Is the Department of Homeland Security Submitting to Jihad?

After an extensive career as a scientist working and studying in the Middle East, Philip Haney decided to put his extensive expertise and experience with Arabic culture and language to use for the American government after 9/11 by becoming a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security. But as the years advanced, Haney noticed that all was not well in the department.

There was a decided inclination to misunderstand the nature of the so-called “war on terror” as a kind of police action rather than the work of looking after national security. Obama administration officials, especially, argued for extending protection of rights to foreign nationals that ought to have been understood to apply only to American citizens. In addition, a creeping kind of political correctness took hold of operations—with requests coming in from administration officials to scrub records unfavorable to certain groups and individuals with questionable ties to known terrorist organizations—making it increasingly difficult for agents to do their jobs properly.

Soon enough, Haney found himself on the wrong side of the political divide at DHS and then learned he was a target of no less than three bogus internal investigations. After having reached a point where he could retire with honor, he did so and then wrote See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad. In this book and in his subsequent work, Haney is working to inform Americans about the misguided strategies of DHS and other agencies within the government that are undermining national security and, in some cases, willfully misrepresenting the nature of the threats we face for reasons that the reader can surmise from the evidence he gathers.

On Monday, Seth Liebsohn and Chris Buskirk interviewed Haney on the “Seth and Chris Show” which airs weekdays in Phoenix from 3-6 p.m. on KKNT.  Their discussion is jaw-dropping. Have a listen here:

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3 responses to “Is the Department of Homeland Security Submitting to Jihad?”

  1. The knock on the CIA and State in days of yore was their “Arabism.” As Mr. Haney makes abundantly clear, they now are solidly pro-Islamist, hence the embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood. President Trump needs to designate the Brotherhood as the terrorist organization it is as soon as possible. How we got into this position is horrifying. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s opposition to the elimination of “Visa Express” in Riyadh as the World Trade Center rubble smoldered should have alerted us the Imperial City had been thoroughly corrupted.

    As others have pointed out repeatedly, the most jarring and insane post-9/11 statistic was Muslim immigration to the United States increased. Asked recently about President Trump’s travel ban, former President Bush said the United States needed to be more welcoming. President Obama couldn’t swing the borders open wider for Islamists, and to my knowledge prospective immigrants to this day aren’t asked about their views on jihad and sharia in large part due to his opposition.

    DHS, as Haney has revealed, suffers from this suicidal Orwellianism. As we begin to deconstruct the administrative state, let’s start with this and the other agencies (“services,” heh) that want to kill us.

  2. Roll over and expose your throat, after all Islam does mean submission.

  3. I would like to know if Mr. Haney has met with General Kelly, and if not, why not.