Gordon Chang on Why The Taiwan Call Is a Good Thing

indexChris and I were joined on our radio program Tuesday by Gordon Chang, author of The Coming Collapse of China and Nuclear Showdown:  North Korea Takes on the World to discuss the probable signals president-elect Donald Trump is sending in taking that now famous call from Taiwan’s President, Tsai Ing-wen.

Chang makes the case with us, and in his piece that appeared in the Daily Beast, that Trump appears to recognize America’s policy toward China—especially during the  last two administrations—has not been working and it is time, not merely for a reset, but for putting our relations with that nation on an entirely new footing. China’s increasingly hostile and bold manuevers with respect to the United States have been met with meek and reactive attempts to make nice and be cooperative while ignoring China’s aggressive posture. Trump’s refusal to be cowed and, to test China instead of waiting for them to test him, may be exactly the kind of first steps needed to stabilize East Asia.


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2 responses to “Gordon Chang on Why The Taiwan Call Is a Good Thing”

  1. President Donald Trump quite properly should speak with every world leader and bow to none. BTW: China has very little historic or ethnic claim to Taiwan which was Japanese prior to 1945 and politically separated from the mainland since 1948.

  2. Great conversation with G Chang; very interesting on the aging of China and how rapidly the population is declining. Equally as interesting is him pointing out India’s growth.
    India has great potential. China seems to have reached the peak.
    Thanks for the interview.