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The Mountebank Left Is Banking on You

Introducing the 1619 Project.

Some time ago, I noted the irreconcilable difference between the Left and the rest of America: the majority of our fellow citizens believe America is an inherently good nation that continues its pursuit of a more perfect union; the Left believes America is an inherently evil nation that must be transformed fundamentally into an oppressive socialist state—at best.

For the Left to win this existential argument, it must distort and revile America’s history to destroy the truth of American Exceptionalism. If the past is evil, the present has no choice but to reject America’s history and its defenders; and to embrace the dishonest leftist ideology and the agenda of those who loathe America.

This is a dangerous devolution of the classical American political paradigm, in which both antagonists, conservatives and liberals, agreed America was an exceptional, fundamentally decent nation but differed about how to effectuate a more perfect union. This devolution has several causes, but notable is the incestuous relationship between the leftist media and left-wing academics. 

But, then, what can one expect when citizens subsidize leftist “professors” who use their positions to indoctrinate the hatred of America; and subscribe to a hubristic media that have conveniently jettisoned the veneer of objectivity in favor of the “righteous” left-wing propagandizing of “accountability journalism”?

What one can expect is this: the New York Times Magazine’s “1619 Project.”

According to Mara Gay of the New York Times’ editorial board, the 1619 Project “[i]n the days and weeks to come, we will publish essays demonstrating that nearly everything that has made America exceptional grew out of slavery.”

According to the 1619 Project, the founding of the United States of America did not occur in 1776; the United States of America was founded in 1619 (hence the eponymously named project), as they endeavor to explain:

The Fourth of July in 1776 is regarded by most Americans as the country’s birthday. But what if we were to tell you that the country’s true birth date, the moment that its defining contradictions first came into the world, was in late August 1619?

That was when a ship arrived at Point Comfort in the British colony of Virginia, bearing a cargo of 20 to 30 enslaved Africans. Their arrival inaugurated a barbaric system of chattel slavery that would last for the next 250 years and form the basis for almost every aspect of American life. The 1619 Project is a major initiative from the New York Times memorializing that event on its 400th anniversary. The goal of the project is to deepen understanding of American history (and the American present) by proposing a new point of origin for our national story. In the days and weeks to come, we will publish essays demonstrating that nearly everything that has made America exceptional grew out of slavery.

How the 1619 Project defines “nearly all” is as yet unknown. But what is known is the 1619 Project is a typical left-wing collaboration between academia and the media (and some “celebrities” doubtless will chip in)—the slating and assailing of American history; the denial of American exceptionalism; the eventual smearing of those who disagree as racists for supporting the nation’s white supremacist past; and, ultimately (they hope), turning their bizarre, esoteric alternate universe into our reality, as concrete and constricting as a coffin.

Now one understands why the Left rejects the Betsy Ross flag as a symbol of hate. Yet the hate is theirs, not ours. Ergo, why would anyone who rejects the hateful Left subsidize it with their hard-earned money, be it in subsidizing the Left’s brainwashing emporiums or subscribing to its propagandizing fanzines? As the esteemed Thomas Sowell instructs: “We are among the biggest fools in history if we keep on paying people to make us hate each other.”

The mountebank Left is banking on it.

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