Why I Wouldn’t Change a Word of Trump’s Statement

President Trump on Saturday first addressed the alarming violence that was then unfolding in Charlottesville, Virginia, between neo-nazi nationalists and their opponents, the alt-Left “activists” that includes groups such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Communists, anarchists, and supporters of Palestinian terror.  

Trump had been scheduled to speak about the Veterans Administration. To the extent his comments addressed Charlottesville, they were hastily constructed, on the basis of incomplete knowledge. Representing Donald Trump, unplugged and unvarnished, they came straight from his heart.

And, to my mind, they were perfect. I wouldn’t change a word.

“Egregious” displays of “hatred, bigotry and violence” have no place in America he told us, with stunning clarity. No exceptions. No qualifications. Whoever you are, whatever you are, whatever your grievance, there shall be one law, one standard.

The first thing to be done was “a swift restoration of law and order and the protection of innocent lives…[for] no citizen should ever fear for their safety and security in our society.”  Had Trump stopped there, it would have been enough. It would have been more than Barack Obama had said in eight years.

Obama was on the wrong side of violence. He sympathized with the rioters in Ferguson, Missouri, and made excuses for the riots in Baltimore. Worse still, he failed even to mention the need to establish law and order and protect the lives and property of innocent people. And he put lives in danger by blaming the violence on the police.

There was nothing visceral about Obama’s comments. He expressed no sympathy for the people who’d lost everything. Juanita’s Fashion R Boutique was “the largest black-owned boutique in St. Louis” before it was burned to the ground. And Natalie DuBose could only weep as her little cake store was destroyed. Obama didn’t talk about them, their safety or security.

As far as I know, no Nazis participated in the violent riots that occurred during the Obama years.  But many of the people who did participate, according to the Washington Post, were “activists” who’d participated in the Occupy movement. They wore masks and lobbed Molotov cocktails at the police. “They call the gasoline-filled bottles ‘poor man’s bombs,’” the Post reported with seeming approval. These were the same folks who showed up in Charlottesville, and they didn’t need Nazis to provoke them to do what they did.

In opposition to all of the violence, President Trump said, “Above all else, we must remember this truth, no matter our color, creed, religion or political party, we are all Americans first. We love our country. We love our God. We love our flag.” Our identity as Americans transcends all of the other identities that divide us on the surface.

“No child should ever be afraid to go outside and play or be with their parents and have a good time,” he said, as he has many times before, while decrying the terrible loss of innocent young lives and the destruction of families in black-on-black violence that occurs regularly in our inner cities. All children deserve to grow up in safety and security.

“We must love each other, respect each other and cherish our history and our future together,” he said. For Americans have a shared history. We are bound up with each other. For better and for worse, our past and our future are intertwined, inextricably. We cannot escape our joint history, for we carry it in our genes.

And that’s why he exhorted us to “cherish our history and our future together.” We cannot expunge parts of our history without destroying ourselves. The Charlottesville tragedy didn’t start with the Nazis or the Alt-Left. It started with the decision to tear down the statue of General Robert E. Lee.

align=”right” For Americans have a shared history. We are bound up with each other. For better and for worse, our past and our future are intertwined, inextricably. 

America is the golden chalice for which people worldwide reach, often at great peril. But something’s obviously broken, and we need to study the situation and see where we went wrong, Trump told us. That includes all of us as individuals, for a government can do only so much. “My administration is restoring the sacred bonds of loyalty between this nation and its citizens, but our citizens must also restore the bonds of trust and loyalty between one another,” he said.

What President Trump said in his first, very emotional statement about Charlottesville can’t be improved upon. Nevertheless, the screaming media jackals demanded more. So accustomed have they become to the anodyne, formulaic responses of the mass of politicians, that when they’re offered something different and profound, they’re incapable of understanding it.

But ordinary people heard and understood what President Trump said on August 12, when he was speaking to them. When he spoke of Charlottesville again, on August 15, he was speaking to the media. You wanted names, he said, here you are. Now go fuck yourselves.

He could not and did not recant anything, for to go against conscience was neither right nor safe. There he stood, he could do no other. May God bless President Trump.


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26 responses to “Why I Wouldn’t Change a Word of Trump’s Statement”

  1. Fake Nationalists VS Real Nationalist

    Dear Americans “Pay Very Very Close Attention to the Term “White Nationalist”

    And ask yourself… “What exactly IS a White Nationalist?”

    Obviously, it is a white person who is also a Nationalist. Absolutely NOTHING wrong with either one. President Trump himself, is a White Nationalist. As are a huge percentage of his supporters.

    But what the media is busy doing, is using the term “White Supremacist” and “White Nationalist” in the very same newscasts, interchangeably. Most people I know haven’t caught onto to this very DELIBERATE technique of brainwashing.

    I, myself, am a “White Nationalist”. But am I a “White Supremacist? Not even close.

    But the media wants all of the brain numbed lemmings to associate anyone who is white, and a Nationalist, with the KKK, or White Supremacists. When the two have NOTHING to do with each other.

    A White Nationalist, is simply a white person who believes in putting America (in this case) FIRST. There are plenty of Russian “White Nationalists” too, only they believe in putting Russia FIRST. It by NO means indicates that they are some kind of White Supremacist, or any other assorted racist bigot.

    Nationalists are the blood enemy of the Globalist NWO. So naturally, their minions, the Talking Whores in the Mainstream Media, are using this power of association to brainwash the gullible (of which there are MILLIONS) into equating White Nationalists with White Supremacists.

    You can be sure that any march or rally of Nationalists, will include Soros funded shills and provocateurs, posing as White Supremacists, as was the case in Virginia.

    These people are used to continue making conservatives (and NWO aware people), stay at home and stay in the closet, so to speak.

    The reason that the Right does not organize the way the Left does, is because the Left have become masters of demonizing the Right, into submission.

    And that is EXACTLY what you’re see going on right now, with the media’s use of the term “White Nationalist”. Their goal is to SHAME Trump supporters. And I’ve heard that exact word used by many of the Talking Whores in the media today.

    SHAME on you “White nationalists”, even though there is NOTHING “shameful” about being White, or a Nationalist.

    But the globalists want to associate Trump supporters with Supremacists, and paint them as “racists”. Trying (like Hillary did) to shame the “deplorables”, by mischaracterizing them.”

    ~Feel free to share….(Thnx to Harold for this)

  2. “It started with the decision to tear down the statue of General Robert E. Lee.” Exactly! Thank you!

    One issue missing from all this Charlottesville coverage
    is that Antifa promised to desecrate Confederate graves and monuments at
    Gettysburg National Park and Cemetery this past July 3-4. The state of
    Pennsylvania took the threat seriously, It got some news
    coverage, and huge, enraged comment threads at PJM, and Breitbart.

    At the time, I knew there are no confederate graves
    (identifiable remains were removed by the 1870’s) at Gettysburg, and thought it
    was Antifa gaging reaction, for a plan to desecrate graves elsewhere, not in a
    National Park and Cemetery, or a way for whoever is behind Antifa to assess a
    new tactical strategy, since masked violence in Berkeley had backfired.

    Monuments from both sides of America’s Civil War enabled
    both sides to heal, to re-unite the Union, in a UNITED States of America. The
    process took decades. One key moment was when President William McKinley sought
    national healing, a gesture of reconciliation, and a symbol of national
    unification with his speech at the Atlanta Peace Jubilee on December 14, 1898,
    to remind us that a UNITED States of America “will never lack defenders”, that
    our “differences were long ago settled”. He made a commitment to
    protect Confederate grave sites from vandalism. His speech is almost impossible
    to find online:

    POTUS Pershing tweet today is about ending this call to destroy monuments. Pershing’s statue in Pershing Square looks onto Arlington National Cemetery, and Arlington House, the Robert E. Lee Memorial.

    Media missing the point, and wait for the left to label Pershing Islamophobe, evil colonialist.


    “…Interesting as well is the fact that Pershing Park
    stands in perfect alignment with the angle of Arlington Memorial Bridge,
    directly connecting this memorial park with Arlington National Cemetery

    two miles to the southwest and the final resting place of
    General Pershing.”


    [Which leads us back to Robert E. Lee]


    “Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial”


  3. 1. Nazis and White Supremacists certainly participated in Riots during the Obama administration, and far worse. Or have you sent the name Bundy down your own personal memory hole?

    2.Trump is openly siding with the Nazis, calling them good people–you may claim that the said the good people were the rightwing lunatics who weren’t Nazis, but anyone who didn’t actively condemn & oppose people marching through the streets carrying Nazi flags and flags of treason screaming out “Jews are the sons of Satan” is a Nazi.

    • Where did he openly side with the Nazis? Did you forget that there were Antifa protestors there with clubs and in full riot gear? Funny how the truth doesn’t fit your narrative!

    • It would really improve your credibility (and demonstrate an actual ability to think independently) if you did not simply parrot the terribly biased coverage of the media on these issues.

      No, Trump did not “open side with the Nazis”. No, Trump did not “call the Nazis good people”. No, the vast majority of individuals who don’t self-identify as Liberal/Progressive are not “rightwing lunatics”.

      And finally, no, there is no Language Litmus Tests for Nazis….nor is everyone who did not “actively condemn/oppose” these self-identified Charlottesville Nazis, a Nazi.

      Or perhaps we should approach this litmus test question from a different direction… how often do we have to condemn Nazis to avoid being labeled one? How vociferously should we condemn them to avoid being labeled one? What language should we specifically use? Is an annual condemnation rate sufficient? Or should we make that monthly or weekly…maybe even hourly? Lots of possibilities!

      And how do we know that the condemnation is real…and not just lip service? Lots of Nazis (particularly when facing someone with a baseball bat) would willingly condemn Nazis. I’m not sure a simple condemnation is sufficient.

      Wait a minute! Now that you have sensitized me to this “Nazi Condemnation Litmus Test” issue, I seriously question your own sincerity. As I read what you wrote I didn’t see any condemnation of Nazi’s coming from you….only accusations that other people are Nazis. Why haven’t you condemned them? Is there something you’re not telling us?

      • Yes Ester very well written!! Awesome job Mr. President Trump!!!

  4. Thank you Ms. Goldberg! The way our president has been treated by the press, the Dims, and his other enemies has had me upset! As I watched the tragedy unfold in Barcelona, it struck me that we have not had many episodes of Islamic terror here in the USA since the election. Unemployment is down for all race categories. Graduates are finding jobs! Illegal immigration has declined. This event in Virginia is a great shame for all of those involved!

  5. Business leaders are abandoning the President in droves and Esther Goldberg wouldn’t change a word of Trump’s statement.
    David Duke praises the President for his statement and Esther Goldberg wouldn’t change a word.
    You’re a deep thinker, Ms. Goldberg.

    • And you are what? A deep thinker? I think not, you are the perfect example of “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” DJT was absolutely correct and will never be accepted by the MSM and the Bolsheviks like you!

    • NOW business leaders are moral exemplars. Is there Donald Trump can’t do?

    • Business leaders (being very profit-oriented tools) are abandoning the Business Councils for fear of bad publicity and obviously the cloud of bad publicity surrounding Trump’s comments is idiotically immense. No one ever said courage was a prerequisite for a CEO.

      But the media cloud is idiotically immense because no one actually pays attention to what he actually said; they only pay attention to what they hear from the Talking Heads who dominate the airwaves. What he said (as Goldberg notes) was not only exceedingly reasonable, it was right. What, for instance, would you change?

      As for David Duke’s endorsement — who really cares? Adolph Hitler loved dogs. So do millions of Americans; so do I (so might you, I suspect). Should we all switch to cats? Should we all switch to cats if called out by someone, “Hey, Gary, Hitler liked Dogs too!! Are you sure you don’t want to change something there bud?”

      You wanna be called a “deep thinker” for not switching?

      • Business leaders have seldom taken a stand when the media is on the other side. They are basically cowards, more concerned for themselves, than anyone, even their country.

        If they were working for our country and could do some good, but quit because they think Trump’s words were crude or crass, they deserve heaps of ridicule for being quitters.

        When their country needed them, they deserted.

  6. As much as I hate to admit it the left, with the loyal help if MSM and the united leftist politicians, has managed to control the news and not only ignite the media but the RINO/establishment is now sheepish and afraid t to speak the truth .. . . thy have successfully created the mob mentality they desired !

  7. Nicely done.

    The thing about President Trump that you can count on is that he can’t be bullied. And because he’s a past-present and future American he knows the instinct and heart of its people.

  8. Well said Esther. A great piece, hits it on the head.

  9. If I listened to what the media said that Trump said, I would be upset.

    However, I heard his original words when he spoke them. And what the media claims to have heard is not what I heard.

    Perhaps the media should redeem its reporting by using quotes, so that we will all agree on what was said and what was meant.

    • Excellent point, but of course the media won’t because to do so would expose them for the slanderous liars they are.

  10. The Daily Stormer: “He said he loves us all…. No condemnation at all. Really, really good. God bless him.”