spied upon.

But in one important sense, it doesn’t matter what the report says about “how the FBI followed the spirit of the regulations” or “met the threshold and legal guidelines” when targeting the president. Regular people know enough to know the entire operation was unfair. Dramatis persona after dramatis persona was revealed to be biased against the president while being excessively generous regarding a similar investigation into Hillary Clinton. We know that DoJ characters took the word of and trusted bad actors and withheld exculpatory evidence with a mission to stop Trump from winning office and then obstructed him after he won. Who better than the institutional state to maneuver stealthily within the confines of the law and regulation? They know how to bend the rules. When it’s all said and done, people understand this has always been unfair whether or not the malefactors technically colored between the lines. There is a price to be paid for this.

Here’s an opening paragraph from the Associated Press:

The Justice Department’s internal watchdog will release a highly anticipated report Monday that is expected to reject President Donald Trump’s claims that the Russia investigation was illegitimate and tainted by political bias from FBI leaders. But it is also expected to document errors during the investigation that may animate Trump supporters.

It may animate Trump supporters, you hear that? Because you should not be animated by unelected bureaucrats using the force of government to persecute designated political enemies. Now just imagine if the “errors” didn’t pertain to Trump but to some cause célèbre, a “victim” supported by the ACLU and the justice groups, would they be so “forgiving” of such errors? All of the sudden the anti-law enforcement crowd are silent on abuses by the feds. Go figure.

Buckle up, readers, today is going to be bonkers.

Carter Page: Horowitz report will only tell ‘part of the story’
Graham expects Horowitz investigation to show evidence was manipulated, withheld
Nunes: FBI Withheld Exculpatory Information On Carter Page From FISA Court
Trump says his 2016 campaign was spied on. The DOJ’s watchdog is about to offer its official report

Impeachment Follies update

Reuters reports “Democratic lawmakers could vote this week on articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, the House Judiciary Committee chairman said on Sunday as lawmakers sharpened their focus on charges of wrongdoing in his dealings with Ukraine.” There is a Judiciary Committee hearing today, good grief, that includes the committees’ counsels trying to whip up some headlines for the news harpies so they don’t have to talk about Horowitz.

Nadler told the “Meet the Press” audience that “it’s possible” Judiciary could vote on impeachment this week. And that weasel Nadler dumped a bunch of classified docs on the Republicans, who will have no time to read them before the hearing today.

Judiciary Committee Democrats worked through the weekend poring over information from the Intelligence Committee and constitutional law scholars who testified on Wednesday.

Republicans are demanding that Nadler postpone Monday’s hearing to give them time to review the material.

“It is impossible for Judiciary members to sift through thousands and thousands of pages in any meaningful way in a matter of hours,” the committee’s top Republican, Representative Doug Collins, wrote to Nadler in a weekend letter.

From the crowd that peddled the RUSSIA collusion hoax for three years. ‘Meet The Press’ Host Equates Believing Ukraine Meddled In Election With JFK Conspiracy Theory
Ukrainian Yuriy Lutsenko says Yovanovitch perjured herself before Congress
They are unelected bureaucrats who are required to follow the policies of the president. Democrats call them public servants. Republicans say they’re ‘unelected bureaucrats.’
Dershowitz: I was kept off House impeachment panel because of Epstein accusations
From Fusion Natsha: How Giuliani and Barr set out to defend Trump
A little late for that. Joe Biden says he’d bar family from foreign business dealings if elected
Ted Cruz says Ukraine ‘blatantly interfered’ in 2016 election during testy exchange with Chuck Todd
Lindsey Graham is damaging the country. Lindsey Graham torches Schiff over impeachment tactics: He ‘is doing a lot of damage to the country, and he needs to stop.’
Schiff: Blowback to obtaining phone records ‘has only come from the far right’

Lindsey Graham is not going to call Schiff at Senate impeachment trial

Lindsey Graham is absolutely useless. The House Democrats and their media accomplices have manufactured and plotted the entire sequence of events leading to their latest impeachment spectacle, they held a ridiculously biased  and secretive process, restricted the minority party from participating, and here is Flimsey Graham refusing to call Adam Schiff to testify under oath in the Senate. “I’m not going to participate in things that I think will destroy the country,” Graham squeaked “We’re not going to turn the Senate into a circus.” TOO LATE, IDIOT. Graham and of course cocaine Mitch, want to acquit the president as soon as possible but without allowing the president to vindicate himself and expose the Democrats’ malfeasance. They want to appear to support the president without closing the deal. Why? Because the Conservative Inc. crowd wants to maintain some control over Trump. It’s the same reason cocaine Mitch and that feckless Paul Ryan refused to adjourn Congress so Trump could make recess appointments during the first two years of his presidential term. Graham should call Schiff, Eric Ciaramella and all sorts of people and have them answer questions under oath. And he should drag the hearing out for months. Make those lazy Senators sit silently in their seats all day long for as long as possible.

Other morsels:
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I love this so much. Vegan influencer eats meat for 30 days, shocks fans by saying she’s healthier than she’s ‘felt in years’
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Jury to decide if college student’s killing was hate crime
Shooting survivor sues Southern California synagogue
Yeah, yeah, yeah America’s influence, once so dominant, waning under Trump
Fan arrested over ‘racist gesture’ at soccer game

And that’s all I’ve got,now go beat back the angry mob!

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