The Left’s Constitutional Crises: ‘Once Is Not Enough’

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra

The Democrats and their media lemmings are no longer a party but a tantrum—one wreaking in its histrionic, heedless wake two simultaneous constitutional crises.

First, under the Obama Administration, there was a cabal to pervert the police powers of the state for partisan political purposes. Specifically, as gleaned through open sources, employees of the Department of Justice and FBI (and, perhaps, other federal departments and agencies) conspired with Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee to spy on their political opponents during the 2016 election. The fig leaf for obtaining a FISA warrant was the DNC paid-for and Fusion GPS-produced (and unverified and discredited) Steele dossier alleging the Trump campaign “colluded” with the Russians to steal the election.

Despite these underhanded abuses of power, the same desperate cabal spun the Russia-gate lie to subvert the duly elected president after Hillary Clinton lost fair and square. It was a lie the Left’s media parrots eagerly embraced and echoed—the pressure from which led to the appointment by the Trump Administration of a special counsel to investigate the matter. Never mind the fact that the administration named no specific crime to be investigated, as required by Justice Department guidelines.

Now, after a year of the special counsel wielding an unconstitutional “general warrant” trying to “prove” the Russia-gate lie, and the media hyperventilating over every new leak to nowhere, the truth is about to be set free.

For upon the House’s release of the pertinent evidentiary documents for the American people’s review and revulsion, the Obama Administration, Democratic Party, and their pompous media cohorts will be revealed to be, not the protagonists, but the perpetrators of a grave constitutional crisis.

Yet, when it comes to the Left and constitutional crises, “Once is not enough.”

Enter stage far-Left: California Attorney General Xavier Becerra doing his best impersonation of George Wallace (or possibly John C. Calhoun) in the Hollywood remake of the rightly panned tragedy, “States’ Rights Forever.”

Per his performance before—who else?—the press, in tones equally grave and inane, Becerra declaimed:

It’s important, given these rumors that are out there, to let people know—more specifically today, employers—that if they voluntarily start giving up information about their employees or access to their employees in ways that contradict our new California laws, they subject themselves to actions by my office. We will prosecute those who violate the law.

Note how he and the other California Democrats who led the ignoble charge to make California a “sanctuary state” are being cute in their use of the word “voluntary.” They argue their plan does not violate federal immigration laws because it doesn’t prevent anyone from following federal law. No, they claim, the new California law simply requires an American citizen wishing to obey said federal laws to do so only upon federal compulsion.

Doing so to shield illegal immigrants, Becerra and California Democrats have made it a state crime for Americans to voluntarily obey federal law. And, an obeisant press bows before the “fairness” and “justice” of this injurious insanity, all the while these Leftist political hacks violate citizens’ rights to voluntarily comply with federal law.

For we lesser lights, let’s see how this wholly and historically unconstitutional principle would have been applied say, around 1965: a southern state conceded the federal government had the power to end segregation; however, that state’s legislature then passed a law declaring itself a “Segregation Sanctuary,” wherein—upon pain of state prosecution—that’s state’s citizens could not voluntarily inform the appropriate federal authorities of instances where federally illegal (and, oh yeah, unconstitutional) racial segregation still occurred.

You see the problem; unfortunately, in their self-righteous ideological zeal, Becerra, California Democrats, and the rest of the regressive Left do not. They have resurrected the discredited, discarded, and ultimately destructive political doctrine of “nullification”—the basis of the Confederacy’s bogus argument to retain slavery and sever the Union.

Thus have the Democrats and their media mouthpieces created two simultaneous constitutional crises, each the consequence of the Left’s tantrum at having been denied the opportunity to impose its candidates and ideology upon America by…

The American people who, as they have in past times of constitutional crisis, will ultimately and justly rectify these situations; and in swift, certain terms inform the Left, “enough is enough!” Though coarser words may come to mind.

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