Good News, Bad News

Good news for free speech advocates: President Trump cannot block anyone from his Twitter account anymore.

But now the bad news. NFL players must stand during the playing of the National Anthem.

You can’t win them all.

If you’re keeping score, that’s one win and one loss for the Left in their never-ending battle to take down all that is near and dear to Americans (see Boy Scouts, Biology, Cakes, Coffee, et al.)

The Left’s greatest triumphs have occurred on college campuses. By instituting safe spaces and free speech zones, they are protecting free speech. But the free speech is of the Henry Ford Model-T variety: You can say anything you want, as long it’s what the campus Stasi wants you to say.

Of course, if your views are just to the right of Kamala Harris, don’t even try to get into the huddle. No doubt, you’ll be hit with a 15-yard penalty, and probably get tossed out altogether.

It’s gotten to where conservative speakers, if they’re lucky, will just be verbally assaulted when they speak. Less fortunate are those who never get to speak, and barely escape the clutches of a violent mob.

Ask Charles Murray, American Enterprise Institute scholar, shouted down and driven out at Middlebury College.

Ask Burgess Owens, former NFL star, called an Uncle Tom and branded xenophobic during a talk at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

Ask Gavin McInnes, forced to end his talk at NYU after five minutes, while enduring chants of “Nazi scum, your time has come.”

And ask Nikki Haley, interrupted many times just the other day, while speaking at the University of Houston.

The next time a conservative or a member of the Trump Administration is invited to a campus, they need to realize their only chance is a Hail Mary.

It might be better to capitalize on the Twitter decision, and post videos of their talks on the Trump Twitter account. We know that Twitter, Facebook, and Google have been hard at work censoring conservative content. But thanks to this lawsuit brought by the Left, we can be confident that content will never be blocked on the Trump Twitter account. It’s inviolable.

Great job Clinton-appointee Judge Buchwald!

Only one question remains. Are you ready for some football?

About Steve Lipman

Steve Lipman is a writer in Los Angeles whose irreverent approach to the serious issues of the day goes where angels fear to tread.

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