Work and Life

Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Big Tech and, in particular, social media is a huge player and a culprit in this effort at the annihilation of free will. But we can resist it.

America the Lonely and Rootless

A party and movement that could finally offer a platform that lets people raise children and put down roots where they live would dominate elections and change the country for the better. 

Healthy Soil, Healthy Body

Agriculture was never the problem—it is the solution. Farmers who practice regenerative agriculture are rebuilding organic matter and giving it new life. 

A Thanksgiving Worthy of the Meaning

Perhaps now, in the wake of the most contentious election in modern times and in the grips of the worst pandemic in a century, we can return to the foundations of this magnificent holiday.

Our Smaller, Hotter World

By collapsing the volume of the human world almost to zero in the space of just a few years, we have created a dense and highly reactive state unprecedented in the history of our species.

Lessons from Another World

Booker T. Washington believed that his work succeeded because it was in concord with immutable laws of human nature. But we now believe that there is no such thing as human nature.

Gratitude in Dark Times

Gratitude is a state of mind, and it encompasses an entirety of one’s being and existence. Our choice to be grateful is also a choice to recognize the hope and the possibility of being, especially during a seemingly endless darkness.