Required Reading – July 27 Evening Update

Required reading from around the web of the best, most interesting, or most though provoking things we’ve read:

Ludwig: Trump Putting ‘Free’ Back in Free Trade

“The goals of any ‘deal’ are crucial in understanding the direction of thinking of the parties.  Here, new goals were announced – namely, they struck a deal to work toward zero tariffs,  barriers, and subsidies.  In short, they agreed to work toward a real free trade arrangement between the U.S. and E.U. markets.  “Real free trade” may be distinguished from the bogus free trade we now have where complex econometric models are in place to make rules that are “fair” based on modeling of David Ricardo’s comparative advantage theories, taking into account price and cost factors in the E.U., the USA, and the world’s economies.  President Trump has honestly and fairly stated in public meetings that the present formulation and goals of trade between the E.U. and the USA diminish the USA economically. ”
Read more at American Thinker.

Gordon: House Republicans Launch Push for Permanent Individual Tax Cuts

“‘It’s going to identify Republican priorities,’ said Marc Gerson, a former majority tax counsel for the Ways and Means Committee, who now heads the Washington law firm Miller & Chevalier. The new Republican outline also calls for new tax incentives for savings, by creating a ‘universal savings account’ for families and allowing the popular, tax-free 529 college savings accounts to also be used to pay for apprenticeship fees and home schooling expenses, as well as paying off student debt. In addition, workers would be able to tap their retirement savings accounts without tax penalty to cover expenses from the birth of a child or an adoption. Start-up businesses would be permitted to write off more of their initial costs.”

Read more at Real Clear Politics.

Harrington: Male House Democrat Wants Taxpayer-Funded Tampons For His Office

“Democratic representative Sean Maloney (N.Y.) cannot stop talking about tampons and wants taxpayers to pay for feminine hygienic products for his staff members. Maloney, who is simultaneously running for reelection in the 18th district and for attorney general in New York, has been credited with starting the ‘Tampon Lobby’ on Capitol Hill and has recently taken up the banner for ‘menstrual equity.’ Google turns up 69,600 results for ‘Sean Maloney’ and ‘tampons.'”

Read more at Free Beacon.

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