Required Reading – November 19 Evening Update

Required reading from around the web of the best, most interesting, or most though provoking things we’ve read:

Joondeph: Thanks, NeverTrumpers. Are You Happy Now?

“Slowly but steadily the election is being overturned. Republican victories on election night are either being contested or have already been overturned, a week later morphing into Democrat victories. Funny that. Were any election night Democrat victories overturned a week later due to the miracle of uncounted or provisional ballots? Election thievery, similar to deep state justice, seems to go in only one direction. The Senate majority, assuming it holds, is a slim one, with no certainty of holding the Republican coalition together given the whims of NeverTrumpers Murkowski, Collins, and a resurrected John McCain in the form of Senator Mitt Romney. Will the next Supreme Court nominee be easily confirmed or will one of them channel their inner McCain, strolling into the Senate chamber with his or her thumb pointed downward? As Mrs. Clinton said after her electoral surprise two years ago, ‘What Happened?’ There are many answers, but much lies at the feet of NeverTrumpers, particularly those in Congress. […]  In the 2014 midterms, 4 million more Republicans voted than Democrats. In 2018 it was the opposite, as the chart below demonstrates. In addition, in 2018, . . .”

Read more at American Thinker.

Sen. Mike Lee: A conservative case for criminal justice reform

“’Government’s first duty,’ President Reagan said in 1981 and President Trump recently tweeted, ‘is to protect the people, not run their lives.’ The safety of law-abiding citizens has always been a core principle of conservatism. And it is why we need to take this opportunity to pass real criminal-justice reform now. […]  When the public sees judges handing out unfair punishments, it undermines trust in the entire justice system. This makes it harder . . . Second, excessive prison sentences break apart families and weaken communities — the building blocks of American civil society. Incarceration is . . .”

Read more at Fox News.

Vlahos: Were Americans Made for Civil War?

“Civil division and its conquests are the true makers of America and continue to shape its national progress—or threaten its undoing. […]  America’s path to a civil war has five phases: . . .”

Read more at The Imaginative Conservative.

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