Video: Al Qaeda Releases Embarrassing ‘Blooper Reel’ of ISIS Videos

Al Qaeda has released video of embarrassing bloopers from Islamic State videos.

The blooper reel, released by Al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula’s Hidayah Media Productions, shows a kneeling militant trying to renew his pledge of allegiance to Isil leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi but repeatedly being interrupted by a squawking bird in the tree above.

The jihadi, identified as Abu Muhammad al-Adeni, appears to be distracted by the chirping, causing him to forget his lines.

He takes out notes from his pocket, while another fighter can be heard telling him to “stay calm, keep cool”.

The video dates back to 2017.

Elizabeth Kendall, a Middle East expert at Oxford University, who first shared the video said “One of the interesting things for me here is al-Qaeda do counter-narratives better than we do, using humour and mockery in a local and very clever way.”

The Telegraph reports the video was released to embarrass Al Qaeda’s rival ISIS.

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