Required Reading – August 27 Afternoon Update

Required reading from around the web of the best, most interesting, or most though provoking things we’ve read:

Neumayr: Judge Tells New Citizens to ‘Take A Knee’

“Her speech to the new citizens, to the extent that I could hear it, was appalling. Sounding like a Democratic Party ward boss, she urged the new citizens to vote as soon as humanly possible. She made voting sound like a tremulous act of self-defense against the country they had just joined. The exhortation, needless to say, gave off a strong anti-Republican, anti-Trump whiff. Then she started in on some ludicrous riff about the First Amendment, encouraging the new Americans to exercise that right as robustly as possible, including by ‘taking a knee.’ Huh? So here we have a federal court judge, who just turned a room full of foreigners into American citizens, and her first piece of advice to them is: boycott the American flag you have just been handed. It was depressing and infuriating as hell.”

Read more at Spectator.

Billingsley: “We’ll Find Out About Brennan”

“What did the ex-CIA boss know about Obama’s 1981 Pakistan trip – and the attempt to cover it up in 2008? Back in 2008, State Department contractors ‘unnecessarily reviewed’ the passport file of Illinois Senator Barack Obama. The breach came without the knowledge of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who called the senator to apologize. ‘I myself would be very disturbed if I learned somebody had looked into my passport file,’ Rice told reporters. According to the State Department, two of the contract employees were fired for the security breach and a third was disciplined but remained on the job. The department did not reveal the identities of the employees nor what they might have been looking for in the presidential candidate’s passport file. On the other hand, some information did emerge. [… . . . Lt. Quarles Harris Jr., a witness cooperating with federal authorities investigating the passport breach, was found dead, ‘shot in the head in his car, in front of his church.’ Maybe John Brennan knows.”

Read more at Front Page Mag.

Kabbany: Professor to students: Drop class immediately if you’re ‘triggered’ by opinions that offend you

“Professor Duke Pesta has his students sign a contract at the beginning of class that asks them to ‘please drop the class immediately’ if they are ‘triggered’ by ideas that offend them. Pesta, a conservative scholar who has taught at various colleges and universities for the last 25 years and is also host of The College Fix’s Campus Roundup YouTube show, said his two-page contract is something he created a year-and-a-half ago to counter the trend of infantilizing college students when it comes to academic debate and the free exchange of ideas on campus.”

Read more at The College Fix.

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