Political ‘Payback’? Try Justice

In a recent Fox News column,  “New probe of the FBI: Long overdue or Trump’s payback?Howard Kurtz  remarks “…what makes me uneasy is that this carries the whiff of payback.”

Really? Kurtz has been a fairly balanced reporter admitting and even pointing out bias in the legacy media, but this piece seems like something that the neither fair nor balanced Chris Wallace would say; something like, “Well what do you expect? This is just partisan politics as usual.”

The problem, on the contrary, is precisely that it is not politics as usual.

As the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court abuses are investigated, the facts seem to show that our FBI, Justice Department, and maybe the CIA as well were weaponized by the departing Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton’s Democratic National Committee in a brazen and callous attempt to sway the 2016 presidential election. While that effort failed, the two long years of “Russia, Russia, Russia!” orchestrated by Democrats and the corporate leftist media may well have added to Republican losses in the 2018 midterms.

Payback? The rats have been turning on each other and, somewhat sadly, we cannot look toward U.S. Attorney John Durham for “leaks” as grand juries hear testimony and people are brought forward to testify. That sounds strange, considering what we saw in the past. But Durham is honest. There are unlikely to be leaks from his investigation. He will follow the law and be nonpartisan, but the Left is already preparing for attacks based on reasoning like Kurtz’s suggested “payback” along with the narrative that “mistakes were made,” which FBI Director Christopher Wray admitted last week.

That sounds remarkably like “business and politics as usual.” So the orchestrated and calculated use of the Steele Dossier paid for by the DNC and heavily influenced by the Russians was just business as usual? The FBI, Justice Department and other parts of the Intelligence Community were actively involved in trying to entrap and then just as blatantly trying to frame a lawful political candidate and his campaign. That continued even after Donald Trump was elected, in violation of his rights and indeed the oaths of office of every one who created and led this attempt to overturn the 2016 election. Payback?

We witnessed the FBI and Justice Department successfully quash the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server as well as her clear acts of obstruction. James Comey at the time said “no reasonable” prosecutor would have prosecuted her. Believe me, there are prosecutors who might have urged no punishment be imposed, but most would have brought charges.

Then came the investigation by Robert Mueller, and it is clear now that the probe could have been over and done in two months instead of two years. The entire case was a fantasy created by Fusion GPS and paid for by the DNC. None of Mueller’s convictions had anything to do with what he was actually charged with investigating.

The corporate leftist media is eagerly waiting for Democrats to give them their marching orders to denounce, diminish, and destroy U.S. Attorney John Durham and his investigation. The narrative so far is in asking for civility. Calling on everyone to just get along and move forward and forget the mistakes of the past. Kurtz sets that theme up nicely.

Durham will investigate and there is every possibility he will uncover a massive conspiracy to undermine the presidency of Donald J. Trump. We should resist the hollow calls to just “get along” and instead look to see that the political abuses of the DOJ, FBI, and perhaps the CIA are exposed as treasonous acts that have damaged the country and threatened its institutions. Indeed,  the Democrats and deep state were turning what are supposed to be honest and non-partisan organizations and employing them as political weapons. The Left will now begin to claim that Trump and his administration are doing that now—they always imagine that the Right employs the very same methods and tactics that they do. Thank goodness they do not.

Has the FBI and DOJ started investigations into the dozens of left of center presidential candidates?  I don’t think so, trust the other Democratic candidates to do that. And count on the corporate leftist media to cover the issues as long as they won’t weaken the effort to deny Trump a second term. I sincerely hope that Durham can find and expose the corruption behind “Russia, Russia, Russia” and prosecutes everyone involved. I hope the results are such that no one ever again dares again to attempt to misuse our intelligence and law enforcement agencies as political weapons.

I have great respect for Howard Kurtz but his efforts to be “reasonable” this time seem to fall into the Left’s narrative of “it’s just payback” and that both sides are at fault. With the corporate leftist media on the side of obstruction, they will try desperately to prevent the truth from being exposed and so stop the public from understanding exactly how grave the threat actually was.

Exposing the abuse is not just “payback.”

In the coming weeks we will see much more of Democrats desperately trying to rewrite history and conceal the truth from voters. Count on the the corporate leftist media to go all in on that effort. You can trust that they will do their very best to continue avoiding their own responsibility of being a free and fair press.

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