From One Frenzy to the Next

America is in another of its Salem moments. Frenzy is almost a living, breathing monster. It moves from host to host, fueled by rumor, gossip, and self-righteous furor.

The Greeks knew well of the transitory nature of these mass panics. They claimed such fits were inspired by the Maniae, the three daughters of Night who were the goddesses of insanity, madness, and crazed frenzy. We’ve seen all three of them in action throughout the past year.

Collusion Everywhere and Nowhere
For about six months, cable news shows, the internet, and the major newspapers ginned up the charge of “Russian collusion”—as a means of explaining the otherwise inexplicable and unacceptable defeat of Hillary Clinton by someone without either political or military experience.

Pundits and talking heads without evidence echoed each other with ever more preposterous charges. Voting machines supposedly had been rigged by a monstrous man who later had stooped to remove the Martin Luther King bust from the West Wing. We were also told that all good souls of the Electoral College clearly should have vitiated their constitutional duties and denied Trump the presidency.

We were lectured at the height of the collusion frenzy that Trump would be 1) impeached, 2) removed by the emoluments clause, 3) forced to resign under the 25th Amendment, or 4) simply quit in shame.

If not, how many ways could (or should) one kill Trump? Hanging? Decapitation? Dismemberment? Combustion? Shooting? Stabbing? Jet crash? As the madness grew, no obscenity from Stephen Colbert or physical threat from Robert DeNiro or Johnny Depp or Kathy Griffin or even Snoop Dogg seemed to suffice to express hatred of Trump.

The font of this 24/7 hysteria was the Clinton campaign’s purchase of a leaked smear job from an opposition research firm, which in turn had hired a disreputable former British intelligence agent, who had paid for concocted Russian slanders designed to disrupt an election. The Fusion GPS/Steele dossier was peddled to U.S. intelligence agencies, some of whom may have seen it as valuable political fodder and thus used it as an excuse to surveille members of the Trump campaign and in turn, unmask the names of American citizens and allow them to be leaked to the press. “Collusion” may turn out to have been sired, grown, and spread from a single, fake, and partisan document.

But now suddenly the hysteria is cooling. Robert Mueller’s own possible ethical conflicts of interests and increasingly bizarre agendas, the Clinton Uranium One scandals, the strange exemptions given the Clinton email debacle, and House Intelligence Committee investigations into unmasking and the origins of the Steele dossier dialed back the frenzy.

Sages in Helmets and Pads
The hysteria then moved on to the once dormant NFL “take a knee” protests, which were reignited by Trump’s public castigation of the players.

Soon the players’ incoherent messaging was passed off by the media as some sort of grassroots Rosa Parks civil rights movement. But as viewers turned their channels and stadia emptied, the hysterical outbursts began to cool.

Money, not the cause of winning hearts and minds to the cause of social justice, became the greater player and owner concern. It is hard to sustain outrage about NFL racism when twentysomething multimillionaires, in a league of over 75 percent African-Americans, insult the sources of their income by refusing to stand for the National Anthem—and belatedly come to realize that the logical trajectory of their supposed principled demonstrations is their own irrelevance and eventual impoverishment.

What cooled the NFL hysteria was the reality that the hyped story of “taking a knee” was morphing into the scarier narrative of less money, an absence of politically correct proportional representation among players, looming league downsizing, pampered athletes, traumatic brain injuries, and a public weariness with everything from ESPN to Colin Kaepernick. In other words, taking a knee reminded about 20 percent of NFL fans that there were already reasons enough to turn the channel. And so they did.

The Maniae then passed on to more new prey.

The Statue Busters
About the same time came the statue hysteria. America woke up one day and decided that century-old statues of Confederate generals or archetypical southern soldiers were proof of pernicious racism. So they had to be removed—by the dead of night and by the mob if necessary. Once these iconic impediments were gone, then social justice would be achieved, as if mute stones, not beating human hearts, explain deteriorating racial relations.

As the frenzy spread and the virtue signaling characteristically escalated, the sin of 2017 was no longer just the 156-year-old Confederate secession from the Union, but politically incorrect sin in general—a remark from Lincoln deemed racist, or the slaveholding of the Jefferson and Washington families, or indigenous peoples mistreated by Columbus. Apparently, the mob reasoned that the present generation alone could best judge the past by its own transitory standards of probity—while being exempt from future charges that it, too, will be culpable for all sorts of moral lapses and pathologies. A generation that cannot even walk in safety at night in many of its major cities or fears contracting Hepatitis A from city sidewalks does not have the pre-tech, material excuses of a Dickensian London.

The internet, cable-TV, and social media mob predictably soon tired with statue smashing and moved on. After all, when one’s negative traits alone define a person, and present morality supersedes time and space to become the arbiter of the past, then everyone stands condemned—progressives perhaps most of all. Was not the liberal saint Margaret Sanger a eugenicist racist? Was not Woodrow Wilson a segregationist reprobate? Was not Leland Stanford a white supremacist? Are the names of such progressive icons to be Trotskyized too from statues and universities on the principle that the worst of a man defines his totality—or are there suddenly to be found extenuating circumstances?

From Harvey to Everyone
The next collective furor arose over Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. Sometime in October 2017, the progressive film titan was abruptly condemned as sick, evil, and unhinged—after 30 years of common knowledge that he routinely sought to use his power of hiring and firing to leverage or force sexual gratification.

Once Weinstein’s progressive armor was pierced and he was exposed as a groper, assaulter, and likely rapist, then dozens, perhaps hundreds of similar stories of powerful media and film men surfaced. Some were not only pronounced guilty of past consensual though asymmetrical sexual relationships but of abusive sexual acts and cruelty. Apparently, the mostly progressive male entertainment and media hierarchy had long equated the 1960s-era liberal legacy of “sexual freedom” with a blank check for their own sexual coercion and phallic exhibitionism. We all had assumed a continuity of Hollywood culture of updated Harry Cohns, but Hollywood’s preemptive moral finger-pointing at others apparently allowed their hypocrisies to stay in-house.

As the collective furor grew, the net widened. More stories, but from 10, 20, 30, and 40 years past, surfaced—calibrated to the current celebrity or perceived visibility of the perpetrator. The charges initially also ranged from horrific (and quite believable) allegations of rape and gross groping and assault to what used to be called male-power rudeness and bullying—and eventually including even the occasional crudity and stupidity that can accompany seduction.

Soon, we assumed that if our celebrities, journalists, and politicians were power-hungry sexists and worse, then all of American manhood must be, too. Everyday Joes, for now, were saved from belated and embarrassing post facto accounting only by their ordinary stations that made confessions of their sins of little collective interest.

As in the case of the other hysterias, such collective fits cool when they begin to snare the supposedly exempt—marque reporters, famous authors, prominent politicians—and morph well beyond the original and quite legitimate charges of sexual assault to include rude come-ons and callous, narcissistic and cruel behavior. But when married couples of 40 years begin to think back about whether they too were ever crude in their 20s and 30s or exploitive in their own courtship, then everyone is guilty, and thus no one is guilty and the hysteria subsides.

Who Polices the Police?
Hysterias are not the same as fantasies in that they usually start with some legitimacy.

The Russians always liked to interfere and gum up American elections. It is, after all, the credo of Vladimir Putin to be mostly against what America is mostly for. But as the Obama Administration warned in a dig at Donald Trump (shortly before the election, when it was sure that Hillary Clinton was to be its picked successor), such Russian attempts at election sabotage usually were irrelevant and largely impotent. Instead, what fed the furor was not collusion facts per se, but the idea of yet another post-election weapon to take Trump out before he could dismantle the Obama bureaucratic and executive-order legacy.

Certainly, it is bothersome that the racist and founder of the Ku Klux Klan, the brilliant but diabolical slave-trading Nathan Bedford Forrest, is still worshiped in bronze and stone. But the stone smashers lacked the education and ethics to differentiate individual Confederates like a Forrest from a Longstreet, and so smashed boldly on.

The distance from Lincoln to Lee narrows to almost nothing. Every mute statue becomes a sinner and fair game for the more authentic revolutionary to outdo the latest violent act.

Dozens, perhaps hundreds of women have had their entertainment careers ruined by choosing to fight off the crude assaults of the Weinsteins and their ilk, who sometimes gravitate to the top of entertainment and media, masking their depravity by claiming progressive exemptions and penances. But at this point in the frenzy, most Americans cannot keep up with whether a puffed up and arrogant Dustin Hoffman three decades ago was an uncouth potty mouth in his celebrity trailer as he sought to seduce vulnerable women. Most of the public had long assumed such creepy Hollywood behavior anyway.

What then causes often legitimate writs abruptly to explode into collective fits that end up either ensnaring the innocent or taking legitimate concerns beyond human reason? In our Jacobin frenzy, is it now still permitted to listen to folksy Shelby Foote in Ken Burns’ Civil War documentary, or to hear Joan Baez’s version of “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down,” or to read Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita? Have you or have you not ever read Death in Venice?

Human nature is prone to a herd mentality and the politics of excess. Groupthink offers a sense of belonging and reinforcement to most people. Democracies in particular in their radical egalitarian culture and exalted sense of self-righteousness are particularly prone to shared frenzies. In volatile democratic culture, today’s sensational scoop becomes passé by tomorrow.

Social media, smartphones, the internet, and cable news are accelerants—as we saw in the Duke Lacrosse and the Virginia fraternity cases. They do in minutes what used to take weeks, with the added fuel of anonymity. “Sources report” blare out TV journalists. Bloggers comment on rumors with their own fake names, photos, and handles, virtue signaling to each their own greater outrage. Chain email comes from pressure groups rather than from named individuals.

In all these hysterias and frenzies, caution and moderation become proof of complicity. Calls for quiet reflection and moments of calm to weigh evidence are seen as veritable confessions of guilt or aiding and abetting the crime. To demand respect for the spirit of due process is to offer proof of one’s own culpability. One day, actor Richard Dreyfuss is furious that Kevin Spacey allegedly groped his son right under his nose. The next, Richard Dreyfuss is outraged that he is accused of allegedly earlier doing something himself far worse to a similar young aspirant.

Hypocrisy and irony become endemic: the chargers of Russian collusion are the original colluders. The loud protesters who take a knee themselves became the targets of silent fan protests. The statue smashers can put up statues worse than what they tore down. The men who swear they are feminists do so because they are misogynists. The accuser is blamed for accusing, or for staying silent so long, or for exaggerating the ordeal; the silent non-accuser is assumed to have advanced a career through willful acquiescence. Who can sort out the crime, the collusion, the conspiracy?

History is full of such frenzies—the stasis on Corcyra, the Spanish Inquisition, the Committee of Public Safety, or the strange career of Joe McCarthy. They all can start over some legitimate grievance and all can quickly turn manic. And as we play each fit out, expect the madness to come full circle as it always does, when the spell wears off and 51 percent of people finally revolt at the very thought of tearing down Washington’s statue, or lumping together a criminal rapist with a loudmouthed sexist of 20 years past, or envisioning a multimillionaire spoiled, has-been quarterback as the next Jackie Robinson—or treating a fake-news smear document as if it were the New Testament.

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About Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson is a distinguished fellow of the Center for American Greatness and the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. He is an American military historian, columnist, a former classics professor, and scholar of ancient warfare. He has been a visiting professor at Hillsdale College since 2004. Hanson was awarded the National Humanities Medal in 2007 by President George W. Bush. Hanson is also a farmer (growing raisin grapes on a family farm in Selma, California) and a critic of social trends related to farming and agrarianism. He is the author most recently of The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won, The Case for Trump and the recently released The Dying Citizen.

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233 responses to “From One Frenzy to the Next”

  1. It is not hysteria or any sense of collective madness that drives the left. They are quite sane. Generally they follow the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism which requires to undermine all aspects of our society
    Communism is brought about by violent revolution. anything else is dismissed. Only violent revolution purges the old and allows a new ideology to take place

    Lenin knew this and the Russian Revolution is one of the best examples of purging the old for the new. Stalin wanted to spread subversion and revolution across Europe but with the rise of Fascist states in Italy and Germany he chose invasion, partly helped by the German/Russian agreement over Poland.

    Stalin began to shape the Russian army for a European invasion in the early 30’s’. which included taking all the farm equipment in order to melt down the metals. This contributed to the “holodomor’ where millions of Russians and Ukrainians died of starvation.

    By 1939 Russia invaded Poland with the support of Germany. But by 41 Russia was ready to invade Europe. Operation Barbarossa stopped Russia. Had she won the Red flag would be flying from Amsterdam to Paris.

    Communism survived ww2. and because of that the Cold war happened with many hot wars during that time. In the meantime Communism spread rapidly across Asia and Africa.

    Stepping back to ww1 when East Europeans migrated to the US they brought with them the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism that in the decades since has effectively gutted American culture. This school and the “45 Goals of Communism” have done far more to erode American values.

    • The Leftist puppet masters, yes. The Leftist mob is being led by the nose from “outrage” to “outrage,” gaining violence and hatred as they go. It’s a lynch mob at this point and the target is anything that moves. They don’t have the insight to see that they are exactly what they’re fighting. I’d call that the definition of stupidity.

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      • Like the outrage from the right cause black folks kneeling or the sexual harassment allegations or Obama just being in office. It is on both sides you just choose to close you ears and yell but Clinton.

      • Not Obama being in office – Obama’s policies. Worrying about what bathroom someone uses as an example. The lefts chant of the 70’s was “keep the government out of our bedrooms” and under Obama morphed into “put the government into our bathrooms”. Apologizing for America to oversees dictators, bowing to tyrants, telling us what our kids can eat at school, making secret deals with a country that celebrates a “death to America” day

      • I really think the phrase (not mine) “Salma envy” captures a lot of the motive behind the unrest on the left. If you picture yourself as a Social Justice Warrior, and want to prove your bonafides, then you need a cause. But, the evil of Jim Crow has been vanquished. Gay people can be equally miserable in marriage. Our society has made remarkable progress towards equality.
        So, what great injustice is one to fight? One needs to discover a previously unseen enemy which to battle, in order to become the hero.

      • The policies of jim crow may have been vanquished but the beliefs and attitudes that created them hasn’t been. Gays may be able to marry but there are people (some of whom in gate keeper positions (kim davis) still try to use their position to block them. When a group has been oppressed and are then able to speak out they tend to do it loudly and thats what your seeing.

      • Jim Crow isn’t even a ghost. The last generation that lived under it’s evil is almost all dead. The older generation now are the ones who marched at Salma, who shared a foxhole in southeast Asia with Americans of all races. Whatever racism left is equal on all sides, and is pure tribalism, not institutionalized. What is institutionalized is bias against class, not race.
        And gay people? Really? Nobody cares. What people don’t like isn’t gay people, it’s gay people forcing the rest of us to celebrate the fact that they’re gay. Nobody celebrates my straightness: not one city has a “Straight Pride Parade”.
        The law is equal, now. So who cares if somebody doesn’t like you because of your race or sexual preference or political views or any thing else? Forget them and move on. But they have every right to live the way they want, too. If they don’t want to hang out with other races. If they don’t want to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple. As long as nobody is using the government to force their lifestyle on others.

      • LOL…racism equal on all sides.. lol. The DOJ’s report that exonerated the cop who killed mike brown also said the dept was rife with racism.
        The class action lawsuit filed against Ferguson earlier this year alleges that the city violates the constitutional rights of defendants imprisoned over outstanding tickets and minor offences. It seeks compensation and asks a federal judge to force Ferguson to halt the practices.

        A judge was also named among a group of white Ferguson officials found by Department of Justice investigators to be writing off citations for themselves and friends while punishing residents for similar offences. Another of these officials, court clerk Mary Ann Twitty, was fired by the city in connection with racist emails also uncovered by the inquiry.

        “Even as Ferguson city officials maintain the harmful stereotype that black individuals lack personal responsibility – and continue to cite this lack of personal responsibility as the cause of the disparate impact of Ferguson’s practices – white city officials condone a striking lack of personal responsibility among themselves and their friends,” the Justice Department investigators said, in a scathing report on the city’s administration.
        Thats not tribal when its elected and appointed city/state or federal officials its INSTITUTIONAL. This is in 1945 its in the 21st century. How many other cities are doing that? How many bad apples is it when its the culture of the whole police department or city council?

        Show me where whites suffer under these conditions by non whites in this country?

      • It’s late and I just saw your reply, so I’m going to only address Ferguson.
        When the news first broke, and everybody thought a cop had killed a guy with his hands up, I was outraged, like everybody else. Then it turns out that story was bunk. BUT, then it turns out that Ferguson, and all the other little cities in that area had been using citizens as ATMs, utilizing the “Justice system” to exploit their poorest citizens. Again, an outage. But not institutionalized racism: rather institutionalized bias against the lower classes. Rich black people participated in the fleecing, and poor white people were fleeced.

      • really? where in ferguson where rich blacks taking advantage of poor whites? Show me where rich non whites anywhere in this country are taking advantage of poor whites? I’m not saying its impossible I’m asking where has it happened?

        Show where a majority nonwhite police force is running roughshod over a poor white community?

        Show where a majority nonwhite major business is using discriminatory hiring practices against a poor white community?

        Show where housing and banking controlled by nonwhites are targeting poor whites purposefully to take advantage of them or exclude them?

        I agree that class is a foundational aspect of the issues in our society but race is a close number 2. The 2 go hand in hand in our society and has been baked into the system from near the beginning. In fact you can pinpoint the period it set up:

        1640 — 1660: The Critical Period: Custom to Law when Status Changed to “Servant for Life”
        1639/40 – The General Assembly of Virginia specifically excludes blacks from the requirement of possessing arms
        1642 – Black women are deemed tithables (taxable), creating a distinction between African and English women.
        ****1662 – Blacks face the possibility of life servitude. The General Assembly of Virginia decides that any child born to an enslaved woman will also be a slave.
        ****1660 — 1680: Slave Laws Further Restrict Freedom of Blacks and Legalize Different Treatment for Blacks and Whites
        ****1667 – Virginia lawmakers say baptism does not bring freedom to blacks. The statute is passed because some slaves used their status as a Christian in the 1640s and 1650s to argue for their freedom or for freedom for a child. Legislators also encourage slave owners to Christianize their enslaved men, women and children.
        1668 – Free black women, like enslaved females over the age of 16, are deemed tithable. The Virginia General Assembly says freedom does not exempt black women from taxation.
        1669 – An act about the “casual killing of slaves” says that if a slave dies while resisting his master, the act will not be presumed to have occurred with “prepensed malice.”
        *****1670 – Free blacks and Native Americans who had been baptized are forbidden to buy Christian servants.
        1672 – It becomes legal to wound or kill an enslaved person who resists arrest. Legislators also deem that the owner of any slave killed as he resisted arrest will receive financial compensation for the loss of an enslaved laborer. Legislators also offer a reward to Indians who capture escaped slaves and return them to a justice of the peace.

        **** = the foundation for racial identity politics and “the race card”…”
        Those laws effectively makes slavery chattel and also separates whites from nonwhites in the institution… Its the foundation for ALL the race politics played out even TODAY. Thus creating a level that even the poorest white person can’t fall below. Its why poor whites can always say and believe that if nothing else at least they’re not black even as they are catching hell themselves. Its the basis for the reason why poor/working class whites will always vote AGAINST their economic best interest if its posited as benefiting minorities as well. And this era of republicans/conservatives have been exploiting that for the last 40 some odd years:

        Lee Atwater political strategist on the southern strategy:

        You start out in 1954 by saying, “Ni**er, ni**er, ni**er.” By 1968 you can’t say “ni**er”—that hurts you, backfires. So you say stuff like, uh, forced busing, states’ rights, and all that stuff, and you’re getting so abstract. Now, you’re talking about cutting taxes, and all these things you’re talking about are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is, blacks get hurt worse than whites.… “We want to cut this,” is much more abstract than even the busing thing, uh, and a hell of a lot more abstract than “Ni**er, ni**er.”

        and a byproduct of them is, blacks get hurt worse than whites.…

        he didn’t say whites don’t get hurt at all…so who do you think among whites gets hurt the most by those economic cuts? Yet poor and working class whites will totally side with their race over their class distinction MOST of the time..even to their own detriment.

      • Half of the Ferguson city council is black, as is there police chief. I suppose the poor white people in the St Louis suburbs aren’t pulled over and fleeced? Please.

      • in 2014:

        Though whites make up just 29% of the city’s residents, five of Ferguson’s six city council members are white, as is Mayor James Knowles. And six of the local school board’s seven members are white.

        Ferguson’s police chief and mayor are white. Of the six City Council members, one is black. The local school board has six white members and one Latino. Of the 53 commissioned officers on the police force, three are black, said Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson.

        the stats youre talking about have just RECENTLY happened. google it

      • Okay this just confirmed that you are just an entrenched idiot of bias… You cannot prove your initial claim (due to all evidence pointing against it) so you site a bunch of hypothetical nonsense then observe a bunch stuff everyone already knows (or has historical factual credibility) to create a false sense truth to your initial claims.

        I would bet green money that I could find at least 10 examples of every question you asked, in under one week of research, and I’ll even allow you to pick the American state with the caveat that it must have at least a 10% African American population and at least 2% of the business owners must be of the African American persuasion. It is an inevitable reality, just like most white business owners do not denigrate African Americans, even if there were no laws against such, because even during Jim Crow, most businesses, cities, counties, states, and communities were already fair and just to African Americans. There will always be a few in a free society who choose to dislike or fear those that are different, but this has never been a common or majority thing since the Civil War/Emancipation. It is well noted that most people were anti-slavery and most we not prejudiced against the black community. This is a modern trend and delusion that has been gaining traction in the last 10 years.

      • Ah..the not everyone was a slave owner argument….

        when you have individual persons in positions of authority like a cop or city council or a judge then youre talking about someone with real power over many. So it doesn’t matter that its just one..that one has a lot of power..theres a reason why it took a war to end slavery and a national struggle to end jim crow. And as ferguson attests to in the 21st century you can STILL have racist people in positions of power, authority and influence that can affect a lot of people. And it usually takes a struggle to remove them.

      • True… no arguments there… but, how many do you really believe there are? “Racist people,” in positions of power I mean… Also, for the sake of transparency, my definition of a racist is:

        A person who believes in the superiority of their race over others and believes that those who are not of his or her race should be either in subjugation to that race or killed off by that race.

        Not to be confused with prejudice, which just means “he don’t like black people.” You can “not like” someone and still do right by them. It’s a big difference between having the prejudice of “not liking fat women,” and wanting to see all fat people in the ground. Catch my inference?

        So I would like to know, how many of these people do you believe exist, and can you point out some?

      • …and I mean in the US currently, Adolf Hitler or something like that shouldn’t be a response here.

      • That argument is just a cheap way to avoid the facts from the case and all evidence presented. Work a little while in public service, spend four years on a police force, you will be fed up with these racism claims – enough for 20 lifetimes. Brown shouldn’t have been dealing drugs, stealing, beating people, and roughing up Korean convenience store owners. He really shouldn’t have been attempting to disarm a police officer after physically attacking him. Wilson received NO punishment because he did not break regulations ONCE — NOT ONCE! Who cares what his personal beliefs are? If he was the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan! Should it matter? If he was Adolf Hitler! Should we use that as evidence of misdoing? The department was “rife with racism,” you say… So these cops are killing blacks en masse? They burning crosses on lawns, scrawling things like “run n*gger – get out,” on people’s homes with spray paint in the night? What racism was it “rife with?”

        You ever question the “scathing report?” Or just suck it up hook, line, and sinker because it fits your narrative?

      • I haven’t disputed the finding on the cop shooting from the fact I accept it..YOU’RE the one who accepts the findings on the shooting then questions the finding from THE SAME DOJ that said (not me) the police department is rife with racism.. YOU’RE the one changing the narrative for your own purposes.

      • You’re talking to/about a generation of people that live in a role-playing fantasy. They identify as oppressed and ergo they are. Just like they have 60 year old white male sex offenders that identify as 5 year old female African kitten paraplegics and we have to accept this and make laws to protect them. What we really need to do is institutionalize the lot of them since it seems we’ve been slipping for some years…

      • You are a joker. A multitude of people never approved of the jim crow laws, many never were aware of them. You stereotype people that you know nothing of nor understand them.

      • of course no one at the time understood BLACK ONLY/WHITES ONLY signs..

        YOU have no understanding of them.

      • Evolution takes time. Progressives insist that all people change this instant. How many Jew haters still exist? How many people hated the Kike, Dagos, Wops, Pollocks, and all the rest. (and perhaps still do) Progressives are like people who believe that the stock market should only go up. Whiteish looking people including the Hispanics are more readily accepted because there is less of the obvious difference of color. When people are perceived as “different” there is still an element fear and suspicion. It will take a long time still for all white people to be comfortable with the black race, no matter how hard it is insisted upon. at the same time I would defy you to tell me that black people are always comfortable with whites. And it is not just because “they don’t like me therefore I am uncomfortable. There is more to it than that. There is a movement in human consciousness that is progressive, that should be obvious, but it takes TIME.

      • We’re ALL american citizens how long should it take for americans to accept OTHER americans??? I don’t believe in slow change thats just an excuse for the people who fear their power and leverage slipping away.

        You will NEVER hear an oppressed people (in any situation) advocate for slow change. NEVER. The only people talking that stuff are usually not on the crappy end of the stick.

        As far as whether or not blacks are comfortable with whites.. doesn’t seem like that had much of a CHOICE now does it?

      • It doesn’t matter what you or I believe in actually. No one can force someone to actually like and respect them, or feel comfortable with their differences etc. I am not an “advocate for slow change”. I am just describing what I see. Equality under the law? Yes that is something that should be enforced completely. Having to like your neighbor or even to respect them is not mandatory, it is a free choice. People’s prejudices just go underground. They know not to SAY anything, but the human mind is still a private place. My father was an Italian immigrant who fought in WW II for the Americans. He was certainly not fully accepted even in the military. Dagos and Whops. I was in Switzerland many years ago. In a restaurant I saw quite a few “looks”. Now they have the EU in an attempt to have everyone love each other after two World Wars. It still has not happened. Only the Rule of Law, which is rapidly being undermined here in the states, do we have any chance of equality. Still, those with money get more justice than the poor. So go for fast change. It is good to do so.

      • BUT you aren’t asking us to accept other Americans are you?

        You are asking us to accept the criminal behaviors of certain groups of Americans that all other groups would be punished for. You are asking that we accept the thuggery and violence of the impoverished communities, but punish that coming from dominantly white communities while giving a free pass to those primarily consisting of people of color. Aren’t you? Blacks get a free pass on crime while whites go to jail. Hispanics and Asians, well, it depends if their epidermal hue is more beige or taupe – right? Like the Peruvian Zimmerman became white when he killed Martin and therefore because his hue was beige they wanted the death penalty for that Hispanic American…

      • wrong on all accounts and downright BS. Blacks are going to jail left and right (a stat people like you love to quote) yet according to you blacks are getting away with crimes while others (pretty much everyone else) aren’t.

        And the Peruvian Zimmerman (not a LEO) racially profiled and followed a kid who wasn’t committing any crime when he first encountered him…something he most likely wouldn’t have done if martin was a white 16 year old minding his own business on a public street.

      • What exactly are people like me? What stat did I quote? I never once said blacks are getting away with anything, I said that is what you are truly requesting of society isn’t it? You are intentionally taking things out of context and creating a strawman. You are not arguing against me but arguing against a point you deluded into being.

        Sigh… Read the police investigators transcripts and court stenograph logs. (Florida is a freedom of information state)

        He followed Martin because just earlier that day he was in a meeting where they were addressing a string of robberies that occurred (a common thing in Florida when all the Northerners come back, and when the first flock of snowbirds return to the North, the other Northerners rob their friends that just left) allegedly by a black male wearing a dark hoodie according to eyewitness accounts. As the head of the neighborhood watch, he was being held personally responsible for this and was asked to step up watch rotations.

        Enter Martin, a black male in a hoodie, who had never before visited the community, as he was just kicked out of his home with his mother in Miami Gardens and headed up to Sanford on a Greyhound to visit his father, who just moved into this community a few months before form his Orlando apartment. When he arrived no one was home (his dad was at some Masonic Lodge convention, that he had previously agreed to skip to receive his son) nor was anyone expecting him except his father (not even his father’s girlfriend who even testified to this later) so he headed to a convenience store, and then a pizza parlor around the corner from the community. Zimmerman seen him, didn’t recognize him, and decided to followed him and observe him.

        Martin received a phone call, started arguing with someone on the phone, and appeared to become very disturbed and violent. He headed back towards the condo complex down the sidewalk, looking around himself constantly, and suspiciously. He then climbed through some bushes and jumped the fence into the back of the community (at this point, he appeared to be trespassing to Zimmerman, which is a crime, a civil tort, but a crime none-the-less), where one of the recent robberies took place. Zimmerman, fearing that he had been noticed and had the robber on the run pursued regardless of the police advice (I’ve done the same thing many times, but being 6′ 4″ 285lbs with an additional 130lbs of gear on, few tend to want to get rowdy with me unless they are on drugs or blasted drunk, but usually, if someone gets enough ground on you, you will miss your window to apprehend the suspect). When Zimmerman turned the corner onto the sidewalk that ran behind a few units, in a dark area that Zimmerman had requested the repair the fresnel lights because of the extremely low light, he was sucker punched by Martin and went down.

        Instead of running, Martin climbed on top of Zimmerman and began pummeling him while he was on his back (that is 3rd degree attempted murder for each strike here in Florida, and we’d try a 16 year old as an adult, also, because Zimmerman held both and LEO, Sec D/G, and Concealed, that is also assault on a law enforcement officer because he was performing commissioned security duties, whether he was an on duty police officer or not). Zimmerman called out for help three times as Martin began to slam his head into the sidewalk.Two neighbors came out to see them scuffling on the ground before the shot, but due to the darkness they could not tell who was who.

        Then a single defensive shot rang out (corroborated by 5 of the initial 7 witnesses). After others came out, but their testimonies are weak and scattered. Zimmerman had a broken nose, deep facial contusions, and two splits on his head that required 19 staples. I have a single scar on the back of my head that took 16 staples, that scar is about 9 years old, and it’s still about 1/2 an inch wide and 3 inches long. He was getting his ass handed to him. Also Martin’s toxocology reports showed that he was using a cocktail of substances at the time, even if he wasn’t high right then, imbalances from substance abuse cause moodiness, paranoia, and temperamental problems… which was why Martin was kicked out of school, and his mother’s home, poor behavior and violent outbursts.

        Am I clearing Zimmerman of all accountability? No absolutely not. He broke protocols a few times to try to do what he felt was right in the moment. I would think it would be a good idea to remove his licences and future potential of law enforcement or other armed positions because of his neglect in following proper procedure. Were his actions legal in the right of self-defense? Yes, by law, Martin was attempting to murder him, and if someone is attempting to murder you, in this state, you have the right to self-defense through the use of equalizing, overpowering, or lethal force. All things considered, do I believe he abused his use of force? Not at all, I’d have done the same thing as most people likely would (whether they admit it or not). Do I know anything about Zimmerman’s past and potential motivations? No, like everyone else I do not. Do I believe that he was a Neo-Nazi following in the footsteps of his alleged (unproven/unauthenticated) Nazi great grandfather? No, those are just crap stories that BLM made up to encourage riots so they could steal things. Should we even attempt to include our beliefs or feelings in a criminal law case? No, for if we did there would be a lot of innocent people being executed for crimes they didn’t commit to sate our own prejudices, and personal feelings of justice or revenge. Remember, if there is precedent set, it applies to everyone, so fry Zimmerman, and you will fry everyone that the “court of popular opinion,” doesn’t like. How do you think that would pan out for minorities and immigrants?

        Will you ignore the facts based on the narrative you are trying to push is the question? Or will you evolve your narrative, maybe even your opinion, to the facts?

      • —- I never once said blacks are getting away with anything, I said that is what you are truly requesting of society isn’t it?—
        no thats is not what any black person is requesting..thats YOUR delusion.

        —He then climbed through some bushes and jumped the fence into the back of the community (at this point, he appeared to be trespassing to Zimmerman, which is a crime, a civil tort, but a crime none-the-less), —-
        he could also be lost or turned around since….Enter Martin, a black male in a hoodie, who had never before visited the community,… While martins actions may have looked suspicious to zimmerman….zimmermans actions looked EQUALLY suspicious to martin.

        —-Zimmerman, fearing that he had been noticed and had the robber on the run pursued regardless of the police advice —
        Zimmerman wasn’t a uniformed authority figure in the community, he didn’t have a badge or anything that would indicate he was anyone martin should be giving deference to. As far as martin is concerned zimmerman was just some weird older guy following him and he avoided him by running which is something every parent tells their kid to do when approached by strangers.

        — Instead of running, Martin climbed on top of Zimmerman and began pummeling him while he was on his back—
        since there were no witnesses to the final confrontation we have no idea who initiated the fight. The ONLY story we have to go by is the story of a person on trial for murder. Even the detective on the case didn’t believe his story..

        lead detective Investigator Chris Serino didn’t believe Zimmerman’s version of events and recommended a manslaughter charge. But he was overruled. And the decision came from atop the law enforcement food chain: the state attorney.

        The ONLY reason zimmerman wasn’t convicted of a crime is because FL doesn’t recognise imperfect self defense which is essentially a form of manslaughter. Manslaughter was added to the charge just before jury deliberation but unlike some states florida doesn’t recognize it. So a defendant can try to reduce a murder charge to manslaughter by saying that he acted in self-defense even while conceding that he made a mistake. Alternatively, “imperfect self-defense” can offer prosecutors a chance at a guilty verdict when it doesn’t seem a jury would convict on murder. Without imperfect self-defense then whats left is a crime scene where two people had a conflict and the only story any can go on is the person left alive.

        Because florida doesn’t have imperfect self-defense, the jury could only decide on the evidence in front of them..even tho MOST of them agree after the case that zimmerman was completely at fault in that incident.

        IF zimmerman was some kind of legal authority there as you state then it was incumbent upon him to de-escalate the situation. He did not. We’ll never know what happened in the crucial seconds between their final confrontation and the fight.

        Trayvon Martins past at his school or his home life is immaterial to any of this as zimmerman didn’t know anything about it. The drugs in body was weeks old pot…surprise surprise a teenager who smoked pot…shocker.

        I’ll say it again.. While martins actions may have looked suspicious to zimmerman….zimmermans actions looked EQUALLY suspicious to martin. But the big difference here is only one person was 30 years old adult, supposedly was an authority figure and failed to control the scene. Trayvon martin is dead because he was profiled and treated like a criminal when he hadn’t actually committed any crime when zimmerman encountered him…other than being guilty of not being familiar to zimmerman.

      • So you would have those your community appointed to protect the community, following a string of robberies, to suit your own virtue agenda, stand down and let him escape? Please, if you lived in that community and Zimmerman let him get away you would have been the first to jump up and throw him under the bus! The ones who cry the loudest always are. I just went through the serial robbery scenario twice this year (weeks apart), and in one case, ironically, the first victim, a realtor/home watch business owner, enabled the robbery herself by not being transparent about what was stolen. Do you know who the first person was to throw her HOA, Management Company, Security, Investigators, and the local Sheriff’s Department under the bus was? Yeah, she did. Started her own protest campaign, going door to door with a petition. When people came to me with her accusations I just directed them to final release of the Sheriff’s report.

        As far as your “imperfect self-defense” law… Just looked that over. What a load of crap that law is. If a person is not mentally encumbered nor deficient in some manner, then their judgement is to be considered sound enough to be “in fear for their life.” (people with paranoia, schizophrenia, anxiety, or phobias would be unsound to justify their personal fear) If a person has grounds for a reasonable belief to be in fear of their life, like a 6’2″ 175lb guy slamming your head into a sidewalk (the body measurements from the autopsy report). Zimmerman, being 5’7″ and 185lbs, was probably in authentic fear while being beat the way he was. The idea to impose criminal penalties in a judgement against found to be in the right of self-defense, but “making a mistake,” while employing the use of deadly force is absolute nonsense! It is either self-defense, manslaughter, or murder, it is never, “almost self-defense,” it’s either is or isn’t. If it isn’t then it is manslaughter or murder and should be tried as such. On the other side of that law, and looking at some of the actual gangsters that employed it to lower murder charges to downgraded offenses, I think that is a horrible law, because murderers and man-slaughterers can say they botched self-defense when they murdered someone!

        As far as the “surprise a teenager who smoked pot…shocker,” comment, it wasn’t the THC in his system that concerned authority. It was the narcotics, Promethazine, Codeine, and Dextromethorphan. These are common to a drug beverage known as Lean, or Sizzurp, which you take typically Hawaiian Punch, Sprite, or Grape soda, mix the various cough medicine ingredients, then add flavor with fruity candies, usually Jolly Ranchers or Skittles. His alleged girlfriend also confirmed this in her 6 hour long rant, that Martin had been abusing other things, but the judge didn’t allow it at the request of Crump (Martin’s attorney) as evidence, since Martin’s character wasn’t on trial but Zimmerman’s choices (as you yourself pointed out). This doesn’t support nor excuse Zimmerman either, but in hindsight, looking at the situation with all evidence revealed, it’s hard to cast away the facts that Martin had been violent and fighting in school, cheating on his alleged girlfriend (the girl that took the stand, although many of his close friends said she was just his friend, and shared that he had been dating other girls), abusing substances, and getting into trouble and arrested. It just paints a different picture than the cute 12 year old Martin picture the media burned into our brains.

        When this all first started I was just as upset as you are, but as more facts came forward, I feel some guy got his life ruined for what he felt to be doing the right thing at the time.

        As pressured as the judge and jury was to find Zimmerman guilty, and as much as the majority of the nation wanted him to, and especially not being a law enforcement officer (although again, in Florida, because he had completed both LEO and Security training, as well as held multiple licenses making him eligible for such a position, even if he was unable to pass the physical examination courses for active police duty, he would still be considered a law enforcement official, and attacking him still assault on a law enforcement officer… I know this because I have personally had instances occur at work in the commission of security or investigative duties, even though I have not been a state trooper for years now, to strike me during the commission of any contract, federal [FEMA/DHS], public [police assistance with events as a journeyman or public safety aide], or private [security, investigations, or personal protective], it is STILL assault and battery of a law enforcement officer), he was acting on behalf, and at the request of the citizens of his community, as the appointed Captain of the Neighborhood Watch. Ergo, by all legal technicality, empowered by the private property rights of the citizens of the community he served, at the time, was an official constabulary appointee, and therefore a law enforcement officer in the eyes of the state. Regardless of what you personally feel about that.

        There are many cases like this, that are absolutely horrible, like Walter Scott… This one, Mike Brown, the waters are very muddy and the lines extremely blurred. It is truly hard to tell what is, but the case didn’t look good for the prosecution to begin with. Take all that how you want…

      • once again how the actual struggle started no one knows…its possible zimmerman threw the first punch or shove its possible zimmerman blocked his way from leaving since he thought “they always get away”. All we have to go by is the story of a man who isn’t going to incriminate himself by tell the full truth..just the parts that make him look good.

        All that other crap about trayvon’s personal life is straight up character assassination of a dead person who at the time zimmerman first observed him WASN’T COMMITTING A CRIME. And you can go on and on about zimmermans credentials HE WASN’T WEARING ANYTHING THAT WOULD SUGGEST HE’S ANY AUTHORITY FIGURE IN THE COMMUNITY as far as Trayvon was concerned zimmerman could have been a serial killer or weird homeless man and YOU or ME following him that night.

        So if you look at that situation from Trayvon’s POV as difficult as that may be for you…you have a kid (he’s legally underaged) who went to the story to buy junk food. Its night and he’s in area he’s not familiar with and was followed by a stranger so he tried to avoid him by running away (not illegal) when confronted by the stranger he most likely felt his life was in danger because he fought like a comanche. testimony according to trayvon’s female friend:

        Jeantel says she heard Martin talking to Zimmerman in the background of the call.
        “He said, ‘Why are you following me for?’ And I heard a hard-breathing man say, ‘What you doing around here?'” said Jeantel.
        Jeantel also said she heard a bump from Martin’s headset hitting something and “wet grass sounds.”
        “I start hearing a little bit of Trayvon saying, ‘Get off, get off!'” said Jeantel.

        The fact that zimmerman apparently couldn’t fight doesn’t necessarily mean he was a victim.

        Do I think he intended to kill anyone… But he initiated contact, and escalated it by continuing pursuit (against advice not to). He was the adult and trayvon was the teen.. and according to you zimmerman was an official constabulary appointee, and therefore a law enforcement officer in the eyes of the state. Which means he was his responsibility to de-escalate the situation. He controlled the scene and he failed to do that. His actions led to the death of that boy. And thats what imperfect self-defense is.

      • I agree with many of the things you have stated here – in spite of your hateful slants.

        However, you fail to see a few eventual truths… One, Jeantel’s testimony was thrown out of court due to her claims not being in line with the actual times of the the events according to phone records. When compared to the timeline of the police report vs. the end of the last call, when Martin stated that he was being followed by some weird guy, he was likely (this was theorized by the lead investigator) between his stops at the pizza shop and the 7-eleven, as he was seen on the phone in the pizza shop footage but not on the 7-eleven footage (which followed 3 minutes later). Ergo, her whole story from; the he said he was “buying Skittles at the store,” comment, forward of her testimony is likely mixed with fabrications. The news broke the story early without a full go ahead (about 1 hour after the killing occurred) so it’s likely, from an investigators stand point, that she embellished her story further with new information available throughout the next day. Maybe, she believes it, maybe it’s intentional, maybe the lawyer put her up to it, who knows truly, but the phone records wouldn’t lie, and nor does the 7-eleven staff and video. All we know is that she alleges, on her timeline, that she was on the phone with him up to roughly 11 seconds before the first 911 call that there was a shooting. How long was it as per the T-Mobile records, 5 minutes, 6 minutes from the ended call to the shot? When you look at the map, the pizza place and 7-eleven are how far from the condo complex? About 1800ft, from the Rinehart Rd., 7-eleven to the Retreat View, if someone was “walking fast,” or jogging/running, 5-6 minutes from leaving the 7-eleven to the shot makes sense and seems about right.

        Jeantel also stated that Martin was being followed by Zimmerman in a car, then later got out pursuing him on foot, several minutes before Zimmerman exited his parked truck as per recorded on the 911 call. Her story was all over the place. (I believe, personally, that she was told what to say, and was doing it to either do the right thing, or get revenge against the person that killed the guy she was in love with)

        The idea that Zimmerman got the drop on Trayvon isn’t consistent with the 911 call, where at 7:12pm, Zimmerman is heard to have stopped running, and through labored breathing, stated “he ran…” 40 seconds later he gives the dispatcher directions to his location to meet with SPD.

        Then at 7:14 Zimmerman ends his call with dispatch informing them to call when they arrive, then Jeantel, calls back Martin at roughly the same time after a brief disconnection. At this point I reject the theory that Trayvon decided to linger around the area to finish his phone call because “he didn’t want to be in earshot of his parents.” IF, and I stress IF, he was truly in fear of this “weird guy/stalker,” then why would he decide to loiter about. This is all a part of the idea of complete innocence from the start. Another possibility is that Martin zigged when he should have zagged, and ran away from his own house, which is also possible. Maybe Trayvon was a bit of a badass and looped back for Zimmerman… A possibility no one seems to have honestly considered which is piss-poor and slanted investigating. We all tend to assume that this grey area is all evil WHITE Zimmerman, prowling around to KILL the innocent unarmed black angel.

        Then, we have this tidbit which investigators pieced together from the various accounts which was read in the formal arraignment hearing: “Trayvon approached Zimmerman from behind and confronted him. The two have a verbal confrontation and turn to face each other before the first punch is thrown. Martin asks, “why are you following me?” Zimmerman responded with the question, “What are you doing here?” Martin then sucker punches Zimmerman in the nose. Then Zimmerman falls to the ground, and Trayvon jumps on him, punching Zimmerman several times and slamming his head onto concrete. Zimmerman eventually is able to pull his handgun free from its holster on his lower back and fires once at Trayvon, who is pinning him down. Trayvon is hit in the chest and dies.”

        This seems to be one of the only parts that really fits with all accounts considered. The only one slightly off from this is (apportioning grey areas that one or more witnesses did not see or hear) is Zimmerman’s account. Which is normal considering that under duress one sometimes fails to recall all facts in proper order or with perfect accuracy. Actually, if he were to have done so it would be suspect, since that may indicate rehearsal of one’s lines or other external influences like discussing the scene with other witnesses. Also, other witnesses can be inclined to “think they had seen,” something in the same manner. I.E. the guy on his lanai a few units down admitted that he was unable to see portions of the initial fight and called his daughter to bring a flashlight, even though he claims he seen one of them, likely Martin, run past, “but it was dark.” Another witness recanted what he thought he seen likely after seeing the news reports later and talking with friends and family. That is why we are trained to ask, “Did you see everything from start to finish, before it happened to after it was over?” Then double check, are you sure? Because, often people will say they seen something, like standing at an intersection, heard a bang then seen the outcome of a crash – did you see the crash? Yes! Were you looking in that direction before it happened? No, I heard a bang then looked. Then you didn’t see the accident. Every account of the final three of the 7 depends on what they heard from the first 4 witnesses while chatting awaiting questioning.

        If at even one point, Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman and struck him in any way, it’s attempted murder second degree. To dodge this fact is beyond intellectually dishonest. If you and I got into a fight and you hit me and knocked me down, you should walk away, you won. However, if I knocked you down then climbed on you jailhouse style and started attacking you again while you were on your back – I’m trying to kill you, no? Would you be in fear of your life with an unrelenting attacker? Likely when you already were afraid because you were confronting a suspected criminal in the dark alone, but felt dutifully obligated to be brave for some old ladies that gave you fearful cow eyes. What if I began to slam your head into the concrete? Or are you that tough of a tough guy, you eat situations like that for breakfast?

        Also, it seems that Zimmerman was both afraid to shoot, then afterward shocked he did it. Having fired only one round seems to be odd. Especially since everyone is trained to do a 3 round group firing at center body mass to maximize neutralization of a target. If they move aggressively after, 3 more. Seems like it was his first time firing at someone.

        The idea that Zimmerman, or any peace officer, has a duty to deescalate the situation is incorrect. Morally right, but not dutifully a responsibility. There is no such legal responsibility of police, constables, sheriffs, troopers, highway patrolmen, marshals, national guardsman, rangers, security guards/officers, investigators, detectives, bodyguards, bouncers, mercenaries, etc…

        They don’t even have to protect YOU from harm if YOU are the one calling them!

        You seem to have some perfect world altruistic idea of how law enforcement works:

        Police are there primarily to NEUTRALIZE THREATS through the various “applications of force,” to enforce state, county, and municipality statutes, protect commerce and business rights, private property rights of landowning taxpayers, and investigate/report on criminal activity with the possibility of engaging active criminal suspects in criminal apprehension and detainment. Sure MOST police stations hold the motto of “Serve and Protect,” or “Honor, Ethics, Accountability, Respect, Teamwork (HEART),” but these are not duties, but a moral code of personal conduct for officers and their precincts. The state doesn’t (and can’t) require such of it’s elected/appointed officers, although the boroughs they serve can. (the latter apportioning State Troopers and National Guardsmen) Basically, they gets their hands dirty so you don’t have to.

        Zimmerman did not need to take advice (it was actually more an order,

        As far as the adult/teen/kid/child/whatever argument… Did Trayvon show Zimmerman ID or something? Are you reading another report I haven’t seen? Do you normally assume that when you see a 6’2″ 200lb dude roaming around at night with a dark hoodie, that he is a child? February 26 at 7:16pm is mighty dark here in Florida.

        I’ll be honest what I’d think if I seen a non-descript, but very large fella in my yard at night roaming around in the dark with a dark hoodie on… BURGLAR! …and I would likely grab the largest gun within reach and head out the door after him, because here in Florida, we aren’t made to take that kind of crap by our state from thugs and criminals. We have the right to stand our ground! …and if that creep don’t make a proper and fast exit, I’ll send him to meet his maker right fast, no second thoughts, no questions asked. You, seem to be from California, you talk about California a lot, maybe your communist governor wants that in his state, let the criminals rape, pillage, and murder all they want, just don’t hurt the criminals. The rest of the world feels different about that concept. (just my opinion, not an actual on topic argument of fact, just my feelings and observations)

      • We need to deal with it, not respect it… You earn respect brother…

      • no you don’ can lose respect and have to earn it back but you don’t or shouldn’t have to earn NOT BEING TREATED LIKE CRAP from the beginning. What youre talking about is an excuse to screw people over from the jump.

      • Not being treated like crap is just base human decency, not respect.

        noun: a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.
        verb: admire (someone or something) deeply, as a result of their abilities, qualities, or achievements.
        B: The quality or state of being one who is greatly esteemed

        So I should prop you up on my shoulder and cheer you – because you are there? No…

        People deserve fairness, decency, equality, and the freedom to themselves (for so long as it doesn’t bring any harm to another).

        No, what you are talking about is a dupe you are throwing at me to get people to feel sorry for you and give you something you haven’t earned that many better men spend a lifetime working hard to earn. Quit being a baby…

      • People deserve fairness, decency, equality, and the freedom to themselves (for so long as it doesn’t bring any harm to another).

        When as how long has this happened for blacks in america?? I’ll wait

      • I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s… We didn’t have all these problems until a few years into the Obama presidency when he legitimized the BLM and AntiFa movements with stupid words of support on things he was improperly informed on. He even admitted this later, but like all things in the world today, the first story is the only one anyone ever remembers.

        My wife, children, step-children, family, and friends don’t feel the way you do. They all had the same struggles as anyone else… In actuality, they struggled harder and with many more issues because they rose above the excuses and stereotypes and competed in the education and market system seeking careers, positions, advancements, opportunities, and responsibilities uncommon to most black people in the Western world. Yet, they struggled harder and refused to accept defeat and they overcame those odds and succeeded. I offered opinions and advice, but they refused help, and didn’t want me using my “white Christian man’s word,” to help so they could maintain their pride. Of course, I put them in touch with friends and acquaintances that were successful to help them develop a plan for success, but they did all the work more or less themselves… so yeah, I am a bastard about it, because I am a crutch kicker.

        I serve in several predominantly black Southern communities as protector, minister, and drug abuse/AA/family counselor. I have an outreach ministry to black youth (and homeless) in the community (Water Bearer Ministries) as well as an international one (The Christ Follower’s Semaphore) which is a cross-boundaries, interacial, LGBTQ, non-denominational outreach to help people that are in a place where they are hurting. I also fund an orphanage in Pakistan, and I am currently seeking funds to open a few businesses in a poor region of the Philippines to help a friend’s hometown create more jobs. Meanwhile, my family and I live in a quaint modular home and I just now bought first new car ever, an amazing, luxurious, base-model Nissan Versa Fleet Edition. Our children, they get spoiled, quite a bit, and the woman gets nice stuff… Me, well, I contantly sacrifice to give my family the opportunities I never had. Everything in my life has been one endless fight. I grew up in a drug house, my dad was a crack head and junkie that brought around all the lowlifes and bums in town. He abused my mother, brothers, and I… like to a point that I find most horror movie killers’ reasons for being insane to be laughable most of the time. I used to get it the worst because I always defended the others though. I’ve always shouldered everyone’s burdens because I feel unbreakable. It’s the Scot-Irish, German, and Blackfoot Native mix in me I believe. I’m a born savage, and being a first generation American, I appreciate the luxury of this nation I live in, because I could have been a rock farmer in Northern Scotland or goat herder in North Germany. Instead, I lead a very interesting and exciting life.

        Yeah, I am a tough love guy, but it isn’t anything other than that precisely. My best friend is about to finally graduate (as soon as he can pass his “Microbial Genomes, Biochemistry, and Diversity,” and “Microbial Genetics and Biotechnology,” classes. I brought him back from Haiti after being deployed there for disaster recovery about 8 years ago. I sponsored him through his naturalization process and urged him to shoot for his dreams. He wants to become a geneticist for a cancer research institute… and he will. My step-son just entered into an exchange program with a Japanese high school in Tokyo because he wants to become an EDM musician in the Tokyo club scene… and he will as well. My other step-son joined the ARMY where he is training to become an engineer. My other step-son basically kidnapped by his narcissistic pizza-delivery boy of a father and was taken back to New Jersey thanks to his rich grandmother’s attorney who is more worried about possessing the boy than what is good for him. We’ll always be fighting that fight. My son is homeschooled and will be 11 in a couple weeks. His school is pushing for him to get tested into 9th grade so he can start online college classes as soon as possible. He is so smart he makes me feel dumb sometimes, but nothing like my daughter, she is only 2 (just turned two weeks ago) and she is something of the special intelligence level, like that top 1% of the top 1%. The world isn’t ready for her at all. She autodidactically taught herself the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, basic math, computers, digital devices, video game consoles, the internet, and potty trained herself at 14 months! I feel sorry for her man already because he will need to take a backseat to whatever she decides to do in life. She also has my level of stubborn, which is dangerous. ROFL!

        Sorry, I got off subject… really tired and rambling… sorry for batting your ear off.

        My point, is that in the life I have created for myself and my family, and what my family and friends have done for themselves, we all have more than fairness, decency, equality, and freedom because we take it. We also put that back out into the world for others as well, so they can take it… lather, rinse, repeat… I don’t know where you are from, and what your personal experiences are, nor will I act like I do. It sounds to me like you live in a different world than I do, and if you want to live in the world I do then the only one stopping you is yourself. Block the negative energy, don’t let the devil whisper into your ear, realize that all things negative are lies set in front of you to get you caught up in nonsense. Fight, fight hard, fight through it all, and you will see something different on the other side. If you realize that you cannot break through one wall, move to another, don’t waste your precious time. Help those you meet along the way, but if you see they will not help themselves, then move on again. Keep moving and keep pushing forward at all times, if you fall down, pick yourself up and dust yourself off…

        May I ask, please don’t be offended, but how old are you?

      • —I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s… We didn’t have all these problems until a few years into the Obama presidency when he legitimized the BLM and AntiFa movements with stupid words of support on things he was improperly informed on. —
        If you think we didn’t have all these problems before Obama then you clearly have no sense of american history.

        I grew up in the same time period and I remember the riots from forced bussing in the 70s, the riots from police brutality in the early 90s. I remember the central park jogger “wilding” incident where 5 black teens were essentially railroaded into a conviction (trump called for their execution) only to found innocent 10 years later (trump never acknowledge being wrong) Before there was Trayvon Martin there was Yusef Hawkins killed in Howard Beach NY by a racist whats happening today is a rerun of issues that have never been resolved. How you skip over that to paint some Ozzie and Harriet version of America that only got screwed up when the black guy got into the white house is incredible to me.

        but you didn’t answer the question:
        People deserve fairness, decency, equality, and the freedom to themselves (for so long as it doesn’t bring any harm to another).

        When as how long has this happened for blacks in america??

      • There were, and will always be isolated incidents as humans aren’t perfect, nor will they ever be (unless you kill off all who disagree with you – or beat them into silence like Antifa or BLM). We don’t live in a Utopia. However, where I grew up must be the exception (and everywhere I’ve lived in the US, so South New Jersey, West Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Southeast Georgia, Central Texas, Southeast, Central, and South West Florida… I lived one town over from Martin’s dad’s house). I remember the Rodney King riots, and that horrible beating video, we all marched on that, black or white didn’t matter. That was clear and cruel abuse and unlawful punishment. However, the outcry then was in unity. It isn’t now. The era is very different.

        We certainly had plenty of problems before Obama, however, he “poured salt into the wound,” and did nothing to promote healing or restoration. He promoted the deepening of racial divides and endorsed this whole “you’ll never understand,” concept for whites. Which empowers the radicalism we see today. Let me ask, do you think that the things we see today are good? The race riots, the innocent protesters getting dragged into violent confrontations by radicals and beaten or even killed… Is this a positive? The political leftists would have us believe so and that these people are just martyrs for a good cause. Do you agree with this? Because I just see senseless harm and loss of life for things that won’t change. I think that from the late 80’s through the early 2000’s we were lucky enough to witness one of the most peaceful and prosperous eras of human history for most of the world, in spite of it’s flaws. I think the altruistic drive to push for a Utopian society is pushing to hard and people are breaking under the weight of being accountable for too much they cannot change and are not directly responsible for. If people don’t back off a little, you will see a new age and a new kind of wicked and violent radicalism, on both sides, that we would likely think we were never capable of.

        Also, Obama’s Administration was 66 people and a bunch of them were old white guys. You are the one that keeps drawing the lines around his being black and my alleged demonization of this. It really reveals your hand in the game. What if I truly disliked his white half? I mean, to be honest, his two dads seemed like upright guys, one was a bit rascisty for my likes, but the other seemed legit. Mom was a total whore though. I mean, I cannot say that I have ever seen another president’s mother’s tits. Just saying… If he had bad in him it was the bad in mom cultured by the mentor dad.

        You continuously insist that I hate black people. I do not. My family is mostly black now, the ones I associate with anyway. We love each other, and they are black, and other than my sunkissed farmers tan, I am white as snow. They even joke about how my little brother (who is also married to black woman now and has a son on the way) and I have “our official black cards.” They also joke about how we cook ribs better. We do not come from some privileged background and were never a part of the common white-in crowd. I never thought of it, but it may even be because we were also considered black as well. We struggled hard for what we have and earned it through hard knocks.

        I do not know of the stories that you speak of… sorry, and I am too tired to go read right now. Forgive me for that. I also do not know of the “Ozzie and Harriet” inference you make, I assume it is a TV thing, and I never really watch TV. I prefer to do things and engage my community so I have little time for TV.

        As far as:

        but you didn’t answer the question:
        People deserve fairness, decency, equality, and the freedom to themselves (for so long as it doesn’t bring any harm to another).

        When and how long has this happened for blacks in america??

        Clearly my experience and yours has a large difference… Many places I lived had large black populations, but were mixed pretty well and had very little issues with race on the surface at least. I mean, there wasn’t race based fighting common to these locations. Since I’ve never seen it first hand, it makes me feel like it doesn’t happen in as great a volume as it is implied. Also, I do not see it as being something that happens more than other random isolated cases of murder and such. I mean if we look at crime statistics, you see more rape, murder, and violence occurring as just rape, murder, and violence without solid motive, than you do with some kind of racial motive in general. I think we basically just have a crime problem, and likely also a problem with ignorance, as most people are still under-educated in the US.

        I appreciate that you do at least read and respond, because our conversation evolves. I can’t say that for most, and in spite of our differences in opinion, I think you are alright.

      • But they are speaking out against the very people that helped fight for their platform. Biting the hand that feeds is never a good idea for furtherance of one’s cause… but it is a good way to get put down in the backyard and buried behind the shed. I think we are also seeing this right now.

        The oppression these people (and you as well) are citing is scattered, decentralized, and not really a social trend, but merely a case by case basis. It is being wrongfully portrayed that it is centralized and it’s rubbing all the wrong people in the wrong ways. It shows no gratitude or respect for allegiances and spits in the face of all who fought alongside them as well as riles the former enemies allying everyone against your cause. You want to see the eyes of a bitter enemy, begrudge and betray your friend and ally, you will see the bitterest of enemy. I have now seen this goal with many old friends that my social movements, outreaches, and ministries were once allied with.

        I have to admit, there were many people that I personally disagreed with in the past regarding social topics that I now see truly were right about the far left liberals and communists. We are an incompatible and separate civilization.

      • the fact that characterize blacks as a group as some sort of animals who should be put down speaks volumes about the kind of person you really are and shows youre true heart. nuff said.

      • That was a sardonic statement played on the “bite the hand that feeds” comment. The fact that you took something in jest to that level shows you lack a grasp of the English language or are simply a 12 year old trying to be cool, likely showing off for some girl. I’m rough around the edges, but I’ve sacrificed more for you, and all the whiny leftist “Gimmies,” in my pinky finger than the lot of you have in your entire lives. Like your name implies, it’s hard to take you serious…

        You know my heart huh? Tell me what you think about me… Give me a few things you think you know about my heart and the kind of person I am…

      • you hate black people and you try to pass it off as “rough around the edges”… thats enough to know about you

        You have no idea about american history and patterns of behavior if you think all the old racists and died off and only the good whites are around. Give you a hint theres a number of racist whites in the white house today..

      • My wife, children, step-children, and best friend would likely disagree with that… but, what do I know, you know me better than I do I guess…

      • Or – in this case, make up a fictional one and just pin that on who you will through semantics and loose definition of words…

      • That is because in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s there was a fight to be fought within. The liberals of those eras are centrists and conservatives today. Today’s leftists (wrongfully labelled liberals) are the people that we seen in the late 80’s and 90’s protesting cartoons and the like. These leftists are a result of the decriminalization of communism and end of the Cold War under Bill Clinton (thus the Clintonite worshipfulness) and have nothing to do with the traditional American left, but more the post Wiemar Republic left immediately predating Hitler. They even use the same monikers (Antifaschistische Aktion – AntiFa), which was a militant coming together of the remnants of the SPD (Social Democrat Party) and the KPD (Communist Democrat Party) in Germany.

        You see they have redefined the words and modified the playing field. Now, American nationalists are the “Nazis,” they fight, and those who support their freedom of religion, speech, and right to defend themselves are now the fascists they fight. Since Nazis are fascists, they are one in the same in their twisted reality. They do not believe in negotiation or compromise with the enemy, they believe that their enemy must simply be destroyed. The Millennial Generation and Generation Z are quite literally here to kill us, and if we don’t let them destroy everything American, we are Hitler. These are the rules they’ve given us to play by. I’ve spent far too much time holding dialogue with leftist, AntiFa, and BLM chapter leaders… There is no happy medium here. They’ve set the terms, us or them, and are awaiting our response.

        Want to educate yourself on their deluded war against the American way of life, look up Antifaschistische Aktion 1933 or Origins of Antifa. This will give you a better understanding of what they are acting like they are doing, or better, the “war” they believe they are fighting in their delusions.

      • Last night on Glamour awards Maxine Waters got the crowd to participate in an “Impeach 45” Trump chant. If that had happened to Obama just imagine the outrage…the MSM would have tried to destroy anyone involved. And yet doing it to Trump (or pretending to kill him) is considered normal these days.

        Liberals are sick…really sick. You think you can do this and then expect conservatives to play nice the next time you morons take power? Your destroying our country but you are too dumb to realize it. Given this liberal crap happening we really do need to split into two nations. I can’t imagine both sides ever working together again.

      • I believe that the outrage from the right as you call it would be less if there were a significant and ongoing group of black voices LOUDLY decrying the epidemic of black on black violence, not to mention the disproportionate amount of black on white crime including rape that exists. These statistics are readily available from our “trusted” government statistics. The fatherless children is an extremely poignant problem in my mind. The statistics on that are just so bad. The police are a problem as there are bad apples in EVERY human grouping and significant efforts to purge racists from the force should be ongoing. But the players and others have no credibility when they don’t accept some of the blame for what is happening. They portray all blacks as merely victims. If they were saying for instance that “we in the black world need to do something about the epidemic of fatherless children that leads to so much incarceration, gang affiliation and all the rest while at the same time arguing for changes in the criminality of police then they would get a much more ready hearing. Instead they are seen as being one sided and thus not worth giving a full hearing of their complaints. In addition, choosing the flag forum is obviously a mistake. Finally, being against Obama was immediately seen as racist no matter what your reasons. Are there racists against Obama? Of course, but as he said, “I won.” Nevertheless, the lefts immediate outrage towards Trump dwarfs any of the anti Obama sentiment

    • Cultural Marxism may well be driving this nonsense, but that does not mean the perpetrators are sane.

      • Yeah cause this is just a left problem. Wake ups it is everywhere and you are also part of the problem.

      • Does “non sequitur” or perhaps “disjointed” strike a chord with you, Mr. Wake ups?

      • No – it is almost entirely on the let as they control almost every major newspaper and television station

  2. Had Operation Barbarrosa succeeded Germany would have ended Russian Communism and by that slowed her expansion across the world

    It would have also slowed the application of Cultural Marxism on our society.
    Instead when the Cold war ended the Soviet Union collapsed and so did Communism in that nation. The Russian Orthodox Church survived Communism

    In the meantime the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism worked its way into our society gutting it from the inside. Today I am not sure if our Christian culture can survive Cultural Marxism in the manner Christianity survived Communism in Russia.

      • You’re making quite the judgement and assumption, and failing to consider several other points.

        First, given that Soviet and Chinese communism slaughtered orders of magnitude more than Nazism, it’s not necessarily the best case scenario outcome that we actually observed.

        Second, had Barbarossa succeeded, couldn’t the Americans and British eventually destroyed Nazi Germany?

      • >Soviet and Chinese communism slaughtered orders of magnitude more than Nazism

        How does this obscene myth originate? Very quick, rough calculations show the assertion absurd:

        Civilian deaths due to Nazism are put at approximately 21m civilian:
        Inclusion of military, about 15m (Europe only, omitting Asia), would yield about 36m total:

        Soviet Communism:
        For Soviet Union, 1m executed directly + 1.7 gulags + .5 Kulaks + Red Terror 100k + 1m Great Purge +.25m NKVD = Approximately 5 million. Doubling yields 10m. The “mode” of scholars is 15m. This is horrible but still well under the Nazi toll.

        Maoist Communism:
        For Maoist China, 1m land reform + 1m Koumintang + 2.5m Great Leap + Cultural Revolution 1.5m = 6m. One can debate whether to include the Great Leap famine deaths, but let’s include them at 30m. Thus rough total 36m, about the same as the Nazi toll.

        In summary, deaths under the Soviet and Maoist systems were about the same as under Nazism. (Estimates vary, but if one chooses the more wild estimates for Communism, one would have to do the same for Nazism.)

        [This site has considerable data but tends to absurdly over-estimate:

      • “A Soviet weekly newspaper today published the most detailed accounting of Stalin’s victims yet presented to a mass audience here, indicating that about 20 million died in labor camps, forced collectivization, famine and executions” I saw this is NY Times.

        That’s just 20 mil from Stalin, not counting military deaths caused by communism. Add Soviet and China deaths by communism and you get quite a bit more than just by Nazism. Communist deaths continued well after WW2. I think we can lump North Vietnam, and Cambodia in there too. Cuba. Anyplace Che was involved. Even a conservative accounting would put the total communist death toll since the October revolution at least 3 times what the Nazis managed and on a world wide basis. And you still have Marxists telling you that communism has not worked anywhere because it wasn’t real communism. They always want to break the eggs but they never can deliver the omelet. At least the Nazis aren’t telling us that things would have been different if they had tried real Nazism.

      • You’re making quite a few mistakes.

        First, the claim was Communism “orders of magnitude” greater than Nazism. Orders of magnitude mathematically are powers of 10. If Nazism killed 36m, then one order of magnitude would be 10×36=360m and “orders [plural] of magnitude” would be 100×36=3600m. 3600m = 3.6 billions may well be more than the entire population of the planet at that time.

        Second, are you seriously citing the NYT on a pro-Trump site? I wouldn’t trust the NYT if it said the sky were blue.

        Third, you are arguing from authority as you’ve only the word of the NYT as to the results of the study. You’d need to go to the sources. I did, generally. That’s how I can tell you the U of Hawaii wildly overestimates. And as conservatives we know “studies”, such as the “1 in 5 students raped”, always need their methodology reviewed. The estimates I used were the “mode” of scholarship – that is, the numbers mode commonly cited by multiple studies.

        Fourth, the comment to which I responded referred only to “Soviet and Chinese Communism”, thus two countries, not all. You claim 20m for Stalin. Let’s add 10m for good measure. That’s still about the same number as Nazism, not “orders of magnitude” more. And even Wiki acknowledges that post-Stalin USSR discontinued the killing machine: “1953, when Joseph Stalin died and the Soviet Union moved to adopt a more restrained and largely non-murderous domestic policy.”

        Fifth, if we include other countries:
        Cambodia 2m
        Bulgaria + E Germany + Romania 500k + NK 2m + Vietnam .5m
        Total “other countries” about 5m.

        So we have USSR 30m, China 36m, Others 5m, Nazism 36m. Sorry, that still shows Communism about the same as Nazism, not “orders of magnitude” greater.

        Finally, Nazism essentially sprang from one country over a period of a dozen years = 12 years x 1 country. Communism held in 20 countries over 70 years, or 20×70 = 1400 country-years compared to Nazism’s 12 country-years. That makes the rate at which Nazism killed about 100 times greater (1400/12). There’s your “order of magnitude”.

      • Whoa, hang on a minute there, Sparky. Lots of numbers are getting mixed up in those totals, most notably in the Nazi figure at the site you reference. Bombing of civilians and forced labor and extermination camps are not even roughly equivalent. The usual figure quoted in the German extermination efforts is something like 6 million; let’s double that for the sake of generosity. The fact that there was a war going on is irrelevant; the Soviets had already done away with well more than that in the decade preceding said war, and the Chinese would do so two decades after it, and those are the efforts under consideration here.

      • >The usual figure quoted in the German extermination efforts is something like 6 million


        The figures for USSR and Communist China include camps, famine, firing squads, secret police repression, and all methods of murder, so the comparable Nazi figures should be calculated the same way.

        For the Nazis, 6m represents only Jews killed by gas or Einsatzgruppen as part of a programme of extinction. But the Nazis murdered millions of others; 20m civilians of all nationalities is a commonly accepted figure for deliberate civilian murders by the Nazis by any method and are comparable to the figures for Communist murders.

      • Thank goodness that both the original Communist Russia and the Nazis have gone overboard. But, it is like the antibiotic problem. The remaining viruses like the Frankfurt school are much more difficult to eradicate. The past has been “litigated.” They were all murderers. Personally, the imputed difference between facism/communism is really not that significant. One takes over the industrial base and mismanages it, along with everything else, while the other allows industry to enrich themselves although at the command of the “leader” because good management is more efficient. Both lead to the same goal of enslavement of the masses. Now we need new treatment for the courrent problems.

      • Didn’t Stalin kill around 50 million of his own people before World War II? And he was our ally? Talk about the fog of war. No one defends the Nazi’s, but how stupid was the Treaty of Versailles at the end of World War I, that arguably helped start World War II?

  3. Apparently, the mob reasoned that the present generation alone could best judge the past by its own transitory standards of probity—while being exempt from future charges that it, too, will be culpable for all sorts of moral lapses and pathologies.~~~~ lol! I’ve often thought we are products of our times just as those of the past are products of theirs and the time will come when our point of history will be judged by those in the future….and perhaps they will shake their heads and wonder.
    We should never seek to eradicate history – we are the sum total of times and people before us.

    • This is referred to as “Presentism”. Judging others, whether individuals, cultures, or societies of the past against todays morals and values rarely yields any useful insights or lessons, it is simply moral preening. Trained Historians are cautioned to be aware of this tendency and ensure that Presentism does not creep into their narratives and interpretations.

      • Or they should. You have to consider todays’ academic historians are instead promoting it.

  4. It reminds me of watching flocks of birds suddenly shift and swoop off in another direction. What the heck motivates it all is beyond my comprehension. Just a built in social construct/adaptation?…. for what reason? Just because they/we can?

    • I’ve watched the yearling swallows group for their flight to Capistrano and it truly is an amazing ballet to observe.
      One Flock One Mind. Instinct.

      • See also Alfred Hitchcock’s horror film, The Birds, for what happens when the global avian hivemind figures out that humans are yummy.

    • most of the problem comes from people blaming the other side when it is actually both sides.

  5. “Who Polices the Police?”

    Evidently, the Department of InJustice, the Standard Bearer for the Double Standard.

  6. We are just now starting to realize how much a billionaire’s monthly interest income can effect a nation even the size of the United States. This is not any kind of mythological frenzy, this is people doing things for money.

  7. While all this is transpiring, the voting public received several reminders that politicians do not play by the same rules as the rest of us. Former FBI Director James Comey calls a press conference to outline the myriad laws and procedures that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton broke, then proceeds to tell us that no reasonable prosecutor would pursue any charges because there was no intent to break the law.
    I’m certain that the seaman who was recently convicted for mishandling secured documents and is currently in jail was somewhat surprised to learn of this new aspect of the law.
    Then we see a sitting Democrat representative under trial for corruption charges ignored by the press who concentrates their energy instead on unsubstantiated accusations of impropriety that allegedly happened some forty years ago aimed at a Republican Senate candidate, whom members of the opposing party have taken to the witness stand to testify as to his character. Loud calls to withdraw from the election are aimed at the former, silence for the latter.
    Proper outrage toward true injustice is missing, replaced by media manufactured outrage against the frivolous.
    It’s no wonder we cannot govern ourselves when we can’t get accurate information about the people we choose to stand in our stead in Washington.

    • The time to press the reset button has arrived… the forefathers warned this day would come if we did not remain vigilant… We got fat, lazy, and comfortable. We traded our freedoms for security and have now lost both…

      • More to the point, the left wing media needs to be brought to it’s knees, or somehow be made to dissolve it’s undying allegiance to it’s buddies in the Democratic Party.

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      • We need a media and it’s all right for media to be biased so long as it admits its bias and/or there is a counter to one side or the other. But the lefty media proclaims that it is not what it obviously is and remains immune to slander/libel laws because it says it is “reporting” when clearly it is propagandizing. Until it is possible to sue for BIG BUCKS media that publishes lies, it will continue.

      • I completely agree with that, and believe that we are seeing that now honestly, but the problem runs deeper than just the media… The indoctrination to the lies and rewriting of history begins with the communist lefties in the education system and lower government, the media just reinforces this making the lies appear real to underdeveloped minds incapable of true free and independent thought. We also have a larger federal government that isn’t willing to listen to the majority any longer and often punishes the majority with overbearing minority laws that only apply/benefit the 1% while taking a giant crap on everyone else. They are slowly but surely turning the children against the nation making a generation of cult minded leftist fanatic radicals, that are becoming a real threat to our nation and causing all kinds of division and chaos within. This internal attack is something of the likes our security infrastructure hasn’t seen before, is totally unprepared for, and has no plan of response. This attack is on the very family and American core values. We need to immediately sort out our homes, educate family and friends, then unify and make the smaller government and local media bend back to the will of the people, then we will be able to tackle the larger federal problem with the swamp in Congress, Senate, and Justice department. If we do not apply ourselves and execute a plan in this order we will lose our nation as we know it. The war has already begun and we are a decade late to the battlefront.

      • Our politicians have all become Clinton/Obama-esque rock stars who, like the pukes in Hollywood and the media, merely do the things they do to prove how cool, hip, and tolerant they are – to improve their approval in the court of popular opinion – not properly considering the disastrous results of their rash decisions.

    • Your comment about the Menendez situation is really correct. Very little play in the press…….Of course.

    • I’m okay with Hillary Clinton being above the law because she clearly is. What gripes me is that the powers that be pretend otherwise.

      • The fact that many are becoming “okay” with this kind of thing regarding our public servants is hugely a part of the problem. Why are you okay with any person being above the law and therefore essentially above you? This is the USA, where these truths are held self-evident that all men are created equal. Everyone should be equally held answerable to the law, and when they are not, it is our responsibility to see to it that they are. Thus, one of the many reasons, our 2nd Amendment rights still stand, so we have the personal power and authority to execute justice in a corrupt or failed system.

        We avoid our responsibility to our nation and one another is the real issue.

      • I’m not okay with anyone being above the law obviously, but Hillary Clinton clearly is, and it’s a waste of time and energy to think she’s not. That’s all I was saying. Let’s just admit this one person (hope there aren’t more) IS above the law and so long as she doesn’t commit a crime on TV in front of witnesses so that the media cannot protect her, then she has a get out of jail free card in that she doesn’t even get to go (to jail).

        Facts are facts. I’ve followed Bill and Hillary Clinton since they came on the scene: Madison Guarantee, Whitewater, Castle Grande, Cattle Futures, Travelgate, Filegate, Missing billing records that turn up in the Clintons’ closet, Benghazi, Clinton Foundation, Uranium One, lying about email server but no crime since the FBI didn’t bother to put her under oath (lying to the FBI is a crime), etc etc etc.

        I wish it were otherwise. I wish we were the United States we were founded on, but we’re not. And I am of the opinion you can’t fix a problem until you acknowledge you have it. We have a problem with applying the law to everyone equally and that needs to be said every day. We have a problem with a majority media that is supposed to be umpires and referees and instead play for one of the teams. That has been said but since the media control the means for communication about 50% of our country doesn’t realize it. How can we make informed decisions when the media feeds us propaganda?

        So I guess I was glib but Hillary IS above the law and so long as we don’t say so she will continue to be.

      • I’ll agree with that, same for her family and friends… (the ones she hasn’t had murdered)

  8. What percentage of American youth now gets a dose of true history, American and world? What percentage is ever given a clue about constitutional government and the citizen’s place in it? The loonies capitalize on pervasive ignorance.

  9. Cloward-Piven.
    The Left has decided “what do we have to lose” other than our “40 year march through the institutions”.

    • The left is only half the problem. The right is the other half.

  10. Too many people have too much time on their hands.

    It takes to much time and energy to be “outraged” all the time.

    • Mainly said by Conservatives. Libtards have nothing better to do with their time than virtue-signalling.

  11. Couple observations.

    -People who want to kill statues in the middle of the night really want to kill actual people in the middle of the night.

    -Women and minorities have gone full primitive pagan and have convinced
    themselves that if they throw enough white males into the volcano then
    they will all have wonderful lives with all the material things they’ve
    told themselves they deserve

    • statues are not people false equivalency
      Women and minorities are probably sick of getting crapped on try looking at some of these allegations and tell me you would want your daughter to experience it. The public shaming needs to stop but there is some heinous stuff happening to women that should be stopped.

    • Who are these people who want to “kill” statues in the middle of the night? Mostly the statues are being removed by the city governments who OWN the statues through the democratic process. What is wrong with that?

  12. The jungle will always try to reclaim civilization.

  13. ‘…the sin of 2017 was no longer just the 156-year-old Confederate secession from the Union…’

    You’ll pardon the observation, but I find it drop-dead amusing that in the 21st century – the only state in the Union still trying to secede – is that rabidly liberal Granola bowl known as California – seemingly populated by fruits, nuts and flakes…

    • Funny they aren’t trying to start a war and I am pretty sure Texas is the same. Keep those partisan blinders up though.

      • Uh, it sure feels like California is a rabid liberal Granola bowl. I’m Californian born and raised and I’m so disappointed with how this states government is run and the stupid laws they are passing. I have many many good friends and family here, but several of them have gone over to the dark side where politics and policies can no longer be discussed within our circle of friends. It’s sad that my left friends cannot even carry on discussions anymore without freaking out and exploding. It’s their way or the highway, they have absolutely lost it. I have no choice but to now believe the left are just sore losers and have been unable to come to grips with the election results. I used to tell my friends that Donald Trump has personality issues, Hillary Clinton has character issues. That made it real simple to decide on who I wanted to vote for. I’m going for the jerk boss, over the incompetent and untrustworthy life long politician – and this rabidly liberal Granola bowl known as California just can’t handle that.

      • ” It’s sad that my left friends cannot even carry on discussions anymore without freaking out and exploding.” Friends? I can’t even have such a discussion with my own grown children or my millennial grandchild. I dread Thanksgiving.

      • I’ve learned. No politics and no religion on Holidays. Focus on the things, which I’m sure are many that you do all agree on. It’s been crazy this last year. I’m surprised and disappointed in their behavior. I know my “side” isn’t perfect either – but the left has been out of control. Sorry, they need to just move on for the next 4/8 years to see what this president can do. I say, as I’ve said of all Presidents – gotta give them a chance. Pick my battles and Good Lord, President Trump gives them plenty to bitch about, they don’t need to make shit up. yikes.

  14. It is all what drives the agenda. Not long after the frenzy concerning the Lacrosse team, a Duke administrator was also arrested for rape. He and his male pardner had adopted a black child from foster care. From what can be determined from the very sketchy local news reports, he had been passing the child around to be abused by others as well. There were no national, or even local, expressions of outrage, other than an article or two expressing concern that the crimes committed against this child might affect adoption availability to the gay community. No student or faculty protests, no outrage at all. Victims and outrage only have value in the news or on campus when the agenda is the correct one.

  15. This is why we have investigations that turns out there was a lot contact between Trump camp and Russia. Not only that but this article makes it sound like a left problem. If I have to hear the right yell about Clinton and Hollywood liberals I am going to lose my mind. Problem persists on both sides because this country is so divided. It is almost like someone came in and took away common sense.

    • I remember in the 80’s when Teddy Kennedy went to Russia to ask for help in keeping Reagan from being elected.

      • In the 80’s it was the communist Soviet Union, not Russia.

      • They gave up on communism so now they are just plain old fascists, which are almost as bad.

      • Anything to the right of Vladimir Lenin is fascist to you guys.

      • Haven’t we been told that fascism is an ideology of the left? I don’t know about that, but since Putin WAS an actual communist, wouldn’t it fit in with that theory if Putin became a fascist?

        And what exactly do you mean by “you guys”?

  16. In an age of frenzy we are reckless to depend on the political equivalent of myotonic goats to serve as our defenders.

  17. Judge Moore is the populist favorite in Alabama and now the latest subject of the “Daughters of the Night,” or excuse to attack President Trump. The reason is because he represents the people’s sentiments as proven by over forty years of public service. We may not know as much about his private life as we would now like, but we certainly do know where he stands on the issues. He is a true conservative and an avid supporter of President Trump’s agenda and that record is there for everyone to see.

    Allegations of personal misconduct from thirty eight years ago continue to emerge and he has lost some support from conservative leaders. That isn’t very reassuring. The media continues to attack him daily with supposed new revelations. However, to date no definitive proof has been provided and the allegations remain just that, unproven claims and unsubstantiated charges. No doubt further claims and pieces of corroborating evidence will continue to surface in the coming weeks. We may never know for certain, which version of events to believe. The truth is seldom easy to see, but eventually it will be known.

    The ultimate decision will be made by the people of Alabama, the voters. It is clear the leftist opposition is desperate to defeat Moore as that will put them just one vote away from placing impeachment charges against President Trump. It seems no misdeed at all is now considered to be necessary to bring impeachment charges according to their latest reading of the constitution, only the votes. Wall Street and Silicone Valley are encouraging them.

    Of course the Democrats seem to have formed some unholy alliance with the GOP, RINO, establishment. They are desperate to prevent President Trump’s MAGA agenda from being implemented. They want unfettered globalism put back into effect and to hell with what the American people want. They will stop at absolutely nothing to achieve their goal. This new, democratic, populist movement as incited by President Trump must be nipped in the bud. It is their “Swamp”after all and they intend to retain it.

    Should Judge Moore be elected to the Senate, there will be a reelection in two years time. There are other good conservative candidates who can run against him at that time. In the meantime, we will have two years in which to evaluate all the new information, which appears to be spewing forth from the Washington Post and the rest of the main stream media. Could Jeff Bezos be channeling Donna Brazile perhaps?

    Why in the world would the good people of Alabama turn their Senate seat over to the likes of McConnell and Ryan, McCain and Graham and put President Donald Trump’s fate that much closer to the tender mercies of left wing, lunatic fringe, progressives and liberals, socialists and ANTIFA anarchists, communists and globalists? Now is not the time to go wobble.

    Take us home Alabama.

    • Judge Moore denies categorically ever knowing Beverly Nelson. Now if that’s his handwriting in her yearbook, the good people of Alabama need to leave supporting Roy Moore’s candidacy.

      • Just a nitpick – Did you not sign a single yearbook whose owner you recognized but did not know?

        I know I signed dozens of yearbooks of people I attended classes with, but couldn’t pick out of a lineup today, even with their names written on their shirts.

      • If is a fairly large conjunction, huge actually and anyway, I disagree. 40 plus years of public record and a vetted career on the bench speak to who he is and his qualifications not some 38 year old accusation totally unproven. Even, if it’s not a forgery, it proves nothing untoward except perhaps a bad memory.

        No one sir is over impressed with your own sense of self righteousness and virtue.

      • Well Moore’s attorney stated today that it appears to be a forgery, referring to the accusation of the woman named Beverly Nelson who claimed that almost 40 years ago Moore attempted to force himself on to her for sexual purposes. And there is no large conjunction there, since she had to have known him professionally which she made no acknowledgement of during her press conference, because her divorce papers were signed by Judge Moore in 1999. The signature with D.A. on those papers were alleged to have been copier to her yearbook.

        PS: don’t speak for others, just speak for yourself?

      • Well we appear to be in agreement and I stand corrected. I quite deliberately tried shifting pronouns from the first person to the readership and I did it as a device. Would you try to read me again after the edit? I certainly would understand, if you you didn’t. It’s something of a chore, if not a challenge.

        Gloria Allred refuses to say, if her evidentiary yearbook signature, the single bit of corroborative evidence in this entire media driven, political based, character assassination of Judge Roy Moore is a forgery, or not. She will not submit it for independent examination by forensic experts. Really? And Fox cable is owned by the Mudock family, News Corp. globalists with an ax to grind, or an America to deconstruct. If anyone thinks they don’t have a political agenda, or that profitability and share holder value aren’t intrinsically tied to globalism, or more specifically their own global, news empire, then I would advise them to stop reading this right now and proceed directly onto the sports page. Things such as opinion polls and Sean Hannity shows don’t occur in a vacuum. Media events don’t just happen. They aren’t acts of nature. They are produced. The question is what drives the production? Is it news, or is it political operatives and media firms constructing more dossiers spun entirely out of Russian whole cloth? And well we might ask as discerning daily consumers of establishment propaganda, misdirection and erroneous information.

        An especially alert, social media commentator caught my eye this morning. He had taken notice that Fox’s Sean Hannity seems to have “Flipped” back, now suggesting he may yet support the now infamous Judge Roy Moore against accusations of pedophilia, but then that really shouldn’t surprise anyone. You see, Hannity has always been something of a caution and, this time he simply got caught in the frame. I’m guessing what he saw was both his ratings and his base disapprove. Maybe the grass roots, social media opposition to his “Set up,” the fake show where he lent promiscuous credibility to the unvetted charges and seemed only too willing to throw the Judge under the bus became too threatening? That would have been the show at the beginning of the week, when the story first broke, the show with Geraldo and the serious, woman guest no one had ever seen before. I noticed they tend to go to the “Back bench” for the nefarious, “Hatchet” work. Established television personalities aren’t going to put it all on the line for some no name producer who happens to get an assignment on a high profile, political assassination. Why should they? Would you?

        Remember how they set Judge Roy Moore up? I do. Geraldo, always the liberal, village idiot, Fox’s own, industry answer to the Senate’s John McCain claimed the Judge was simply beyond the pale and straight off the blocks too. He came right out of the gate with heartfelt, strong opinion as only he can do. Anyone who preys on adolescent girls is a predator. Geraldo really ought to be an embarrassment, but hey, he’s an easy tool and like McCain, he’s always available. He’s one of those guys who made a good thing out of open borders and in the interest of truth and full disclosure that’s how he came to the Murdocks. For some reason, I happened to be on the Fox channel. Maybe I was incapacitated by indigestion as often happens, or maybe I was just too drunk to change the channel? In either event I seem to remember immediately following Geraldo’s opinion of predators came the completely unsupported accusation. By now we all know that Geraldo thinks such behavior is disgusting.” If it’s true, Geraldo for one, will lower the boom on the Judge. Geraldo’s outrage and disgust is palatable and frankly, low booms are where Geraldo has the home court advantage. Therefore, ergo the Judge is as good as guilty. I mean, he must be guilty. We’ve already established it’s disgusting and everyone knows about men and women and young adolescent girls, human nature in general and of course it’s all of it, a rather dirty business unless you’re a Democrat like Bill Clinton and then it’s dismissed as just sex.

        Pedophilia, which by its very definition doesn’t apply to adolescent girls is even worse, more salacious, so salacious that it’s unmentionable. Hello, I’m the resident, network, clown and my name is Geraldo. It all follows logically, well sort of, or after a fashion and anyways, it all moves so fast on television, but the one thing we can all agree on is that it’s indecent to prey on adolescent girls. Now observe my ignorance, or mustache. It doesn’t matter.

        You know I can actually remember the video of some guy breaking Geraldo’s nose on TV. Ouch, poor Geraldo got “Chumped,” sucker punched and right on his own TV show. I wanted to tell him from the corner. You’re suppose to give them angles Geraldo, angles, not “Spin.” Geraldo was doing a segment of day time, reality TV when, despite what might be considered overwhelming odds as well as network, security staff he actually formed a passing acquaintance with the real world. So how ironic is that? Sometimes television can be amusing and entertaining in spite of itself. Whereas Sean Hannity on the other hand, ever the sly one was all phony face and distressed by the awesome, distasteful business before him. Even as he introduced his good friend Geraldo he remained dedicated to going slow and to getting to the bottom of it all. He seemed to be apologizing even as he pulled out the long knife.

        The emotional pain was evident by his repetitive assertions, which are his hallmark after all. He stressed the necessity to go slow in our condemnation of the Judge. As unpleasant as it all was and he certainly looked for all the world to see, distraught even saddened, he was going to go slow making sure to give the Judge a fair trial before we hanged him. And still, he was over and over, very careful to exonerate himself in front of the audience, who are after all his bread and butter, the conservative base for Fox’s ratings. Did I mention how repetitively, as in over and over Hannity stressed how important it was to go slow as experience had taught him, these sort of things (accusing someone of pedophilia from 38 years ago and 30 days out from an election) could really negatively effect someone’s life? It isn’t as, if Sean, or the rest of us haven’t been here before. What is surprising is just how often all the claims are proven to be false.

        It was serious business alright and we were advised as to the same and clearly, Sean was visibly pained and then came his other guest the woman who dutifully told us, what we will characteristically see with cases of sexual, abuse allegations. She was there to tell us, exactly what it was that we should expect to see, if the allegations were to be believed, were to be allowed to have any credibility. That’s what she was there to tell us. One can only imagine she had been around the block and had loads of experience about such matters. And dutifully did she instruct the viewers to watch for more accusations, more women to emerge, more shoes to drop. Hey these guys had a real dog and pony show going on. My understanding was the standard necessary to negate all presumption of innocence was the number of allegations made. Really? It seems victims, like bananas and buses come in bunches. Political operatives were like Polo players. They had to have a string of ponies, if they wanted to be taken seriously. One allegation was just that, but get a few of them going and well, then we can all pretty much make up our minds at home. And all of these claims are well over 30 some odd years old and none of them come with any collaborating evidence, much less a wittiness although, we are now beginning to find plenty of inconsistencies.

        And here’s the funny part. Sure enough, just as we had been instructed, there were other allegations and accusations, which followed and immediately, the very next day, least anyone forget their jury instructions and the new allegations were presented to the accompaniment of a media deluge of salacious, sensational coverage. Simultaneously, McConnell (why does “Pop Goes The Weasel” come to mind?) declared the Senate simply wouldn’t seat the Judge even, if he were elected, which there seemed to be little to no chance of that happening now and then, as, if even that weren’t enough, the next day he promised to put the Judge before the ethics committee even, if somehow he were seated. As plussed as we all were to hear that the Senate still had an ethics committee, I mean who knew, or maybe I should say, how could anyone tell, I couldn’t help, but wonder why we should even bother to have an election, if the RINO establishment could just negate the people’s will? So you see when Hannity, on Fox sounded the alarm supported by Gloria Allred, of all people I realized we already had our answer. It would be suicide to try to defend pedophilia, a Judge who preyed on underage girls.

        The whole thing was a set up from the very first and, for things still to come. They were telegraphing their punches and the only piece missing was the ex-British spy, Christopher Steel. Someone had better get Geraldo out of there quick before he gets his nose broke again. Oh, they intended to bury the Judge all right, but I’ll tell you what has yet to surface and it’s called proof, or any credible evidence even. There’s still no proof and no corroboration of these totally unsubstantiated allegations and now, the Judge’s attorney is demanding to see the yearbook, which strangely enough isn’t being presented as quickly as a victim’s advocate might expect. Hannity is reading the audience reaction, ever quick to review the ratings and as ever, he’s showing what a hypocrite and prostitute television personalities really are.

        You see, in the end it’s the establishment’s ranch after all and the money is awful good, the food, the bunks, the warm stove, yeah the perks are all that and right there in the heart of the “Big Apple.” When it’s time to do the master’s bidding, they shuffle to the tune of “Yes masder.” So yeah, Hannity flipped faster than a Gloria Allred victim in deposition and under oath.

        So why might you ask, seeing as it’s only just the same as ever it was, why would a famous writer take time out of his busy day to write about something as mundane as a Democratic, RINO, establishment conspiracy to remove a popular conservative Judge from contention for a Senate seat? Well the answer is, armies roll on victories and not on their stomachs. That’s a common mis-perception. It’s victories that make armies invincible and McConnell’s political establishment is desperate to break the populist revolt that keeps rolling on like the good ship Columbia.

        The people are gathering up a head of steam. The 2018 elections are coming, right around the corner and we the people intend to be there and Mitch appears to know it too. We want our government back. We intend to take control of our nation and of our destiny and Donald Trump is our, newly elected President by God, and not Rupert Murdock’s son. We may literally have to take it back, because these billionaire globalists aren’t about to cede anything to fair and democratic election outcomes. That bit of rhetoric was only in effect when they controlled the outcomes, fixed the elections like the proverbial, lead pipe cinch. Now that the cat is out of the bag and the people are awake and paying attention the rules are changing. They always were their rules and we always played by them and then they betrayed us, treated us as though we were disposable. They thought they didn’t need us anymore and maybe they didn’t, but then they made the big mistake. They thought they owned the country because they controlled the title to the land, but the land belongs to the living as Thomas Jefferson once noted and the country belongs to its citizens and the citizens of America receive their rights from God and not any corporation board room.

        And then too, it was the insidious nature of the conspiracy to railroad this Judge and steam roll over the process and roll the good people of Alabama, their free choice and conservative, common sense as, if they were some dumb, country, “Rubes” and that really got my Irish up, rubbed me wrong. I think about the original revolution when the British first tasted, I mean really tasted rebel fire power at Bunker Hill. The Continental officers walked the line behind the men worried they would break and run when confronted with the advancing, Hessian bayonets. They kept repeating to their men, to remember, it was only two volleys that was all they were asking. “Just give me two volleys boys, and then we withdraw.” And they did. The line held, they stood and delivered and the British generals paid awful high for that charge and they never forgot it either. They always though twice before coming across any field at a Continental line after Bunker Hill. And then too, I think of the other twelve colonies rushing to send supplies overland, through the wilderness against the British sea blockade of Boston. We refused to see our brethren starved into submission and then I thought of Alabama and that carpetbagging, prostitute Sean Hannity trying to “Set up,” the Judge that way, do him dirt using the likes of an “Open borders” Geraldo who made tens of millions of dollars selling out America.

        Well, I just got to feeling downright “Churchillian,” if you get my drift. I decided I’d fight them on these pages with the power of the written word because the truth will set us free just as the bible tells it. And then we’ll fight them in the polling booths, at the ballot box in 2018 because political power is the prize and we will fight them in the streets too, if it should become necessary and in the fields and, even needs be retreating back into the hills, but we will never give up and surrender America. We will never stop fighting. It was God who made us free and not some “Dadburn,” federal bureaucrat and certainly not the GOP, RINO leadership. I simply can not imagine the likes of a puppet such as Mitch McConnell, or a shyster like Gloria Allred, or any Sean Hannity standing there with his pants down around his ankles being able to run off anybody south of the Mason Dixie line, much less the voters of Alabama. It simply isn’t going to happen. I don’t believe it and I don’t believe any skewed and “Cooked” Fox polls. Stand tall Alabama. Stand and deliver you “Bama Boys.” Take us home, sweet home Alabama.

  18. And it’s all created by DaSwamp, drummed up by DaFakeStreamMedia – and danced to by DaGOP Sock Puppet Cuckservatives!

    • Obama was born in Kenya. Bill Clinton is a rapist. Bush lied us into war.

      Donald J Trump

      • …is the duly elected President of the United States of America.

      • I don’t think Muslims quote the Bible, but you are just trolling.

      • You are correct. SC has posted 11,685 comments and received in turn 4360 upvotes – 0.37 upvotes/comment. Apparently his comments contain so little agreeable substance that he has trouble finding people who agree with him enough to upvote him.

    • I remember around the time Brook Shields claim to fame was her spreads in Calvin Kline magazine adds at 14 years old. The right complained it sexualized young girls wile the left call the right old prudes and get with the program of
      sexual freedom.

    • “[Ariel Durant] met her future husband when she was a student at Ferrer Modern School in New York City. He was then a teacher at the school, but resigned his post to marry Ariel, who was 15 at the time of the wedding, on October 31, 1913.[3] The wedding took place at New York’s City Hall, to which she roller-skated from her family’s home in Harlem. The couple had one daughter, Ethel Benvenuta[2], and adopted a son, Louis.

      The Durants were awarded the Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction in 1968 for Rousseau and Revolution, the tenth volume of The Story of Civilization. In 1977 they were presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Gerald Ford, and Ariel was named “Woman of the Year” by the city of Los Angeles.”

  19. “Disreputable former British intelligence agent.” Except he wasn’t disreputable at all. He had a history of working with our own intelligence community and of good information. This was a known and respected member of MI6. The fact is that the information in the dossier had to be chased down. Not a single claim in the dossier is out of character for what we know about Trump. Mueller is doing what he should be doing. The attacks on him are an attempt to give cover if and when Trump fires him. If that happens we have a constitutional crisis on our hands.

    • I am pretty sure I once respected VDH…but he has traded reasoned analysis for partisan Hackett.

      • I’m pretty sure you’re a liar, you’re incapable of respecting decent people.

      • Everyone HATES you! i think its YOU who is the c0ckgobbler. You would drop to your knees is a second for Roy Moore. Donald Trump wouldn’t waste a tic-tac on you

      • You project & fantasize quite a bit. You are watching gay porn in your mamma’s basement again, aren’t you. I’ve already warned about that arzehole.

      • You stick with your VOMIT fetish. Anything coming from a SHThead like you is ignored

        Enjoy your Roy Moore rendezvous

      • I am pretty sure you are a Birther and that you are a nut.

      • I’m pretty sure 0v0mit was the worst POTUS this country;has ever had, and it doesn’t matter where he was born. Also, Hillary’s campaign accused your half-nubian god of being born outside the United States before any Republican did.

      • Trump ran against Bush more than he ran against Obama…according to Trump Bush was the worst president ever.

      • Agreed, and that’s why I didn’t vote for either Demoncrap in the last election. And as usual, Trump was talking out of his butt. What most leftards don’t get is that they’re being trolled by Trump.

      • There you go with your VOMIT obsession. I would be vomiting too if i supported a LOSER like Trump

      • Becoming President of the United States of America is your definition of being a loser? You Leftards are such anti-American POSs.

      • Trump hasn’t gotten a SINGLE bill passed. He is a TOTAL LOSER

      • Except he’s appointed more judges to the federal bench than any; other President at this point into their first of 2 terms. And so far 1 SCOTUS appointment. Wait till that hag Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies.

      • You lost the election of killiary. Donald J Trump is President of the United States of America. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      • Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia! Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia! Russia Russia!

      • Roy Moore is no different than Jimmy Swaggart or Jim Baker. I total religious self-pious PHONY.

        And degenerates like you (from Russia) will support the scumbag

      • You just convinced me to send $250 to Judge Moore. Thanks!

      • How about I send as much as I want and you GFY, losercrat.

      • NO send it ALL , A SHThead like you will give it all away to people much richer than you who won’t do a thing for you. Look at Roy Moore’ Foundation, another SCAM just like Trump foundation paid his wife and himself a FORTUNE. You are a DumSHt

      • Looks like I’m in for FAT tax cut! I can send some of that. Damn, love being in the top 0.5%! Thank you President Trump!

  20. VDH has gone into nutter territory. Trump slanders his opponents nonstop but how dare a former British intelligence officer investigate the “chosen one”??? Trump got his start in politics by claiming Obama was born in Kenya. Trump invited women that accused Bill Clinton of rape to the debates. Trump had an unstable woman chanting “lock her up” at his convention! Trump accused Bush of lying about WMDs!!! Trump accused Cruz’ father of associating with Lee Harvey Oswald!!! But for VDH investigating the “chosen one” is a step too far!?!

    • Trump has been with us for forty years. His first foray into politics that I remember was fixing an ice rink in Central Park in 6 months for free that NYC had spent years and millions to fix, and then castigating the incompetence of NYC. You are just another unhinged liberal. Go back to rehab.

      PS: Hillary’s 2008 campaign started the birther movement, try to keep up.

      • So that means Trump can send classified emails over an unsecure private server because Hillary did it!! You are a truly an awful human being!

      • Trump can send classified emails over an unsecure private server

        Only if he doesn’t intend harm to the country, right?

      • Trump and his cronies HAVE used private email servers. Time to prosecute the Donald for that too!

      • The way you advocated Killiary be prosecuted by the corrupt FBI Director?

      • Actually, the President is the ultimate arbiter of what is classified and what is not. So yes, the President can send previously classified information over any media that he chooses. Hillary, on the other had, had no such power.

      • So the “dear leader ” can do no wrong and alone declares right and wrong. Pathetic. you should be ashamed. No respect for a lickspittle.

      • So Obama could have simply declassified them and Hillary would have been fine.

      • Coulda but didn’t. Glad you admit Hillary’s actions were not fine.

      • Trump was just as disgusting 40 years ago as he is today, so what is your point?

  21. I will always treat the GPS/Fusion dossier like the New Testament, but then I’m Jewish, so…

  22. At the core of the corruption of humanity is the corrupt media. It sells fraud and propaganda. The media has lost sight of its purpose: to protect the public. Governments have become mechanisms to fleece the public and transfer mass quantities of money to insiders. America has become China where The Party staffs The Government and thousands of billionaires benefit from the enslavement of the public.
    The working American public pays every day in a drip, drip, drip which adds up to a Lake of Take. The Public is wholly unaware that a credit card was taken out in their children’s name and cash transferred to cronies of government and media, leaving them IOU’s that will cripple them for life. The media should sound the alarm but they are owned by the cronies of government who promote corruption to cover up their own theft of public funds. (Bezos, Gates, Buffett, The Google Guys, The Hollywood, Facebook, and Windmill Steins, Wall Street, and many, many others)
    Until the Media gets back to protecting the public from thieves in Government and Industry, the cash will build in the hands of the insiders and the public will be robbed again like they were in 2008 and other engineered collapses.

    • Bingo, just Imagine that frenzy when people really do realize how they are sold out. Job one of Government
      and the MSM to prevent that from happening.

  23. I do expect the madness ultimately to come full circle — but without, at that time, any reckoning or acknowledgment of the irony of it all by the Left — and I also doubt that the faux furor of mob-rule will abate much during the next three years.

  24. Thomas Sowell, where are you when we need your voice of reason as well as VDH’s.

  25. what a long , but fascinating, way of saying the left has a legitimate grievance. thanks.

    • That statement nicely illustrates the cognative disfunction described by VDH.
      Thank you.

      • personally I think his piece concerning hysteria wasnt so much about politics but our culture in the new internet media age. none of this makes Trump remotely acceptable.

    • I would replace “legitimate” with “compulsive”

  26. What a great read that was. It is time to figure out how to control the frenzy that is promulgated through media.

  27. I made the following observation on the eve of Trump’s electoral landslide and now, one year later, I am proud to say I was 100% correct:

    “The folks who are the most emotionally distraught over what Trump might do are the very same people who are the most intellectually oblivious to what 0bama has already done”

    • In the first place there was no electoral college landslide. Trump’s electoral college majority was not that large compared to most elections. And your observation was 100% FALSE. The people the most emotionally distraught over what Trump might do were those of us who OPPOSED Obama. Trump is not the anti-Obama.

  28. This hysteria of “against” is also fostered by a lack of something to be “for” for the left. If you take away the hate for Trump or the “right” – what are they left with but the party of Clinton – and that’s just not something that even the most partisan of people can look at and feel good about.

  29. Great insight, timely, and desperately needed. To quibble, it repeats the myth that Forrest founded the Klan. He abandoned it as too violent after being its titular head for a couple of years. That original Klan was a terrorist organization dedicated to resisting an occupying force from the outside, much like the IRA. It was its later reincarnation (after 1915) that was simply a mindless hate group. Still, the Forrest vita is not the stuff of statues.

  30. Can you imagine the frenzy that would have happened if Obama received 1/100 of the treatment that Trump receives on a daily basis? It took 2 years before any late night jokes were tried or political cartoons came out on him.

    • you think trumps big mouth had nothing to do with that? you choose to ignore these facts cause trumps your guy.

      • Awwwwww poor oblammers luver getting his pathetic legacy erased?? GOOD RIDDANCE;-)

  31. Thank you Professor Hanson, for another great insightful article.

  32. Watching the current Tinsel Town Terror does have its moments of schandenfreude, especially the joy of forgoing those over priced theater tickets and popcorn just to watch Animal Farm’s Zombie Apocalypse.

  33. We live in an age, in which most young people have never been taught American history or world history. And those who have, are educated by faculties who are indistinguishable from amoral Communists. The average American citizen believes real history started on my first date and I have a right to my rage about anything but have no obligation to sacrifice for my nation.

    Does any thinking American not consider that Hollywood has peddled sex since WWI? That it has been a moral cess pool since before the first bikini was made?

    Dr. VDH is an excellent historian. He teaches that our agonizing problems are ancient and man has struggled with them, in success and failure, for thousands of years. Powerful men have abused women since before the harem or Jus primae noctis became law.

    He provides perspective to our thinking.

  34. A well-timed article. It’s actually quite soothing to have a little perspective from history about other mass hysterias that surged and receded. I’m more than a little worried about the shared derangement, bullying and demonization of ‘not liberals’ the Left is exhibiting. Do they end up biting themselves and dying horribly?

  35. And all of this is, of course, because many in this faction have no sense of that history. They think the world was born with them and that, like the freshman in his/her dorm room, nobody has EVER had these thoughts before or considered these issues. The hubris of this is the problem and it is a hubris built on educated ignorance.

  36. Progressivism is not a liberal idea but a totalitarian one whose really affinities are with Marxism, fascism, and even naziism. It invests total power in the state, denies the individual as such even if it tolerates a degree, even a high degree, of personal freedom. It does that, though, only in things such as sexual preference, pot-smoking, abortion, choice of gender, and the like, suppressing freedom of thought, speech, and the quest for truth, order, and divinity. Like naziism and communism it believes in creating a new kind of human being, dispensing with the old traditional notions, a superman in effect, racially superior and gender-free. A race of angels, as it were. It condemns racism, but in a way that reinforces it and amplifies it exponentially. It clears the way for the genetic and prosthetic enhancement of “humanity”–genetic engineering, eugenics, digital prosthetics, and the like. Cyborgs and Cylons. This may be science fiction (0r maybe not), but in any case this is where progressivism leads–the abolition of humanity in every traditional sense, by means of technology and power.

  37. Wow !!

    Thank you Mr. Hanson. This is a great reminder for all of us. Perhaps you should ask the Washington Post to publish this in their commentaries.

  38. What hilarious drivel. Here’s a summary for you:
    A) It was okay for Trump to get support from Russia because Hillary Clinton is corrupt too;
    B) Black athletes who use their position of privilege to criticize federal, state or local government policies are disrespecting America;
    C) It’s good to have statues honoring people who killed their fellow Americans to preserve human slavery because everyone back then was kind of racist;
    D) Only liberals commit sexual assault because Hollywood promotes sex;
    G) The law enforcement is in cahoots with liberals who want to undermine Trump except when they crack down on petty drug and property offenses.

    • As a former cop and much former Marine I beg to differ: A) No evidence of Russia collusion w/Trump, but Hillary & Bill made money by giving the Russians 20% of our Uranium. B) Black millionaires insult the flag many of us fought for and they condemn police brutality is the reason. 99.9 0f all Cops could care less what color you are, only what you need them to do in your beat area. They don’t care about more important issues like Eric Holder’s DOJ statistics in 2008 – 53% of all homicides are done by young black males on other black males. Same time census numbers show 73% of all black children are born with out a father in the home (since LBJ’s 1965 “Aid to Dependent Children”.
      C) The US is the only nation in world history to fight a war to end black slavery. Do these jocks care about reality?
      D) and G) Are real “drivel”. By the way, your complaint about drivel would be more effective with a name.

      • First of all, thanks for your service.
        Black athletes are not “insulting” the flag. They are protesting government policies. Are you implying that they should be grateful to simply no longer be slaves? We white descendants of slave owners should be grateful their ancestors didn’t kill our ancestors, because that would have been the right and moral thing for them to do. There is not a debate about whether or not individual cops are racist. Most are not and that doesn’t matter. The criminal justice system, particularly the “war” on petty crimes involving drugs or property, is skewed to punish poor people more harshly. The higher crime rates among African Americans stem from a culture of lawlessness that is rooted in their justifiable distrust of white civil society and American institutions. Folks on the political right do not seem to want to have an honest dialogue about the (real and perceived) injustices to poor whites and racial or ethnic minorities so they create straw-man arguments claiming that the left is calling all police officers racist and that athletes are protesting the actual flag or national anthem, instead of government policies.
        I prefer to remain anonymous so that I can express my views without the threat of social or physical repercussions.

      • Fools lead fools by making them look at their azz. Eyes forward please as you swim through life.
        Constructive behavior over time leads to stronger foundation of your culture. Your right in that
        taking the hand of government policies you grab the crash dummy’s hand.

      • The uranium story is a lie. When you were a cop did you arrest people on false, made up charges? I hope not.

    • Nonsense.
      Hanson’s piece says none of the things you ascribe to him.
      Too hard to read or just determined to misstate and lie–which is it for you?

      • Which is it for you? Are you high or just incredibly stupid?

  39. Mr Hanson himself joined the mob as he got his cheap jab in at Mr Putin.

  40. This frenzy is caused by Trump’s victory. The liberals and our Ruling Class see his victory as a coup d’etat and are lashing out randomly on various issues in the hopes that one will stick. The problem, as VDH notes, as they get hoisted on their own petard – such as with the so-called Russian collusion and the sex scandals du jour.

    Their goal is to remove Trump from office but as that is quite difficult, to prevent him from dismantling their stranglehold on power – via judges, bureaucrats and fraudulent votes. That is why that we conservatives must support Trump, warts and all. Trump is appointing conservative judges, reigning in the bureaucracies in education, the EPA etc and tracking down voter fraud. If he can remain in power for eight years while we hold the House and Senate, there is a good chance we can turn the country around. This is much easier said than done.

  41. Your a rasist bigget llamaphobe! In 2020 Trump will LOOSE and Clinton will win by a lanslide and become the first woman president of the Untied States! PERSIST & RESIST!

  42. “Pundits and talking heads without evidence echoed each other with ever more preposterous charges. Voting machines supposedly had been rigged by a monstrous man who later had stooped to remove the Martin Luther King bust from the West Wing.”

    Actually, there was Voting Machine Tampering on Election Day.

    Jeh Johnson’s Homeland Security Agency was caught, RED HANDED, hacking into the Voting Machines in Georgia and Indiana.


  43. Of all people, Hanson should know that no documented proof has ever been put forth that N.B. Forrest “founded” the Ku Klux Klan. In fact, he didn’t. The Klan was founded in Pulaski, Tennessee by three young former Confederate officers, none of whom had fought under Forrest. Furthermore, his wife said that General George Gordon, a Pulaski native, was the Grand Dragon of the Klan, not Forrest. In fact, Forrest denied that he was a member until his dying day. As for someone being diabolical, I can think of a number of Union generals and politicians who fit that description far more than Forrest – Sherman, Grant, Lincoln, just to name a few.

  44. The conditions today are identical to those that preceded the American Civil War. The self-righteous Marxist mainstream press, bankers, congress and the John Brown abolitionists convinced Abraham Lincoln to ignore the constitutional protections of slavery, and to act as the morality police chief. The mob mentality of the North held the presumptuous belief that the Republican Party could ignore the rule of law that required congress to eliminate the institution of slavery through a legislative process, not by violent means. They chose to ignore the fact that All of the former British colonies entered the Union KNOWING that some of them were slave states. They all agreed that the three branches the states had created granted the feds with a very limited number of powers which are listed in article 1, section 8. Invasion of the slave-holding states is NOT one of the enumerated powers! So, regardless of what we think of slavery, the issue then and now is that the constitution was drafted by men who understood that enforcing “social justice” and a jackboot judicial system with the powers of a police state to exact mob-driven retribution on our citizens is the height of madness and national suicide. That is where we are today. Nobody is willing to put Fedzilla back in its cage.