The Tragic Incoherence of the NFL Protests

It has become a sort of reflex to object to the National Football League’s players’ bended knee/sitting through the National Anthem—while also conceding that their complaints have merit.

But do they?

To answer that question, one would have to know precisely what the protests are about. But so far the various reasons advanced are both confused and without much merit. That is why the players will eventually stand for the anthem before their tragic incoherence loses them both their fans and their jobs with it.

Inordinate Police Brutality Against the African-American Community?
While there certainly have been a large number of well-publicized shootings of African-American suspects, statistics do not bear out, as alleged, a supposed wave of police violence against black unarmed suspects. Is the anger then directed at regrettable though isolated iconic incidents but not at prevailing trends?

White police officers are more than 18 times more likely to be shot by African-Americans than white police officers are to shoot unarmed black suspects. Does anyone care?

In absolute numbers, more white suspects were shot yearly by police than were black suspects. Given respective crime rates and the frequency of relative encounters with police, black suspects were not statistically more likely to be victims of police violence than were whites.

Given the topics of race, crime, and violence, the frequency of black-on-white crime versus white-on-black crime—depending on the particular category—while comparatively rare, is still widely disproportionate, by a factor of 7 to 10.

Roughly 40-50 percent of all reported U.S. arrests for various violent crime involve teen or adult African-American males, who make up about 4-5 percent of the population. Blacks are well over 20 times more likely to be shot and killed by other blacks than by police officers.

The Left often does not pay much attention to such facts—though it grows angry when others do. Or to the extent progressives acknowledge these asymmetries, they contextualize the alarming frequency of inordinate black male crime, and the police response to it, by citing the legacy of slavery and claiming contemporary racism as well as police and judicial bias.

But such rationalization is largely academic.

The general public—and by extension the NFL fan base of all racial backgrounds—feels these imbalances to be true and, in their own lives—fairly or not—make adjustments about where they live, put their children in school, or travel. The antennae of wealthy, virtue-signaling white liberals are the most sensitive to crime disparities; the latter are also the most likely to have the desire and wherewithal to navigate around them. The makeup of elite neighborhoods and prep schools of Washington, D.C., is a testament to that unspoken fact.

It is certainly true that black males, regrettably, may be watched or stopped by police with greater frequency than Latino, Asian, or white males tend to be; but arguably not in a disproportionate fashion when seen in light of the data of those arrested and convicted of crimes.

Such proclivities, while again regrettable, are due less to racism than to statistically based preemptive policing—or statistically-based (and therefore rational) police fears.

Colin Kaepernick’s protests allegedly focusing on inordinate racially biased police brutality had no statistical basis in fact. To the extent his argument was logically presented, the irate NFL fan base rejected it.

Racial Disparity Attributable to Institutionalized Prejudice?
Were the players then frustrated about general racial disparities in landscapes beyond their own privileged positions? That larger question of why African-Americans have not yet statically achieved the same level of education, income, and family stability as the majority is more complex.

The exegeses usually break down politically. The Left feels that inequality of result is almost entirely due to racism and the inability of the government to provide financial reparations for past exploitation and legal protections to address ongoing bias.

The Right believes that what explains greater black disparity, in a variety of areas vis-à-vis the Asian-American, Latino-American, or white communities, are differing cultural attitudes toward family unity, education, and criminal behavior. The government, to the extent it can alter cultural assumptions, has largely acerbated the crisis through entitlements that reward conduct not conducive to achieving parity with other groups.

There are other disparate statistics that suggest race is not necessarily the bellwether criterion for ensuring a long, happy, and productive life. The white suicide rate is about three times higher than the African-American suicide rate, for example.

Asian-Americans on average have a higher income than do whites, despite a history of experiencing racism in the United States, from the Chinese exclusionary immigration laws to the Japanese internment.

The point is not to dismiss the unique historical ordeal of African-Americans, but rather to suggest that a majority of Americans does not any longer believe race is destiny, much less that being “white” governs one’s fate, especially at a time when intermarriage and integration are at an all-time high, and when the white working classes are increasingly disengaged from and at odds with the bicoastal white elite class. In other words, working-class white people often have much more in common with working-class blacks than they do with elite whites.

Furor at President Trump’s Intemperate “SOB” Comment?
Were the players instead reacting to Donald Trump’s outburst?

Certainly, it is understandable to be angry when the president of the United States directed his animus (supercharged with the unnecessarily profane “son of a bitch”) at a particular athlete (singular): “Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. Out! He’s fired. He’s fired!’”

It is true that the refusal to stand for the anthem peaked after the president’s comment. But here again, there are a number of reasons why the protests against an intemperate president still seem incoherent.

Obviously, the president of the United States will support the country’s tradition of respecting the flag. If the commander-in-chief is indifferent to iconic patriotic ceremonies, then who would not be?

Second, Trump’s SOB remark was directed nominally at an individual (“somebody”), and perhaps by inference Colin Kaepernick rather than, as reported, in the plural at a collective. His profanity was also regrettable, but past presidential vulgarity did not spark commensurate NFL protests.

Trump’s expletive perhaps was not as crude as Barack Obama’s writing off the millions of the Tea Party movement as “tea-baggers,” which refers to a graphic homosexual act. (“That helped to create the tea-baggers and empowered that whole wing of the Republican Party to where it now controls the agenda for the Republicans,” he said.)

Obama’s delivery may have often sounded mellifluous, but his message was sometimes crass and cruel and did not earn much rebuke—such as his past joke about the Special Olympics, or his us-versus-them advice to Latinos (“If Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, ‘We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends’”), or his racial stereotyping of his own grandmother (“But she is a typical white person . . . ”), or his disdain for entire groups of people (“they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”)

For all his profanity, Trump would be facing impeachment charges had he written off the players, Obama-style, as “typical black people,” “tea-baggers,” or bitter clingers who express their racism to vent their own failures.

“White Privilege”?
Were the multimillionaire players angry about “white privilege”?

The term was not in wide circulation until the Obama era, when it caught fire on campuses and with pundits on left-wing cable news outlets to denote the impossibility of obtaining parity, given the intrinsic “stacked deck” of white America. But the entire white privilege trope has proved incoherent for a variety of obvious reasons.

First, we are a half-century out from the Civil Rights era, and an entire generation of middle-class Americans has grown up in the era of affirmative action, not Jim Crow. Most young people on campuses and applying for state and federal jobs naturally assume it is an advantage to have a minority cachet, and a clear disadvantage to be a white male. If that perception was not true, we would not see those of mixed heritages using accent marks or compound names to accentuate, for example, their Latino ethnicity, in fear that it was not immediately apparent or not sufficiently emphasized to resonate ethnic bona fides (for example, California State Senate leader Kevin de León, born Kevin Alexander Leon), etc.

Second, in a multiracial society in which perhaps a quarter of the population is of mixed ancestry, what exactly is “white”?—half-Egyptian/half-Irish? One-quarter-Japanese/one quarter-German/half-Latino? If we cannot accurately define “white” other than through DNA badges or antebellum Southern racist laws, how then can we define white privilege?

In a complex multiracial America, class increasingly trumps race. Are we to think multimillionaire African-American football players or black CNN anchors have less “privilege” than white unemployed coal miners in West Virginia or tree trimmers in southern Michigan or Tulare County, California?

Privilege always exists, of course, and in many cases, it is “white elite privilege”—which only makes more problematic the sloppy generic notion of “white privilege.” Are we to trust that the Silicon Valley scion who has his dad call up Stanford to ease his admission, and who once on campus rehearses the politically correct mantras of the day, has anything in common with the son of a white baker from Elko, Nevada?

Too often, wealthy white people in the press, politics, and academia mouth their furor over “white privilege” to virtue signal, to seek exemption from their own clear class privilege, and to express a coded disdain for the white working class, which lacks the romanticism of the masses and chic culture of the elite.

Pro-football players cannot define white privilege, and to the extent they can it is because of familiarity with other highly paid elites that self-identify as white, not with the millions of the white working and unemployed classes who ironically enjoy watching the NFL and find its racial make-up incidental to their essential love of the sport and admiration for those who play it.

The First Amendment?
Are the players kneeling to remind us of the sanctity of the First Amendment?

Hardly. The right of unfettered free speech has always been adjudicated in the courts by the allowance of limits on expression in the workplace.

Airline pilots cannot wear “Make America Great Again” hats if the airlines have contractual rules against political expression while at work. Police officers cannot demand to wear t-shirts and jeans in lieu of uniforms. UPS drivers can certainly be forbidden from wearing FedEx wristbands while driving or honking at friends they pass on the road.

The NFL players are free not to stand for the National Anthem, not because such a snub is protected by the First Amendment and they wish to emphasize that fact, but because for political reasons the NFL in fear has decided not to enforce a rule in its game operations manual—on the assumption that it is in the league’s short-term financial interest to ignore its own protocols.

When it becomes clear in the long-term that kneeling during the anthem alienates fans and loses the NFL hundreds of millions of dollars, then the owners mysteriously will make the necessary adjustments.

The league’s likely second-thoughts on standing during the National Anthem will have as little to do with the First Amendment as did its original response to respect the players’ gesture.

The idea of multimillionaire professional athletes—as part of the 0.01 percent of the nation’s income earners, in a meritocratic but quite un-diverse league made up of 75 percent black players—refusing to stand for the National Anthem out of anger at their country, racial unfairness, the president, or history is nonsensical.

Are the players betting that NFL fans do not care about a time-honored national practice or agree that they and their country are racist, or that they now think the NFL should be a showcase for political theater, or that about 200 protesting players are so uniquely talented in a nation of 320 million people that they are indispensable and could not be replaced, or that fans have nothing to do on weekends but to watch a politicized NFL?

For NFL athletes not to stand for the National Anthem is about as logical as it would be for ice hockey players or NASCAR drivers to take a knee in a potpourri protest over their own anger at American shortcomings, or racial disparities in the murdering of police officers, or the methamphetamine epidemic that strikes whites inordinately, or inordinate white suicide rates or disproportionate black-on-white crime rates—and then expect any insulted fan to continue to watch such incoherence.


About Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson is a distinguished fellow of the Center for American Greatness and the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. He is an American military historian, columnist, a former classics professor, and scholar of ancient warfare. He has been a visiting professor at Hillsdale College since 2004. Hanson was awarded the National Humanities Medal in 2007 by President George W. Bush. Hanson is also a farmer (growing raisin grapes on a family farm in Selma, California) and a critic of social trends related to farming and agrarianism. He is the author most recently of The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won, The Case for Trump and the newly released The Dying Citizen.

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179 responses to “The Tragic Incoherence of the NFL Protests”

  1. The NFL needs to re-issue all jersey’s in fractional numbers, with the owners, coaches, and back up players wearing jersey’s emblazoned with the team logo and:
    “I’m with stupid!”

      • Congratulations!
        You are a semi-finalist in the “Most useless comment of the day” competition!
        Stay tuned to see if you become a finalist!

  2. The idea is to push back at Trump. As long as Trump stays interested in tweeting on this, many players will stay at it. There is no reserve army of football labor whose attitudes will be much different. The money feedback loops to players is slow in comparison with their career expectations. The next TV contracts will reflect any ratings hits but 95% of players do not have to worry about that as NFL careers give them plenty more immediate worries. Owners have next to no chance thinking they can deal with this as an employee discipline issue. They hope Trump loses interest.

    • Best way for us to push back is to vote with our remote. Big drop off in viewers = big spending advertisers like Budweiser to say goodbye. Also Goodels’ contract is being negotiated.

  3. excellent article, completely eviscerates all the vapid virtue signaling which has become a trendy apology for elite blacks playing a kids game for millions of dollars

    • I like VDH but the article is kind of stupid. It assumes there are people in America who care what football players think about political issues. Does anyone really give a ____ what any of them think?

      • When it comes to disrespecting the flag and the national anthem, yes. Otherwise not much.

      • It’s important because of the inordinate amount of respect many people grant to successful sports players based largely on historic attitudes, e.g. The “best” in their specialty, exceptional mental discipline, etc.

        Bear in mind too that their behavior vis-a-vis the flag is a symptom of a larger disorder in the country, a product, in my opinion, of a concerted effort to attack the bedrock cultural myths and assumptions that have long underpinned American moral legitimacy as a nation. This attack began in the long ago past instituted by Lenin and Trotsky who both recognized the United States as THE competing paradigm to their Soviet Socialist model. That serpent is dead but its poison remains in our body politic.

      • What they think is pretty much completely unimportant.

        What is critical, however, is what the media does with their kneeling-display…how it trumpets it, packages it, presents it, and sells it… not as stunt, or aberration, or some faddish triviality, but as an inarticulate cry for Justice (voiced by those few Black Men who have the courage to speak for those who have otherwise been denied a voice!!). And when that interpretive weight is added to the Narrative what we’re led to see is a collection of Gladiators speaking ‘truth to power’.

        And thus we begin to hear, even from those who should know better: “Yes, we need a national conversation on Race. Yes, racism is a problem in America (and Thank God we have Colin K. who has brought this to our attention (at the cost of his job)). Yes 40M Black Americans are Victims and require even more of our help & loving devotion.” And all that simply opens the door that much wider to the America as Oppressor Myth.

        Can I get an amen? How ’bout reparations? Requisite public self-flagellation? Perhaps more groveling??

  4. Whether it be immigration, tax reform, national security, climate change or race relations – were it not for the false narrative, the democrat left would have no narrative at all.

    • Best comment I’ve seen in a quite a while.

    • And the Right-Wing responds with things like statistics and facts that no one wants to acknowledge.

      • Exactly and that’s because the left is anti-intellectual and plays on the emotions of their low information base. It’s how they roll.

      • Better yet, replace right-leaning peoples with those who vote for the left—you never have to make another non-emotional, coherent argument. You think the left would be clamoring for “amnesty” and DACA if those people reliably voted Republican? lol

      • the economic statistics are bogus. Just take a look at the average incomes and tax returns of the one percent and the medians making 30,000 to 150,000 and you will get what I mean.

      • It’s like I just read somewhere, that a lie goes around the world twice while the truth is still picking out its bow tie for the day.

  5. Hanson still surrenders too much too easily. Yes, the stats and our experiences make rubbish of the case that white America and our cops commit racist violence against blacks and support the reverse inference. But even the anecdotes the kneelers will claim as justification are crap on a cracker. It began with Trayvon and Big Mike. Both of these controversies were based on racist black lies against whitey (Zimmerman having been reclassified opportunistically). These were lies coordinated with the media and further perpetuated by Obama and Eric Holder. Nor did they do this in ignorance; neither the high nor low black participant in the politics and PR. Was that the nadir? Oh, you wish! Rather Trayvonism was cloned and applied to Freddie Gray, Philando Castille, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner and the interminable list. Unless and until these lies are admitted and rectified you MUST take a strictly racially oriented view on such matters. They have destroyed the presumption of good faith while also denigrating YOUR claim to same as White Privilege. To continue as if the sides were equally credible is to reward the lies and even the violence that has cemented them in the public mind. In other words, to forebear in the face of mendacious propaganda is to surrender to those who lay it against you. Don’t do it.

    • Superb and astute reposte!
      I sincerely hope the good Dr. Hanson reads it!

    • But we scream the truth from the mountaintops & what do we get for our trouble? We’re loudly called “racists !!” You suggested what not to do; what should we be doing?

    • White Privilege is just renaming the defunct class label, the “Petty Bourgeoisie” to modern terms. Your parents stayed married.. that’s White Privilege. Your parents sacrificed for you to attend college.. that’s White Privilege. Your parents took you to church or temple, to make sure you had a moral upbringing … that’s White Privilege. Anything that distinguishes you from the “Lumpen Proletariate” .. the wealth-less, laboring, drunken, pot smoking, high school dropouts – losers, of the modern age… is “White Privilege”. They Marxists demonize White Privilege in an attempt to transform society through revolution. That is their long game.

    • Meg, it is true that the Left engaged in the Big Lie in both the Trayvon and Mike Brown incidents, but the vast majority of folks simply accepted their lies because they fit the narrative fed to them by their community organizers. Much easier than doing independent research on the topics. The KGB money that supported the Alinskyite Midwest Academy for Communist (Community ) Organizers has reaped a powerful return on their investments.

  6. The Left has hitched its wagon
    to the unwieldy and capricious juggernaut of identity politics. The political game is designed to appeal to worst of human emotion: anger, resentment, envy, vengeance. As such, its practice in society requires a studious avoidance of the sorts of facts that Dr. Hanson (and Heather MacDonald) lay out in detail. The Left is impervious to factual argument and is heedless of the direction of its identity politics juggernaut charging toward the cliff.

    None of this bodes well for the useful idiots of the NFL…or anyone else, really.

    • Glad you mentioned MacDonald (her City Journal piece on the damning numbers Hanson cites is here). For an extra treat, read the comments: I found one contributor in particular (a “public health advisor” at the CDC, of all places) a fascinating evader who simply won’t listen to facts, who just knows that “injustice, mistreatment, racism, and bigotry” are endemic and will simply hear no argument otherwise. An excellent example of the identity political animal you describe.

      • In reality the numbers are not damning at all. They actually suggest huge improvement in police behavior and the way the law is enforced in this country. The numbers are only damning to the practitioners of identity politics and the tropes they depend on to maintain their grip on their constituencies. Hence one often hears that racist behavior is still just as pervasive but now it’s “subtle” or “hidden”. God forbid that any good progressive conclude that racism is weak and actually disgusts most people these days when they encounter it in others.

    • I’d give your comment a thousand “up” votes if I could. It is spot on.

  7. Bringing down the NFL would be the greatest American statement against identity politics that could be levied.

    • Voting against democrat politicians would be and is greater! Football is just a game!

    • Just think of the tax revenue we would get. 73, billion a year subsidy .

  8. NFL Players Protest…. a movement in search of a point.

    • Especially since most of them are thugs, violent and if Americans weren’t dumb enough to pay them lots of money, they would be in jail

    • I believe what they are protesting, even if they can’t verbalize it, is the application of social norms and rules of law to the black community. The black community (with the assistance of the Democrat Party) has created a culture for itself that takes pride in what normal, civilized people see as aberrant behavior. The behavior has become such a part of their culture, that much of the black community is now unable to comply with basic social norms and rules of law. So, they are demanding that the norms and laws be changed — at least as they apply to the black community.

      • Step right up, get your “Thug Life” T-shirts now (before we destroy capitalism and can’t make them or sell them any more).

    • Kind of like Mueller’s investigation…one in search of a crime.

  9. The NFL has simply become another progressive outlet to hate America..

    Propaganda every-time, all the time.

    Cut the cord people, there is a lot more to life than watching progressive propaganda 24/7…

    • This is the key point. Fans are sick and tired of propaganda 24/7 at every cultural venue.

  10. The new meme for the left to keep black people from deserting the Dummycrat party due to it’s abject failure to do anything to help the black community is “racism.” Not just racism of the conservative “right” but racism that only the hard left can help them with by forcing their beliefs on everyone. Naturally this is an easy sell to the black community, especially those in college where the movement is well entrenched. Too bad they’re being sold a bill of goods once again and the center/right of the country won’t accept the accusations any longer. So good luck with that, all you NFL snowflakes!

  11. You don’t have a leg to stand on – you nominated and elected a foul, vile racist-bigot to the Presidency.

    You have no legitimacy. You’ve flushed all your credibility on the issue down the toilet.

    The racism-bigotry your party has long harbored is now on full display. So whatever the merits of these protests are or aren’t, your words are worthless.

    So let me know when President Racist-Bigot ponies up President Obama’s “real” birth certificate. Until then, get this SOB off the stage….

    • You must still be crying yourself to sleep nightly knowing President Trump is the President of these United States.

      Tell me…who did you vote for the Criminal Clinton or the Socialist Sanders?

    • What an amazing feat here, talking out of the place that is hurting so much.

    • How does it feel to be a pathetic, incoherent citizen without a country?

  12. . They can’t decide whether to kneel, stand, join hands, lock arms or raise fists but I like how people are responding appropriately to their little revolt against American values. Let them go ahead and display their own lack of values and we can all judge what we want to support and who we respect, it’s the American way.

    • The only way to rid our public airways and pre-paid cable channels of unwanted propaganda is to reject it. Capitalism will take care of the rest.

  13. From my viewpoint, the fans of the NFL are leaving the stadium and it is doubtful if most will return. It is too late Dr Hanson, and the American public is deeply insulted and that is something that has not happened overnight. It has been brewing for at least a decade and has now boiled over.

    The liberal media and President Obama’s riding that gross comment “Teabagger” into the ground knowing full well the gross sexual insult it conveyed is a prime example of the disdain the Political and Media Elites have for the “deplorables” nationwide.

    I recall Anderson Cooper and David Gergen giggling like schoolgirls in the interview where Cooper aired that insult the first time I heard it uttered on the air.

    That insult has been followed with this slap in the face of anything patriotic in our history, service and daily life, and now those who have so deeply hurt our American Pride and being will feel the wrath of the public.

    • The corrupt media’s deliberate intention to treat the political outlook of half the voting populace as if it shouldn’t legitimately exist–is as suicidal as the NFL’s defiance of its former fans. .

    • I remember Widdle Barrie saying it and I had no idea what it meant. After finding out, I wasn’t at all surprised ☪ظ☭ma was familiar with the term.

  14. This is all likely to get worse before it gets better….if it ever does.

    The explosive growth of US Latinos will put more pressure on the shortcomings of the black population. Latinos are rapidly integrating into the economy and society, while blacks are largely standing still. Latinos have largely taken over manual trades where blacks once found work. They are winning respect from the Anglo majority for their hard word and positive attitudes.

    Fifty years ago, blacks received the undivided attention of political, religious, education, and economic leaders. That era has passed. They now have competition.

  15. They don’t know what they’re doing. Someone told them it’s cool to kneel down so they complied.

  16. A neo-marxist cult has taken over of the left. It is no longer a question of what is to be done about the economy. It is a religious conflict.

    There are three collective
    characters in the Marxist story: the heroes (the Marxist intellectuals) that save the
    downtrodden (originally the workers of the world) from the class enemy
    (originally the capitalists).

    After loosing the workers (tens of years of
    “breaking a few eggs” and failing to deliver
    simple stuff), then loosing the developing
    countries at about the same time, the Marxist intellectuals pivoted to groups defined based on race, gender, and sexuality.

    One of the problems is that a new enemy was also needed. The 1% capitalists are still there but lost the ability to absorb the blame for everything. Unfortunately without thinking too much, the Marxists decided that white men
    are the new class enemy and proceeded to establish the case
    that white men are racist, sexist, homophobic rapists unless proven otherwise. The expectation was also that white women will peel off (talking about a wedge issue see the efforts to establish the “war on women” as a central theme of the democratic campaign in 2014 – did not pay off yet but continue).

    This strategy (also known as the Obama coalition) misfired: turning white men into pinatas mobilized them, many white women failed to come to the conclusion that their fathers, brothers,
    husbands, and sons are racist, sexist, homophobic rapists, and many educated people saw through it.

    I have not heard anything from the left this year other than the brave single payer proposal from Bernie. The left better get back to talking about what is to be done or else we get another 4 years and a supreme court stacked for 20+.

  17. And I was at the Ravens-Steelers game. If people are tearing up their tickets – it didn’t happen there on Sunday. The place was packed to the roof.

    Let me tell you who booed when the Ravens knelt(before the Anthem-not during):

    1) Faux-patriots
    2) Arm-chair Generals
    3) Self-proclaimed greatest Americans of all time

    I’d like to ask each of those people what they’ve done for this country.

    I’ve never served in the military. The best I can say is I’ve paid some taxes and stayed out of jail. I know for a fact that most of the booers can’t say they’ve done much more than that.

    I have a feelling most people making stupid comments on this section can’t say much more than that either.

    Patriotism is action folks – not words. Saying you’re a patriot doesn’t make you one – and booing like an a$$ during someone else’s peaceful protest doesn’t count either.

    • Saying you’re a patriot doesn’t make you one – and booing like an a$$
      during someone else’s peaceful protest doesn’t count either.

      But apparently rioting and throwing rocks during somebody else’s peaceful protest is perfectly all right with you – as long as they are peacefully protesting for things which you hate, like Trump.

    • This ‘peaceful protest’ is based on a lie that is shamelessly being promulgated by the kneeling/sitting players and the libs that support them. Faux patriots? I think you are projecting. Many of us have first responders in our families. I have three siblings, as well as various uncles/nephews/nieces who are either in the military or are police/firemen/EMTs and I stand to show my respect to them and the flag that is a symbol of their selflessness. All who stand up to show respect for what our flag and our National Anthem represent are real Patriots.

      Stop denigrating this country with your baseless accusations.

      • Their service doesn’t make you a patriot. Nice try.

        I can say the same thing about my family. Their service doesn’t make me a patriot.

        So it doesn’t sound like either of us have any right to demand someone stand or sit during the anthem.

  18. We are in a more and more upside down world… matters and anti-matters.

    `Liberals’ today are the LEAST tolerant.
    Academia is where DUMB people go to train blizzards of Snowflakes.
    Government LIES as a matter of routine.
    Media LIES more than any `institution’ we have.
    Politics is everything, and `deplorable’ citizens are nothing, better dead even.
    FBI knows in hours, Paddock had no ties to Int’l Terror but can’t tell us after a year, if Trump had any Russia ties.
    Certain company’s “Do No Evil” motto means exactly the opposite.
    Every company tells you they have a `Privacy Policy’ but NOBODY believes it.
    Deficits really doesn’t matter, only what party creating it maters!
    Every `Entertainment Industry’ is infested now with the reverse that pisses off more people than core fans!

    • You’re just confused.
      But don’t worry — I’ve already turned your name into the Bureau of Truth & Clarification…. they should be there shortly to help you see more clearly.

  19. If logic and reason mattered to the Left than they would have abandoned the Socialist experiment a long time ago.

    Therefore this excellent article will not convince a single Progressive of the silliness (“incoherence” does it too much justice) of their actions

  20. Excellent article Professor Hanson. Thank you.

    Beyond the players, can you imagine the loyalties (and insulation) of League executives (particularly, Goodell and former Bill Clinton Press Secretary, now head of NFL PR, Joe Lockhart) that led them to believe that if fans were given the choice between America and football, fans would choose football? Remember, these men are the epitome of white coastal insiders/elites. These men’s and their milieu’s comfort with anti-Americanism and unfamiliarity with mainstream America’s patriotism are not only obvious, they are what? Frightening? Shocking? Both?

  21. Great analysis. Luckily most of us have learned it is freeing to go without.

  22. The NFL owners and officers have displayed the very worst judgement. I wouldn’t let them officiate a little league baseball game for fear they would screw it up.

  23. VDH is always an interesting man with interesting insights and well expressed opinions.

  24. Taking the customer for granted….Biting the hand that Feeds you…..The very Macho NFL has become exhibit A in Beta submissiveness to the Liberal agenda……Now go take a Knee!!!

    • No, conservatives defending George Zimmerman started this whole debacle. Zimmerman is a very troubled individual and for some reason conservatives sympathized why a man that was clearly guilty of manslaughter in the killing of a 16 year old black teenager.

      • You’re a very useful idiot….”Police acted Stupidly” was before Trayvon…get your Obama history/herstory straight……

      • BLM was started with a false meme as its foundation & has continued to build on yet more false memes.

      • You need to research exactly what happened. He killed Martin as a result of a clear-cut case of self defense.

      • I have researched the incident and I know Zimmerman lied to Hannity about the whereabouts of his wife that night which strengthens the lead detective’s theory that Zimmerman wanted to be a hero and so he behaved bizarrely and ended up committing manslaughter. Unfortunately the prosecutor was incompetent and didn’t discover that Zimmerman and his wife had a falling out the night before and she was at her parents’ house the night of the incident.

  25. As to the protesters I take them as mostly not very intelligent slightly brain damaged badly educated hulks fearing to make courageous stand alone unpopular decisions against their peers. Some might be bright thinkers but most are like celebrity actors raised up for one reason and now either thinking they are better or brighter than they are. An insult to GWB was saying he was born on third base and thought he advanced to there, shoe fits here!

    • Current stars who were also celebrity child actors. Most have been spoiled and treated with kid gloves since they were about ten, which is a perfect recipe for all that troubles them now.

  26. I think it would an interesting exercise for police departments in all of the NFL cities to tell the players that they are starting a program to have one of them on patrol with them for one week each particularly on the night and weekend shifts in predominantly African American areas. They would be unarmed and have to sit in the car and just be present. I personally wouldn’t want to do it.

    • Either that or put them in a military uniform and ship them off to Afghanistan or the Korean DMZ for a month during the off season. Don’t give them weapons, they would probably shoot themselves in the foot.

  27. NFL players said they protested the national anthem to start a conversation. What liars they are because here is the talk that few desire.

    The NFL blacks’ protest is merely more overt pro-black racism, hence anti-white racism. These pro-black racists are flipping off the USA with their protest.

    Many if not most blacks are pro-black racists. They live as separatists in the USA by choice by favoring to live by their horrible subculture, blackism.

    Such blacks are misguided. They fail to realize they are Americans first and foremost. Many blacks desire not to be Americans. They would like to be in charge in what they believe would be their own black Utopia.

    They have been raised to believe that all of their woes stem from whites, especially white males.

    The only talk Americans need is a talk about racist blacks, their hatred for whites, and their horrible separatist subculture, blackism, that results in death and family destruction among the majority of blacks in the USA.

    We’re still here awaiting blacks to see themselves first as Americans and to join the American brotherhood from sea to shining sea. They can’t do that if they keep disrespecting Americans, which includes themselves.

  28. “P emphasized that you have to face the fact that the whole problem is really the blacks. The key is to devise a system that recognizes this while not appearing to.” From haldermans diary, p is Nixon. So don’t give me that crap about Jim Crow being over and the import of Civil rights.

  29. Great column. Many of our citizens are behaving illogically to prove a point. For example Christian Conservatives involved in the wedding industry are refusing to serve paying customers in order to protest samesex marriage. To me refusing to serve paying customers is disrespectful and unAmerican and I am fine with those Christian bakers being fined into bankruptcy! At least Kaepernick devised a peaceful protest even if it is “incoherent” but I could see turning down paying customers turn into a nasty confrontation.

    • You are wrong.

      Forcing small business to serve those that violate their religious beliefs violates their Constitutional Rights.

      • The Christian baker is allowed to express his 1st Amendment rights but there might be negative consequences just like Kaepernick has not been offered a new contract in the NFL. The 1st Amendment does not immunize one from negative consequences so if you need to provide for your family I suggest accepting payment from customers asking for your services.

      • Government fining private citizens into bankruptcy for their views is government censorship of ideas. A football club firing a football player for his racist beliefs is not an action which runs afoul of the constitution.

      • The rules are the rules and the Christian baker knew they would be fined just as Kaepernick knew he might not get a new contract. The restaurant industry is heavily regulated at the state level so I have no problem with regulations that force business owners to serve paying customers…to not do so is unAmerican because our economy is a service based economy.

      • So, when would you support the state (or people) of North Carolina suing the NBA for canceling their entertainment (game) over a bathroom law? And sue Springsteen canceling a NC concert?

      • “their religious beliefs……”

        Which only seemed to have a problem with same-sex couples, not those who fornicated or those who had been previously divorced (which are also criteria for being sinful in the Bible); this is a glaring inconsistency which points to the case of exercising bigotry, not one’s “religious beliefs.”

    • How about telling the nation and its citizens “f*ck you.” Could you see that turning into a nasty confrontation?

      • People like Trump were called unpatriotic for opposing the Iraq War and now the very same people that called him unpatriotic are his biggest supporters. In the public sphere I think the only requirements are that the protest be peaceful and not disruptive. I think a business owner is asking for all kinds of trouble if they start disrespecting paying customers and I could see a customer becoming very agitated and the situation escalating.

      • First, Trump was not against the war in 2003. Second, opposing a particular policy is not the same as disrespecting the flag. The latter indicates that you reject the country as a whole, not simply a specific act of its government. By disrespecting the flag and the national anthem, the players are flipping off the country and its citizens, not objecting to a particular act. Finally, I’m not talking about the legality of their protest although, since you bring it up, I would say that the player’s employers have the absolute right to prohibit it on company time. (My guess is that you have no problem with Google firing its employee for criticizing on an internal discussion board Google’s diversity policy and its implementation. Yes?) I’m talking about the content of the player’s protest which I, and apparently millions of others, find extremely offensive.

      • So you are calling Trump a liar just like Trump called Bush a liar about WMDs. And yes in 2003 Americans that opposed the Iraq War were labeled “unpatriotic” and Coulter called it “treason”.

      • Go ahead, change the subject. First, Trump was recorded on TV (no, I don’t remember what program) saying that he “guessed” he was in favor of invading Iraq. Whether he was lying, not remember everything he had said thirteen years previously when he said he’d always been against it, or changed his mind I don’t know. I’m not calling him a liar at all. Second, I never accused anyone of treason which has a very specific definition under the United States Code which is not met by the player’s actions. I do think they are unpatriotic (as opposed to objecting to a specific act or policy). That’s the whole point of them sitting out the anthem – to demonstrate their disrespect for and rejection of the country and its flag as a whole. They aren’t carrying signs saying “No on NAFTA” or something, you realize.

      • Did you watch the Republican primary debates?? Trump sounded like Michael Moore in 2003 and he would have been labeled “unpatriotic” for expressing the views he expressed in 2015 in 2003. Trump called Bush a “liar” about WMDs and the people that supported the war strongest in 2003 voted for Trump.

      • I don’t even understand what you’re saying or its relevance to this discussion. I will say it to you one last time. The player’s “protest” disrespects the entirety of the flag and the country. If you are unfamiliar with the Pledge of Allegiance let me quote it in part for you: “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic FOR WHICH IT STANDS” (emphasis added). “It” refers to the flag if you hadn’t figured that out. By refusing the stand for the national anthem the “protestors” are disrespecting and rejecting the flag and “the Republic for which it stands.” They are not objecting to a particular act or action. Period. You can change the subject and go off on whatever tangent you want but this basic fact remains nevertheless. Why you are unable or unwilling to understand and accept that is your problem. I’m outta here.

      • I see it as an expression of the free speech which clearly got the attention of a wider audience for better or worse. I stand for the national anthem but I am not going to dismiss speech I disagree with as “unpatriotic” because in 2003 Trump supporters were dismissing people like Trump that opposed the Iraq War as unpatriotic.

        For me personally refusing to serve paying customers like Christians in the wedding industry is a much more offensive form of free expression because America has become a service economy and our military depends on the free flow of commerce for funding.

  30. Unfortunately we have an incoherent president that doesn’t understand his role in the context of him swearing an oath to uphold the Constitution. Trump should be promoting civil discourse in light of Kaepernick’s peaceful protests but instead Trump is trying to silence the NFL players trying to start a discussion. Trump is no better than the liberal snowflakes at Berkeley that shout down conservative speakers.

    • What Trump should do is get started on revoking the NFL’s anti-trust exemptions because it is now a political organization. Those exemptions were given to provide nationwide sports entertainment, not left-wing political demonstrations.

    • “… trying to silence the NFL players trying to start a discussion.”

      That’s an intrinsically stupid comment. And in its context as a response to what Hanson wrote, it’s hyper-stupid.

      • You are Wrong.

        That is exactly what trump was attempting to do, and it provoked a backlash.

      • And what “discussion” were those overpaid bozos trying to start?

        Like ol’ Sebastian, you didn’t read the article.

      • Read my comment. I don’t do pictures.

        ‘trump’ is the offender here… not the NFL Players.

      • Read Sebastian’s comment in the context of Hanson’s article. I don’t have any crayons to use to help you out.

      • You MUST be a trumper… You dodge, divert, and are unable to explain your positions… other than ‘pro trump’.

        Sorry, you deserve no more time.

      • Hanson’s title is “The Tragic Incoherence of the NFL Protests.” You should consult a dictionary — aside from “NFL,” you’ll find every one of those words in it.

        Hanson’s article is totally consistent with his title.

        Sebastian-the-Sage said that the NFL meatheads (Ilana Mercer dubbed them “excitable, histrionic hulks”) were “trying to start a discussion.” Hanson’s article lays out why such a “starting a discussion” scenario is preposterous.

      • You’re really that stupid? These NFL bozos are demonstrating that they hate our national anthem, despise our flag, trash the constitution that enshrines their right to protest, loathe our military, and even hate the very police that are on scene protecting their constitutional right to demean their fellow citizens.

        And somehow anytime anyone objects, you are claiming that they didn’t start the fight?

        You are not a history buff. You are an ignorant moron.

      • No, he and Mr. Creamington are Soros-bots who are paid an extra quarter per reply they can troll out of readers. Just block them and let their revenue stream dry up (until they reappear under another handle).

      • The NFL players are citizens of a FREE Country. They are free to express their sentiments no matter how disgusting they are. Their environment in this case, a football game, brings them into confrontation with their Bosses… NOT a ‘el presidente’ of the united states.

        Sleazy trump, using the Power & Prestige (giggle) of the office of the President of the United States to state his personal opinion was approaching an abuse of office. if sleazy trump was not ‘el presidente’ this issue would get little attention.

        Sleazy trump, shooting off his big mouth, has only inflamed passions and drawn question to himself for abuse of power, as well as judgement.

      • What is stupid is taking issue with a form of peaceful protest that has clearly captured the attention of Americans. I have no problem with owners not giving Kaepernick a new contract but as usual Trump’s remarks are counterproductive just as Obama’s weighing in on various issues of the day was counterproductive.

    • There is no contradiction between “upholding the constitution” and objecting to people publicly protesting the national anthem.

      Like the rest of the left, the NFL players have less than zero interest in any “conversation” or “discussion”. They (you) expect other people to cede the public square to the left, and view any and all other sides of the “discussion” as illegitimate.

      • Kaepernick clearly got people’s attention so it is hard to argue with his form of peaceful protest other than he no longer has a job and future NFL players might suffer financial consequences if ratings decline. The president should not be trying to silence Americans that are engaged in peaceful protest although Trump is free to state how he always stands for the national anthem. He crossed the line with his incendiary comments.

        The sad thing is Trump supporters called Americans like Trump that opposed the Iraq War in 2003 “unpatriotic” and yet 13 years later they acknowledged their mistake by voting for Trump. The president should be promoting civil discourse not attempting to stifle it!

    • “doesn’t understand his role in the context of him swearing an oath to uphold the Constitution” sounds like you are describing Obumble who treated the Constitution as if it were toilet paper.

      • I didn’t think it was a good idea for Obama to weigh in on the issues of the day either. The president should foster civil discourse about important issues and not try to silence Americans expressing 1st Amendment rights peacefully.

  31. What was it that occurred to significantly increase the number of four (4) NFL Players.., participating in a waning misdirected protest.., to the number that we saw last Sunday?
    What event could have caused that number to increase so ?
    If only we could intellectually answer that question.

      • So.., I’ll take that to mean you simply can’t honestly, reasonably and (needless to say) intellectually address my very relevant question. To wit, how and why did the minimal and waning protest against perceived racial injustice suddenly become a far more participated, to include participation by owners, knelling protest.
        Your only recourse, of course, LOL.., was to go to your comfort zone – that being, to go adolescent.., quite similar to the way the “proper noun” answer to my question routinely goes adolescent.
        And any “objective” observer will clearly see, based on our respectively different comments, which one of us is “mindless”. Just too funny for words. Thanks much for corroborating the unfortunate stereotype!

  32. Vic… ask yourself… if trump had kept his big trap shut… would this have been a ‘big’ issue.

    You know the answer, Vic.

    This is a needless & pointless piece of writing.

    • “Liberals have many tails, and they chase them all.” HL Mencken

      See HB for an example

    • Kneeling was spreading among the players before Trump uttered a word, as it had already become a thing with them; they just utilized his statement as another excuse to pile on.

    • Congratulations!
      You too have qualified as a semi-finalist in the “Most Useless Comment of the Day” competition!
      Stay tuned to see if you become a finalist!

  33. All I know is, I stopped watching NFL football and will make a point to refuse to watch even the Super Bowl, even though I remember watching professional football on a black and white TV BEFORE the first Super Bowl.

  34. If the commander-in-chief is indifferent to iconic patriotic ceremonies, then who would not be?

    Thank you President Trump for upholding our Great American Culture. This is the equivalent of what every Teacher in Grade School ever told you about the Saying the Pledge of Allegiance. You don’t have to recite the Pledge, you don’t have to salute the Flag, BUT YOU DO have to stand at attention respectfully.

    The Flag is the symbol of our country, and encouraging patriotism should be the Instinct of all of our National Leaders.

    It is really that simple.

    The Left has made its Brand by disrupting all things, injecting all things, from Driving, to Eating, to watching Television with its politics. They have had great success with this strategy. To concede the NFL space to P.C. B.S. is exactly what the cultural marxists desire.

  35. Or to the extent progressives acknowledge these asymmetries, they contextualize the alarming frequency of inordinate black male crime, and the police response to it, by citing the legacy of slavery and claiming contemporary racism as well as police and judicial bias.

    Tragically, and ironically, these were the exact same arguments Progressives made to justify welfare, define decadency down, and destroy both the black family and the inner city with government paternalism. Their cure for the legacy of the plantation was to enslave them. When they made it worse, instead of reexamining their attitude, approach, and policy, they, instead, point back to the issues they claimed to redress in order to double-down on the policies that made it worse.

    It’s like a physician prescribing a large does of arsenic for liver disease and then when the patient got sicker saying the dose was too small and prescribing a higher does.

  36. VDH with just another superb commentary–spot on. Just for fun, let’s get that Seattle Seahawk Bennett for an impromptu response and see just what he says. Or, maybe Marshawn Lynch for an insightful rejoinder. I’m sure they would have articulate, logical, and well spoken rebuttals. (; o)

  37. If the left can’t beat people with facts and logic they go to their only play card of racism and have their minions perform. Athletes are nothing but entertainers that wear the same costume each week/day

  38. VDH has a point but much of black outrage has to do with humiliation. The human brain is programmed to tolerate insults and violence from its own kind but not others. Blacks are far from unique. Mafia thugs did not mind when Louie the Fish shoots Angelo the Knife but would get quite upset if an Irish mobster did the same thing. Ethic jokes are tolerated by a given ethnic group as long as the teller of the joke is from the same ethic group. Thus telling blacks that they kill each others at a higher rate or commit most of the crimes will fall on deaf ears. Anyone who has black friends, like I do, will be forced to listen to stories of humiliation of being stopped by cops for no apparent reason or shadowed in stores. Many of my black friends always keep the receipt handy when leaving a store so they can defend themselves against a shop lifting accusation. Having said this, I don’t know what the solution is. Perhaps there is none.

    • The solution is separation when assimilation is resisted to the point that we see with some in the black community. I know it probably will sound “racist” to say that but what one needs to look at is commonality & compatibility as it exists among a given people. Obviously, the rate of interracial marriages shows that some assimilation has already taken place, which, IMO, is a good thing. Beyond that though, the best approach is to allow people to be with those whom they are most comfortable & stop practicing identity politics.

      • Thanks for reading my comment and giving such a cogent response. Separation only works if the different groups view their lifestyle as being equal to the other group. This is not the case with blacks and whites but is the case with whites and Asians. Thus you have black outrage but no Asian outrage. While I agree that identity politics is a disaster, it is all the Democrats have. And when out of power, they push it more and more. Which is by I repeat my closing statement. “I do not know what the solution is. Perhaps there is none.”

  39. It’s just a bunch of coddled millionaire athletes virtue signaling so they can get some ‘street cred’. If these athletes wanted to save black lives, they’d try to get rid of the ‘gansta’ mentality that permeates much of the black community which is responsible for so many black on black deaths.

  40. Exactly. And Americans not of the leftist persuasion can expect to see more of the same inanity.

  41. This is the perfect time for the NFL to tell its old white conservative fans they can get lost and cultivate new younger and more woke fans. Fealty to old angry white men that voted for Trump to express their racism and hate is killing the NFL. They need to embrace the players who are dedicated to social justice, invite the fans to join in the protests, and forget the need for instant gratification. The ratings and revenue will rebound after a few years, and the new fans will of a more woke NFL will be better fans to have in the long run.

    • The Progressive-Left is inherently opposed to the game itself because it involves large, strong masculine men violently fighting over borders. There is no “long run” in your fantasy.

      • Yep, the left’s war on the game is what is slowly but surely doing it in; the latest spate of pointless protests by the players is just adding fuel to this fire, speeding up the process.

    • “Fealty to old angry white men that voted for Trump to express their racism and hate is killing the NFL.”

      Utter rubbish. What is killing the NFL, besides ruining the game with nonsensical penalties & senseless flag throwing, is the in-your-face metaphorical bird-flipping displays of the players who have practically nothing at all in common with the majority fanbase they are allegedly entertaining.

      • I think it’s sarcasm . . . Nobody is really that stupid, but then again, 0bama was a two term president.

  42. I understand Colin Kaepernick is not the brightest bulb, but I was disappointed that so many other players fell victim to the #blacklivesmatter/grievance narrative. But then they are nothing more than rich, pampered and narcissistic entertainers.

    • I remember early in Kaepernick’s career hearing stories of him getting into twitter fights. I found it rather strange behavior for a professional millionaire athlete to be so obsessed with his image on social media.

    • The ones I blame are the suits like Goodell, Jerry Jones, etc., who enable this madness. They had the education and intelligence to know better but succumbed to their fear of their employees and the media suckups.

  43. I wish conservative writers would stop using the leftist words “racist” and “racism.” They pervert the English language by doing so. Suffixes have meanings – “The suffix -ist indicates a person involved in the activity or field (e.g. scientist works in science). The suffix is added to the root of a verb or noun form such as -ism, -ize or -ing. Examples : Someone who does cycling = cyclist. Someone who apologizes = apologist. Someone involved with feminism = feminist.” A racist is someone who practices race.

  44. The athletes have associated themselves with a mood in the country that promotes blocking traffic, vandalism, and public disruption. The anthem was not the best place to begin with, but they could of helped their cause greatly with the following:
    1. Denounce Kapernick’s pig socks and state any chanting of disrespect or hints of harm to police are unacceptable.
    2. State the street protests are interfering with innocent people’s day to day lives and any property destruction is flat out wrong.
    Their credibility would of then had so much more meaning and impact.

  45. To the black on white crime you also have to add mixed hispanic blacks become they can be classified as either and have the same values. They consider education and hard work as being “acting white” and punish those by beating them up. The Asians, upper class Indians and hispanics have the same ethic plus strong family ties so have done better. It is their children that win the awards, work to excel in classical music, sciences. My parents thought American kids were lazy and privileged. Looking at the Asians etc I can well agree.

  46. The NFL players are being disingenuous. Leftist movements like BLM, etc. embrace intersectionality. The idea that there is an inherent oppressor and victims are numerous and varied and when those victims band together they can fight the power. That is why gay rights, radical feminism, racism, islamophobia, etc. are lumped together. The ultimate power that they are fighting is represented by The Flag to the Left and that is why NFL players are targeting it.

    If these players don’t believe in intersectionality they should state it rather than just saying this is a movement against bad cops which is just self justification. The NFL players should be honest what their true beliefs are. At this point they will further alienate either the Left if they deny intersectionality or their core fans if they acknowledge they really know what they are doing. If they stepped in it is their own doing. Now they need to say why they did it.

  47. Hey NFL players
    If everything is so unfair why don’t you quit?

  48. No matter what lame excuse for their inane behavior….no data exist to advance their claims.

  49. Also troubling are the weak-kneed owners. Are they so leveraged that they are willing to cede control to the players ?

  50. I like how Colin Kaepernick and the one knee-ers are getting credit for being so brave, when they are crapping in their own pool. I love watching Shannon Sharp, Skip, Spike Lee, et. al, report on what a great idea this protest is, when it is idiotic. They could get more attention streaking naked during halftime, with protest signs written all over themselves.

  51. VDH forgot an important point. Nobody, nobody watches football to better understand how the players analyze socio-political issues. Nobody.

  52. Did Raiders Throw NFL Game Over Anthem?

    A new report from The Armstrong and Getty Radio Show has sent shockwaves throughout the sports world after it was claimed that members of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders may have purposefully allowed their star quarterback to get sacked multiple times after he refused to kneel during the National Anthem.

    If true, this would essentially mean that an NFL football game was illegally thrown over anger that one of the teams star white players did not believe that kneeling during the nation’s anthem was the correct way to protest supposed racial injustice in America.

    In other words, an epic level scandal.

  53. Excellent article. Nails it. Th whole NFL “protest” is a bunch of nonsense launched by a bunch of grievance collectors that has little basis in fact. The biggest problems facing black Americans are a 72% illegitimacy rate, when it is known that children raised in single parent households have poorer outcomes than those raised by both parents, a 50% high school dropout rate, and the pathologies that these spawn. Not standing for the national anthem ignores these problems and most certainly does nothing to address them.

  54. If the left can’t beat people with facts and logic they go to their only play card of racism and have their minions perform. Athletes are nothing but entertainers that wear the same costume each week/day

  55. When have facts ever bothered the left. The BLM was based on a lie and even the black caucus members continue to mouth the same lies.

  56. Let’s get one thing straight. Trump is the champion here not VDH or any other GOP political figure or republican voter. Those later three groups are too busy cowering in the corner like they have been for the past 60 years. Oh, they can write articles (that no one reads) or express fake-outrage like Limbaugh (virtue signaling) but the man that is affecting change is Trump.

  57. Millionaire athletes takin’ a knee to protest __________. Billionaire owners say ok! Millionaire Democrats inciting class warfare.! The are screwing you over! and now… A millionaire mass-murderer in Vegas who targets country music fans.

    WTF? All I see is millionaires with grievances…

  58. “Given the topics of race, crime, and violence, the frequency of black-on-white crime versus white-on-black crime—depending on the particular category—while comparatively rare, is still widely disproportionate, by a factor of 7 to 10.”

    Question: regarding Mr. Hanson’ statistic, does the “factor of 7 to 10” refer to a ratio (as in 7 out of ten), or does he mean 7 to 10 times. I think he means the latter but it isn’t crystal clear, at least to my humble self.

  59. This began with the false narrative of Michael Brown and lives in those that are still convinced he was a saintly boy, minding his own business who birthed the movement of “hands up don’t shoot”.

  60. “Nonsensical” sounds so much better and more learned than “really stupid” or “idiotic”. Wouldn’t want to say something that accurately and obviously reflects on those unfortunate black millionaires, so many of whom are 20-something affirmative action graduates with degrees in “Coaching” or similar that included a liberal sprinkling of guaranteed-A Black Studies courses.

  61. The players have to ask themselves if this is good for their business interests. The answer in the declining ratings, and attendance in marginal markets is no. For their own self and future interests as well as players in the future, they really need to stop the protests. It is not good for business.

  62. We make a critical mistake in our continued and increasingly irrational conviction that rationality, logic, facts, and endless reams of contradictory data will sway the True Believer. It does not. It never has.

    The True Believer simply believes.
    He knows.
    At a bone-deep, non-thinking level — he is absolutely sure.

    And he is not sure because he has studied the issues, dissected the facts, tallied the results, weighed all the different expert opinions to arrive at a well-considered judgment — No! He’s done none of those things. As a matter of fact to engage in such critical examination is to risk his True Believer soul (though he would deny, of course, that he possesses such a thing) in some crashing ‘crisis of faith’.

    Rather the comfort of complete conviction, itself centered in absolute hatred.

    “Hatred is the most accessible and comprehensive of all the unifying agents. Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a god, but never without a belief in a devil.”

    And the Devil for these True Believers (the Left, the Protesting Athletes, their supporters & enablers) is Truth (and those who would rely upon it).

    “The quality of ideas seems to play a minor role in mass movement leadership. What counts is the arrogant gesture, the complete disregard of the opinion of others, the singlehanded defiance of the world.” As Hoffer noted: “It is startling to realize how much unbelief is necessary to make belief possible.”

    And yet we continue to pile up our inarguable arguments in blind hope that one day all these professionally deluded will awake. What else is there?

  63. To find out what the players’ issues are, easy to look them up rather than speculate. Kaepernick’s website says that his mission is:
    “to fight all kinds of oppression globally, through education and activism”.
    Upset fans point to the perceived disrespect for the flag.
    In other words, the two groups are not communicating. No way to establish common ground here. So the players are failing to get their message out to their fans. And the fans are upset about something that is not part of the players’ cause. Oh well.

  64. “their religious beliefs……”Which only seemed to have a problem with same-sex couples, not those who fornicated or those who had been previously divorced (which are also criteria for being sinful in the Bible); this is a glaring inconsistency which points to the case of exercising bigotry, not one’s “religious beliefs.”

  65. The NFL has simply become another progressive outlet to hate America..Propaganda every-time, all the time.Cut the cord people, there is a lot more to life than watching progressive propaganda 24/7…