Last Chance for France

This most unique society, which evolved gradually over millennia, with each successive generation safeguarding and conveying to future generations the distinctive patrimony of its peoplehood, is now in danger of being inundated in the tidal wave of a hostile, alien culture, which has no intention whatsoever to assimilate to the nation of France. The frightful reality is that this hostile and alien culture seeks to replace the culture of France.

The time for sticking one’s head in the sand is over. The time for rationalizations and comforting bromides is over. The time for wishful thinking is over. The time for liberal guilt trips is over. The French people can no longer afford the luxury of such sanctimonious virtue signaling parlor games.

France, somewhat like America, has always been an immigrant welcoming country. The success of its model has been predicated on assimilation, that immigrants to France have—until recently—wanted to become French citizens in every way. This accounts for the fact that many of today’s French can trace their lineage back to every country in Europe and nearly every country on earth.

What changed? Over the last half-century and accelerating over recent decades, migration to France has shifted, originating from societies which are intrinsically unable or unwilling to assimilate, not just to French society, but to any foreign society. The plain reality for all to see is that France and other European countries are pock marked with alien enclaves within their own national borders. This is in fact not immigration in the traditional sense. It’s a new form of colonization. Not colonization by conquest. It is colonization by mass migration.

align=”left” France, somewhat like America, has always been an immigrant welcoming country. The success of its model has been predicated on assimilation, that immigrants to France have—until recently—wanted to become French citizens in every way.

These areas are largely off limits to the native population. It’s just not a good idea to go there and the locals know it. Police and EMT access these no go zones when they need to, but even they are not safe, as we have seen recently in Sweden.

Throughout most of the post-war years, France was one of the safest, most agreeable places on earth. The French are a sociable, cosmopolitan, gregarious, argumentative, imaginative, and enterprising people known for their exquisite tastes and refined craftsmanship in art, design, fashion and cuisine. But most of all for their ‘joie de vivre,’ a certain easy going appreciation for the little daily details of urban or country life—what they call ‘la vie quotidien.’ The sidewalk cafe is emblematic of their friendly, communal lifestyle. They are also a generous, open society, with an all inclusive social safety net.

Do the French want to keep their unique national character? Do they want to preserve their language, culture, heritage, historical architecture, art, identity, traditions, lifestyle, legal systems and national cohesion?  Do they want to preserve and continue ‘la joie de vivre?’ The coming elections will decisively answer these questions.

Already France has been hideously transformed into an armed camp, with its entire population on edge, wondering where the next terror attack will be, wondering if they, their friends, neighbors or family will be among the next victims of a bomb, an automatic weapon, a rampaging truck or a knife wielding obscurantist fanatic. No place is safe. Not a cafe, street, shop, restaurant, theater, railway station, airport, train, bus, church, school or park. By the time the police respond the stunned victims are already dead or dying. The City of Light has been transformed into the punctuated illuminations of police vans and emergency vehicles.

Which is why the French people know this is their last chance.

The globalist elite, the multinationals, the political and financial Establishment who profit from the status quo, the Eurotopians, big corporate media and their lackeys in the press are desperately trying to discredit Marine LePen as a dangerous extremist. But, the French people know all too well who the dangerous extremists really are.

The open borders, mass migration, multicultural social engineering experiment has failed. It was resolutely rejected by the American people last November, when they elected Donald Trump. On Sunday and in their second round of voting, the French people will decide whether they want to continue down the same well-worn path dictated by the Euro elite, with the same bleak, predictable outcome or whether they are daring enough to travel a new and hopeful road.


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6 responses to “Last Chance for France”

  1. Inasmuch as Mme Le Pen gained less than 22% of the votes in the first round, I think we know the answer to the question Do the French people want France to survive? It is No.

    I used to suppose that in the disastrous period of Western foreign policy 1919-1940, when the Establishment and half the population in the then nominal superpowers France and Britain clung like crazy to Pacifism, Appeasement, Disarmament, the rationale (though deeply wrong-headed) was understandable. Everyone had been appalled by the Great War of 1914-18 and were hysterically frantic to avoid doing anything which could cause a recurrence (thereby causing a recurrence!).

    Now I begin to feel that something more than delusion, phobia, propaganda is behind this sort of perversity. When human beings become lemmings, is there not something Very DEEPLY wrong with them?

  2. For a disturbing perspective on what yet may be the collapse of France and/or the West as a whole, I would strongly recommend “Submission” by Houellebecq. Set in the near future, we witness the “not with a bang, but a whimper” surrender and the political mindset which welcomes it.

    Some have described this as satire; it is not. It is a horror story, draped in the mundane & the trivial (making it that much mroe disturbing).

    • It’s actually neither satire nor horror story, but a very very black comedy; brilliantly conceived and written!

  3. I can’t claim that I understand just what Marine LaPen’s views are, but it’s obvious that there are foreign enclaves within French territory which are inimical to France itself. It seems that France is more concerned with its traditional rivalry with Germany than with the danger within its own borders. One of the stronger arguments for the EU is that is it designed to keep Germany in line (apparently by making them support everyone else!). But it seems to have turned into a mess. We’ll see if the Brussel’s swamp is as difficult to clear as Washington DC one!