Propaganda, Coronavirus-style

There is clearly too much information being pedaled that is put through an ideological prism, or is simply misleading, careless, or dysfunctional; and nobody is immune to it.

The Stress Pandemic

The main thrust of this war on COVID-19, closing the world economy, has produced a virus more dangerous than COVID-19. Could this unprecedented stress be classified as a pandemic? Of course.

The Boris Conspiracy

It seems the nutters are suffering with a bout of Boris Derangement Syndrome—an affliction the relentless symptoms of which Americans will find all too familiar.

The Tyranny of ‘Scientism’ and the Subversion of Science

Let’s not pretend we’re being guided by “science.” It’s tyranny disguised as the common good to rationalize authoritarian tactics employed by politicians like Phil Murphy and his like-minded colleagues. And too many Americans are falling for it, no questions asked.

We’ve Lost Our Damn Minds

Are we really—and shamefully—just going to slink down the path of complete subservience to bureaucrats and big tech, or are we going to stand up and say no?