The Great Reveal

In describing these days will future historians employ as metaphor a pressure cooker about to explode or sheep being led to slaughter?

Georgia On My Mind

The insistence on continuing the shutdown appears as much about spite and saving face as it is about actually following the science.

The COVID-19 Tragedy at the Nation’s Nursing Homes

Rather than focus on how to safeguard the most vulnerable among us, politicians have been preening for cable news cameras, blaming the president, halting the sale of vegetable seeds, and warning against small dinner parties in private homes. A tragedy, a failure, and a disgrace.

The Changes to Come

In a few months, everything will be largely back to what it was within the United States. The big changes will be geopolitical.

Our Virus Is a Violent Teacher

For a brief season in time, we glimpsed from the awful epidemic what was wheat and what was chaff, what was mahogany beneath and what a scrapped thin veneer above, who were the V8s and who the mere gaudy, tail fins—and how America ultimately got by and how it almost didn’t.

Recklessness and Caution in a Panic

The coronavirus turns out to be a virus, not the zombie apocalypse. It is disheartening that so many people had no bullshit detectors to slow down this panic, especially people in authority with the power to do so much damage.

The Deadly Costs of Extended Shutdown Orders

The focus on saving “just one life” from the coronavirus to the exclusion of all other considerations likely will prove a catastrophic failure of policymaking. The devastation to individuals’ ability to flourish or even survive may soon become irreversible.

While the Economy Goes Bust, Farm-to-Table Booms

For months during this pandemic, consumers who used to drive to the supermarket to buy prepackaged food have instead gotten food delivery literally from a farm to their table. People are getting hooked on direct food sourcing and eating healthier because of it.

2000 and 2020

The fact that we still have computers and civilization to lose would have come as a surprise to the more exuberant prophets of Y2K doom. But we do, and life will go on after this too.