Business as Usual at the World Bank?

President Trump’s National Economic Council chief Larry Kudlow is on record saying the World Bank is an outdated, unnecessary relic of a bygone era. With an unexpected opening for the bank’s presidency, a post customarily reserved for the nominee of a United States president, there’s an opportunity to install a new chief who could begin the process of winding up the business of an obsolete institution.

Instead, early reports for the succession have shown a depressing pattern of short-listing liberals diametrically opposed to the Trump agenda and Kudlow’s sage judgment. Nikki Haley, Bill Kristol’s top candidate for U.S. president in 2020, is on the Great Mentioner’s list. A staunch Hillary Clinton supporter, former PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi, also is said to be under consideration. Either of these is a status quo candidate.

Trump voters should let the White House know that business as usual at the World Bank is not acceptable. Trump should insist upon a World Bank president who will work to phase the bank out of existence. Another non-negotiable qualification for a Trump-appointed bank president is that the person should be pro-life. “International development” agencies are notorious for their pro-abortion and anti-family biases, even under Republican U.S. presidents. If President Trump cannot get the bank’s board to accept those two criteria, it will be time for the U.S. to withdraw unilaterally from a needless globalist bureaucracy.

Photo credit:  Alex Wong/Getty Images

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