From 15 Days to Two Years

The date of March 16, 2020 isn’t just a day that will live in infamy—it marked the beginning of the largest crime against humanity since the last world war.

Ban Employer Vaccine Mandates

States are banning public entities from implementing vaccine mandates, but that doesn’t stop employers from requiring the vaccine for their own workforces.

Since When Are Nurses the Enemy?

The healthcare professionals have been warned not to discuss any of the mistreatments, nor of the crippling side effects of the vaccines: strokes, neurological disorders, seizures, heart attacks.

Courage Begets Courage 

If the American people stand up like the Canadian truckers and show that they stand for capitalism and freedom, others will follow.  

The Real Pandemic Is the Fascist Left

The majority of Americans have come to accept COVID is endemic, that it will be part of everyday life long into the future, and that it's time to get back to normal.

Time Is Running Out for the COVID Coverups

Joe Rogan and Spotify aren’t in trouble for spreading false information. They’re in trouble for embarrassing the media and government officials who themselves pushed false information. 

The Drugfather

Like Sollozzo in “The Godfather,” Anthony Fauci’s business is drugs. The NIAID boss bags royalties from drug manufacturers but doesn’t tell the patients who participate in his risky drug trials.

Out, Out, Damn Spotify! 

Are we individual thinkers or are we submitting to the group in order to affirm preconceived notions that have nothing to do with truth or, even, the search for it?

Keep On Truckin’

These pathetic attempts at J-6ing are not working with wide swaths of an increasingly international audience—though they maintain their hold in the echo chambers of Canadian official opinion.