Required Reading – July 9

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Required reading from around the web of the best, most interesting, or most though provoking things we’ve read:

VIDEO: Trump Weekly Address: Supreme Court Justices Supposed To Interpret Constitution, Not Reinvent It

July 7, 2018 – “PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: One of the most important decisions a President will ever make is the decision to nominate a Justice to the United States Supreme Court.”

Watch at Real Clear Politics.


Gertz: China Electronic Spying Threat

“Defense Secretary Jim Mattis‘ recent visit to China highlighted the security dangers posed by sophisticated Chinese electronic spying in the capital of Beijing. […]  The concerns were magnified because the E-4B is one of the more sensitive aircraft in the military’s inventory. The jets — four are currently deployed — are critical elements of nuclear command and control systems used by commanders to communicate with their forces during a nuclear crisis or conflict. […] One novel electronic spying tactic is to secretly plant listening devices inside electronic key cards used to open hotel room doors.”

Read more at Washington Times.


Scarry: Media’s anti-Trumpers aren’t ‘leaving’ the GOP. They’ve been fired

“When an anti-Trump voice in the media announces he’s leaving the Republican Party but no one’s there to read about it, does it make a sound?

Max Boot — who?! — was the latest conservative writer to make the inconsequential declaration that he wants Democrats to take Congress in this year’s midterm elections.

‘The current GOP still has a few resemblances to the party of old — it still cuts taxes and supports conservative judges,’ Boot wrote Wednesday in the Washington Post.”

Read more at the Washington Examiner.

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