CBS ‘Face the Nation’ Host Interrupts, Spins During Rep. Liz Cheney Interview

Rep. Liz Cheney appeared on CBS political snuff show “Face the Nation” with clown host Margaret Brennan who only wanted to assault Cheney with 5 minutes of progressive talking point hate rather than listen to what she had to say.

Brennan, who interrupted Cheney at least 10 times, questioned the Republican congresswoman over Trump’s remarks about four freshmen Democratic lawmakers known as the “Squad.” Trump tweeted July 14 that the four Democrats, who are all women of color and American citizens, should “go back” to their home countries if they are unhappy with U.S. government policies.

You can watch it here:


You can barely hear anything Cheney says because Brennan is so focused on smashing her talking points down the viewers’ throat. When Cheney tried to point out that the president’s criticism of these intersectional divas was based on their own words and not based on their race, Brennan would have none of it. The president did not single these ladies out for their heritage or race but because of their leftist policy positions.

Brennan also told Cheney that the world disapproves of President Trump’s comments. “Margaret, listen, I know you want to continue to talk about this as though it had to do with race…I don’t the the American people are going to look to foreign leaders to tell us to lead the nation, they’re not going to look to foreign leaders whether or not we should be a socialist country. Thank goodness we won’t do that.”

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