Morning Greatness: The G-7 at Trump Doral Is Nevermore

Good Monday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • President Trump holds a Cabinet Meeting
  • President Trump has lunch with the Vice President

Trump backs out of plans to host G-7 summit at Trump Doral

Trump is such a great troll. I never cared about this story, did you? Trump announced plans to hold the G-7 summit next year at one of his properties and the media and the Democrats blew a gasket. EMOLUMENTS.

“I thought I was doing something very good for our Country by using Trump National Doral, in Miami, for hosting the G-7 Leaders. It is big, grand, on hundreds of acres, next to MIAMI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, has tremendous ballrooms & meeting rooms, and each delegation would have its own 50 to 70 unit building,” Trump wrote.

“I announced that I would be willing to do it at NO PROFIT or, if legally permissible, at ZERO COST to the USA. But, as usual, the Hostile Media & their Democrat Partners went CRAZY!” he added.

Useful idiots like Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) accused the president of corruption and profit saying the president “is among the most brazen examples yet of the President’s corruption. He is exploiting his office and making official U.S. government decisions for his personal financial gain.”

So Doral no more. A new location has not been announced.

Pelosi and crew travel to Jordan for ‘vital discussions’

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi took a crew of congressfolk to Jordan to “help” the situation brewing in Syria. I suspect they are parading around instructing Jordanian representatives and anyone who will listen to ignore Trump since he will be gone in about a year.

Pelosi, along with the nine-member Congressional delegation, met with Jordan’s King Abdullah II in the capital of Amman late Saturday for talks focusing on security and “regional stability,” according to a statement from her office.

The media described the delegation as bipartisan but there’s only one Republican with the crew.

The Congressional delegation included Democrats Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the Intelligence Committee, who is leading the impeachment probe into President Trump; Eliot Engel, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee and Bennie Thompson, chairman of the Homeland Security Committee. There was one GOP member of the group, Rep. Mac Thornberry, the top Republican on the House Armed Services Committee.

Pelosi’s “bipartisan” posse left on Sunday and is presumably heading home.

Petraeus says US betrayed Syrian Kurds in ‘sudden exit’
Amash rips Trump over move to send troops from Syria to Iraq
Mike Pompeo accuses Adam Schiff of running ‘kangaroo court,’ putting America’s safety at risk

Wellness check: Tulsi Gabbard

Let’s all make sure Tulsi has someone with her at all times since Clinton foes have a way of having accidents or suiciding. A fight broke out on Friday when news broke that twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said during an interview that a female presidential candidate was being groomed by the RUSSIANS. Clinton also said that former presidential candidate Jill Stein is a RUSSIAN asset. Good grief Hillary is a lunatic. Don’t the Democrats have any other rabbits to pull out of their hats?

This trend of identifying someone as a foreign asset over policy differences is getting tedious. But this is the business model of the left that serves to marginalize or “other” their opponents. Once the “right” people label you a moral degenerate, debating ideas is a burden they no longer have to suffer.  Nazis, racists, sexists or homophobes, there’s no need to acknowledge these reprobates.

We all know Hillary was referring to Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii.) Tulsi wasn’t having any of Hillary’s schtick. If you remember, Tulsi resigned from the DNC in 2016 because she thought the committee was rigging the nomination for Hillary and sabotaging her candidate, Bernie Sanders.

Good for you Tulsi. Stay safe.

Hillary Clinton suggests Russians are ‘grooming’ Tulsi Gabbard for third-party run
Hillary Clinton Calls It Quits On Upcoming Event Where Tulsi Gabbard Is Speaking
Gabbard fundraises off Clinton’s comments on Russia grooming her for 2020

Impeachment roundup:
‘I never saw that’: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Mulvaney quid pro quo admission
Mulvaney faced White House ouster threat before impeachment crisis took over
House Intelligence Committee members call on Giuliani to testify
Justice Dept. confirms Trump Jr. and McGahn did not testify to Mueller grand jury
Fox’s Wallace says ‘well-connected’ Republican told him there’s a 20 percent chance GOP will vote for impeachment

Other morsels:
Romney appears to confirm name of secret Twitter account
Social media responds to Mitt Romney’s apparent Pierre Delecto Twitter account
PG&E plans more power cutoffs, warns of severe weather this week
FBI: Tourist deaths in Dominican Republic not caused by tainted alcohol
Participants In Securities Fraud Scam Touted Links To Hunter Biden
‘The worst public health crisis in decades’: First federal opioid trial slated to begin Monday
Report: Synagogue massacre led to string of attack plots
Man sprays bear repellent during California Trump protest
Three U.S. Army soldiers killed, three injured in training accident in Georgia
They took his guns because he’s a neo-Nazi? Authorities seize weapons from alleged neo-Nazi leader under ‘red flag’ law
Her son shot his way into an Indiana high school. Now she’s facing six felony charges
US troops leaving Syria will go to western Iraq, defense chief Esper says
McDonald’s security guard allegedly calls customer ‘stupid white boy,’ punches his table
Detroit-area Yemeni expats avoid prison time for sending millions of dollars to native country

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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