Work & Life

Replacing ‘The Line’ 

The tyranny of the metric has led us to be alienated from the many connections and goods that truly make life worth living. 

A Bat Infestation in the Time of COVID-19

Upwards of 80 percent of homes have bats. If so, they mostly leave people alone, and we coexist without realizing we do. But peaceful coexistence falls apart when you’ve got one zipping over your head in your bedroom, like miniature dive-bombers launching a sneak attack.

Work in the Time of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic should have liberated workers from the old constraints of their workplaces. But many employers remain attached to their outmoded controlling ways.

Remembering the Farming Way

We need to pause sometimes and remember who these dinosaurs were and what they have contributed. For a while longer, a few are still with us, a sort of collective keyhole through which we can look back into a now unremembered American past, whose codes and mores we simply abandoned—and to our great and present loss.

Harvard Prefers White Women

The reason for Harvard’s discriminatory policy can be found in the “critical mass” argument the Left often deploys for greater racial quotas for blacks and Hispanics. But it is wrong to scapegoat these groups for a ceiling on Asian-Americans. No, the blame rests more on white women, who need their “critical mass” of white men as partners.