President Trump: Rocking the Swamp With Who’s Next

The president’s administration was in chaos in a time of national crisis, one in which the very fate of our free republic hung in the balance. There were internecine battles inside his cabinet, which was composed of many who opposed, and in some instances sought, his position. There were vitriolic condemnations of him as a “tyrant” and a “baboon” (among reams of other epithets) from the opposition party and the enemy. And, yes, there was a hostile press to report every scurrilous charge, juicy rumor and latest defeat regarding the president.

Yet, while irritating, this was not the president’s primary concern. What mattered was saving America; and finding the generals he needed to do it.

For the president, it was perhaps the most painful irony of his life: a magnanimous and compassionate man, he would necessarily wage the first modern “total war”; and, all the while, acutely feeling the moral imperative to reduce the nation’s suffering and speed its healing by waging and winning this war as soon as it was possible to do so.  

Initially, the pool of generals available to him appeared quite able. Then, through their timorousness, arrogance, and/or incompetence they continually proved unequal to the task. So, despite the political catcalls and consequences, one after another he fired them; and he continued his relentless pursuit of generals who understood and shared his heartbreaking strategic realization that the only way to win was to eradicate the enemy’s ability to fight.

Ultimately, out of the chaos the president kept his clarity of purpose and succeeded in appointing generals who fought until the enemy could fight no more.

The Union was saved, and an enslaved race was emancipated.

Today, as President Trump is accused of having a chaotic administration we should recall this history. Critics point to the number of individuals who have left the White House or the administration since his inauguration. Trump supporters, naturally, are far less concerned with the turnover, as they voted for him to drain the swamp. Therefore, the inside-the-Beltway “administration in chaos” trope is irrelevant to them: they will measure President Trump, not by an arbitrary scorecard of who is fired or rumored to be fired next; they will measure President Trump by results.

Thankfully, President Trump knows this.

In reality, his “chaotic administration” is the consequence of his search for appointees who share his vision for and his willingness to fight to make America great again. In doing so, he has shown the political courage to make requisite cabinet changes regardless of the political cost to himself.

Why? Because he understands his appointees are just that—his appointees. Thus, if he delegates a portion of his publicly entrusted powers to a cabinet appointee who does not perform satisfactorily, the appointee will be replaced—be it by firing or an accepted resignation.

In the end, like other successful presidents, the “chaos” in Trump’s administration is not the sign of a vacillating mind; it is the mark of a leader who knows his sole allegiance is not to the Swamp’s political class—the complicit media and global elites—but to the American people.

That isn’t an “administration in crisis.” That’s called the change Americans demand and deserve. And, out here in the fields, folks dig that he’s rocking the Swamp to the sound of Who’s Next.

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About Thaddeus G. McCotter

The Hon. Thaddeus McCotter is the former chairman of the Republican House Policy Committee, current itinerant guitarist, American Greatness contributor, and Monday co-host of the "John Batchelor Show."

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25 responses to “President Trump: Rocking the Swamp With Who’s Next”

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  1. The most gaseous and ludicrous 500 words of baloney I have read in years. The analogy with Lincoln is laughable. The comparison is so impossibly tenuous and the circumstances so profoundly disparate that this has to be the greatest bit of far fetched pomposity to appear on this site in memory. Trump has no plan.

      • Don’t confuse hate, which I don’t feel, with revulsion, scorn, pity, disgust, and disbelief, which I do feel.

    • Go back to HuffPo, and spew your Trump hate over there.
      Trump became a Great President on January 20, 2017, when he—instead of Hillary—took his Oath of Office, denying that deceitful, corrupt, incompetent cronyist the White House and a 3rd term for Obama to continue his destruction of America.
      Any achievements—lowered taxes, unemployment, regulations, food stamp recipients, or gains in the economy—are pure gravy, compared to his victory over Hillary.

  2. Er, considering the current contremps involving a certain actress, is it a good idea to bring up the album with the classic “My Wife”, Thaddeus? Not that the God-Emporer won’t keep draining throughout.

  3. Right on point. As a new comer to DC he didn’t know anyone and he didn’t owe anything to anyone. He will be searching for the right talent until he finds what he wants.

    • Duh! It is his talent, his swamp, and he wasn’t a newcomer to D.C. – he just doesn’t have a lick of sense and is inherently corrupt, so he fits right in.

  4. Thaddeus is another sycophantic Drumpf moron. The people who have been fired or resigned are the “best people” that Drumpf selected – this is his swamp and this troglodyte thinks putting Faux News dimwits in responsible positions is a good idea. It appears he has no knack for business, talent – or anything except self-enrichment and self-aggrandizement. Drumpf is quite simply the epitome of the worst human being to ever live. I sure hope justice (something Drumpf and his cronies don’t believe in or understand) prevails and he is sent to the gallows, along with all of his anti-democracy, slimy co-conspirators.

  5. Dolt-45 has created his own fetid swamp and is now claiming to be draining it and his supporters believe him! This is why Drumpf loves the poorly educated!

  6. ‘That isn’t an “administration in crisis.” That’s called the change Americans demand and deserve.’ YES! YES! YES!

  7. Hopefully he will come out of the coma he was in when he wrote this.

  8. A few things to know about Thaddeus McCotter, former congressman from Michigan and former radio talk show host. During his last re-election campaign his campaign was found by law enforcement authorities to have submitted fraudulent signatures for ballot qualification. His staffers plead guilty to various vote fraud crimes, although McCotter successfully claimed ignorance of their actions. Nevertheless, it was the end of his political career. No one misses him.

    Upon entering a new chapter of his professional life, entertainment, McCotter wrote a TV pilot casting himself as a vulgar variety show host who mused about female sexual organs. That failing, he moved on to talk radio, in which he also bombed.

    During his tenure as Michigan congressman, McCotter sponsored the Humanity and Pets Partnered Through the Years, or “HAPPY Act,” would allow taxpayers to deduct up to $3,500 a year. McCotter declined to speak to NPR, saying he is focused on more pressing legislation, but he did explain his motivation for the tax break on DoggyTV, a YouTube channel.

    “Well, we’ve had reports of people having to turn in pets because of the economic recession,” he said. “And when you think about the relationship between people and pets and the humane way that it helps people think, it seemed to me to be a good idea, and we dropped it in” to the congressional hopper.

    But by all means, let’s listen to this mean favorably compare Donald Trump to Abraham Lincoln.

  9. I watched “Murder on the Orient Express” last night with my family, and realized similarities between it’s plot and the challenges Trump faced after being elected.

    In that story, famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot boards the train as a last-minute guest, and a passenger was soon murdered as an avalanche marooned them deep in the mountains. Trying to discover the guilty party, Poirot finds himself set up as the murderer. The brilliant investigator eventually figures out the guilty: all of the other passengers aboard! He gradually figured out that the widely disparate group all shared a hatred for the victim.

    Trump went into the swamp and discovered even greater corruption than suspected, only to immediately find he was being framed in order to conceal all of their crimes! His top appointments were immediately set up and immobilized to prevent an investigation, and as the truth gradually comes out, it’s turning out that virtually everyone at the top, from Intelligence, National Security, Justice, State, Obama’s inner circle and even the Special Prosecutor himself are being implicated.

    A whodunnit thriller writer couldn’t have conceived a more fantastic plot!

    • Neo, your comment deserves more than just upvotes. Somebody with a b-i-g soapbox needs to pick up on your theme and run with it!

  10. I don’t think Trump so the power and greed of the SWAMP until he got to the White House. He trusted many and took them by their word. And so has to deal with the chaos.

    Interestingly, the country is running better than the OKAKA days. It will be some time before we get the real numbers but I think it is operating with less money and hopefully we will find that Trump was able to slow the rise of the national debt, a lot of expenditures created by OKAKA, which could be ended but TRUMP is not allowed time to get to it with all the distractions.

    Without doubt. America is better of with OKAKA gone and CROOKED wagging her SNAKY TOUNGUE in India.

  11. The Democrats referred quite often to Abraham Lincoln as a “babboon” 147 years ago. May they prove as accurate today.