Required Reading – April 8

Required reading from around the web of the best, most interesting, or most though provoking things we’ve read:

Rodgers: Senate Republicans To Officially Use Nuclear Option To Confirm Trump Nominees

“The nuclear option will cut Democrats’ debate time from thirty hours to two hours, making the confirmation process for Trump’s nominees faster. Republicans would only need 51 votes to confirm a Trump nominee after the change. McConnell called the Democrats’ actions “systematic obstruction” on the Senate floor Tuesday, saying it is “not targeted, thoughtful opposition to a few marquee nominations or rare circumstances. But a grinding, across-the-board effort to delay and obstruct the people this president puts up. Even if they have unquestionable qualifications. Even if the job is relatively low-profile.””

Read more at Daily Caller.

Neidig: House panel approves bill reinstating net neutrality rules

“House Democrats advanced their flagship net neutrality bill on Wednesday, clearing the final hurdle before a floor vote next week. Democrats beat back more than a dozen attempts from Republicans to gut the bill with amendments throughout the hearing that lasted 9 1/2 hours.”

Read more at The Hill.

Chaitin: Devin Nunes ups the ante: Two dozen people could be hit by criminal referral

“The ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee has been teasing a referral for months and previously predicted its delivery by the end of next week. During a Fox News interview Wednesday evening, Nunes walked back his prior certainty the referral would be ready by Friday due to the burgeoning challenge of ensnaring as many individuals as possible. “The American people need to have confidence in the FBI and the Department of Justice. We are working on the referrals,” Nunes said. “There’s going to be many of them. There are going to probably at least be a dozen if not two dozen individuals, and as we continue to get more information and build these and build them out, we want to make sure that everything is finished before we turn them in.””

Read more at Washington Examiner.

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