CVS, Wegmans, Walgreens Ask Customers Not to Bring Firearms into Stores

If someone is prepared to slaughter 10, 20 or more innocent civilians shopping in a drug store, do you think they are inclined to respect the “wishes” of a retail outlet that doesn’t want firearms in its establishment? CVS and Walgreens think so.

CVS and Walgreens joined the woke corporation crowd of Walmart and Kroger and announce they request customers do not bring firearms into their stores.

“We support the efforts of other individuals and groups working to prevent gun violence, and continually review our policies and procedures to ensure our stores remain a safe environment,” CVS said in its statement. “We join a growing chorus of businesses in requesting that our customers, other than authorized law enforcement personnel, do not bring firearms into our stores.”

How that works to prevent violence, CVS does not say. Walgreens chimed in and asked “customers to no longer openly carry firearms into our stores other than authorized law enforcement officials.”

Grocery chain Wegmans also caved, “facing a mounting social media campaign” and was asked by head gun control harpy Shannon Watts  of Moms Demand Action “When will you prohibit open carry inside your stores?”

Watts was joined by Hollywood court jester Julianne Moore.

“The sight of someone with a gun can be alarming, and we don’t want anyone to feel that way at Wegmans,” the grocer wrote in announcing the change. “For this reason, we prefer that customers not openly carry firearms into our stores.”

Perhaps people wouldn’t be so alarmed if they were around firearms without incident? Just a thought.