Courting Disaster with Hurricane Dorian

I believe it was at a U.S.-Canada parliamentary exchange in 1993 when I first met former Prime Minister Kim Campbell. Knowing she was the first and only female P.M. in Canadian history, I asked for her autograph for my mother, who was herself a pioneer and mentor for female elected officials in our community in Michigan. Campbell kindly signed and added a very nice notation. When my mother passed away, I discovered it remained one of the few political mementos she had kept.

Given my past experience with Campbell, I was surprised she would spark controversy on Wednesday by tweeting her thoughts about Hurricane Dorian: “I’m rooting for a direct hit on Mar a Lago!”

After a spell of being deluged by direct Twitter hits upon her remark, Campbell heeded the better angels of her nature, deleted her tweet, and explained: “And no, I don’t wish anyone, anywhere, the horror of being hit by a Category 4 Hurricane. But not everyone can have the protection of a fortress-like Mar a Lago, built to be hurricane-proof! Trump will not bear the cost of his immoral abdication of the climate challenge!”

In executing Goddess Gaia’s divine punishment upon him, how Hurricane Dorian would know if Trump was staying in Mar-a-Lago and how said tempest would spare any innocent guests and staff (i.e., the ones who voted for Hillary) was left unexplained, being perhaps more an article of faith than a scientific fact.

This is fitting, for Campbell’s tweet is another regrettable example of how the climate cult embodies and implements Rousseau’s civil religion. In sum, the civil religion is the creed all must believe and heed; all other beliefs—including religious ones—are subordinate to the civil religion; and those who transgress the civil religion will be punished, with the severest penalty resulting in a dissenter being “forced to be free,” i.e., killed. It is this barbaric ideological imperative that resulted in communist regimes (to date) killing over a hundred million people.

In her initial intemperate tweet, Campbell hopes President Trump will be punished for his failure to embrace and act upon the civil religion, specifically his “immoral abdication of the climate challenge.” This is not evidence that she is a bloodthirsty acolyte of the climate cult seeking to execute “climate deniers.” Yet, despite the fact she was the leader of a major developed country and an accomplished politician, the insidious rhetoric of the climate cult that is deliberately designed to frighten people into embracing socialism and serfdom had managed, if briefly, to unhinge even her and led her to wish harm upon another.

Ominously, the climate cult’s less accomplished members lack her experience and skills. Too few on the Left, in general, and the climate cult, specifically, are aware their ideology is drawn from the fetid rantings of the anti-Enlightenment Rousseau. (Likely, some climate-cult acolytes think Rousseau is the place in Manhattan where Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tended bar.) Imagine what manner of things the fear incited by the climate cult’s doomsday claims spurs in these, its less sophisticated, less sane acolytes.

Well, you don’t really have to imagine it. Just check your Twitter feed. (Though Twitter also informs the pending climate apocalypse didn’t stop the optimistic Obamas from buying a multi-million dollar beachfront mansion. Apparently, they expect the world will save itself in time by embracing socialism—though what that will bode for people who live in mansions remains to be seen. Perhaps they’ll get the Khrushchev treatment, whereby the past heroes of socialism who weren’t shoved down the memory hole got to keep their dachas.)

Some say “fire”; some say “ice”; some say “melting glaciers unleashing long-dormant diseases,” like they did in “Fortitude” that—who knew?—turned out to be a documentary. As the climate cultists await the end of their Dead-End Times, amidst the din of the damned before we all get blown away, I’m rooting that, despite this incident, Kim Campbell remains the nice person I met who took a moment of her time to be kind to my mother.

I’m rooting that the climate cult’s civil religion will be revealed as a heresy diametrically opposed to the foundational, governing documents of our exceptional nation.

And, for my part anyway, I’ll continue only to root for this Hurricane.

About Thaddeus G. McCotter

The Hon. Thaddeus McCotter is the former chairman of the Republican House Policy Committee, current itinerant guitarist, American Greatness contributor, and Monday co-host of the "John Batchelor Show."

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