GOP Senators Introduce Bill to Revoke Funding From Schools Allowing Biological Males to Compete in Female Sports

Fox News reports, “a group of Republican senators is seeking to revoke federal funding from U.S schools U.S. that allow biological males to compete in women’s sports.”

Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler joined Utah Sen. Mike Lee, Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn, Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton, and Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford introduced on Tuesday, the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act would classify that type of participation as a violation of Title IX, the federal government’s statute barring sex discrimination in federally-funded schools.

“Title IX established a fair and equal chance for women and girls to compete, and sports should be no exception,” said Sen. Kelly Loeffler, R-Ga.,

“Permitting biological males to participate in women’s sports rejects the very spirit of Title IX, which was intended to create an equal playing field for women and girls,” Lankford said in a press release.  “This bill upholds and reiterates congressional intent and promotes actual equality for women and girls in sports by respecting the dignity of biological female athletes across the nation.”

Tuesday’s legislation follows a rising trend in biological men dominating events in women’s track and field. Loeffler pointed to a lawsuit that was filed in Connecticut after two biological men swept several events at the state track and field championships.

“Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, not gender identity,” Education Department spokesperson Liz Hill told the outlet. She maintained, however, that the department may investigate other complaints separate from bathrooms. “Where students, including transgender students, are penalized or harassed for failing to conform to sex-based stereotypes, that is sex discrimination prohibited by Title IX,” she reportedly said. “In the case of bathrooms, however, long-standing regulations provide that separating facilities on the basis of sex is not a form of discrimination prohibited by Title IX.”

Loeffler’s legislation received pushback from liberal activists. Zack Ford, press secretary at Alliance for Justice, described Loeffler’s bill as an attempt to mandate discrimination.


New Survey Shows Startling Lack of Holocaust Knowledge Among Young New Yorkers

A new survey questioning young voters in New York on their knowledge of the Holocaust revealed several staggering numbers, including how many young voters support neo-Nazi views or don’t believe certain elements of the Holocaust, as reported by the New York Post.

The poll, conducted by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (CJMCAG), was aimed at Millennials and Generation Z, the two youngest generations in America today. Among the most shocking numbers was the fact that 20 percent of this demographic in New York believe that Jews themselves caused the Holocaust.

Other numbers included are the fact that 58 percent of young voters can’t name a single concentration camp, while 60 percent did not know that the total number of Jews killed in the Holocaust was approximately 6 million. Another 34 percent believe that the number of people killed has been “greatly exaggerated,” and 62 percent said they have never visited a Holocaust museum in the United States. Lastly, 28 percent of the age demographic in New York consider it acceptable to hold “neo-Nazi” views, according to the survey.

Gideon Taylor, President of the CJMCAG, described the results as “both shocking and saddening,” and added that “they underscore why we must act now while Holocaust survivovrs are still with us to voice their stories.”

“We need to understand why we aren’t doing better in educating a younger generation about the Holocaust and the lessons of the past,” Taylor continued. “This needs to serve as a wake-up call to us all, and as a road map of where government officials need to act.”


Dozens of Activists at Cornell Demand an End to ‘Colorblind’ Admission Practices

A group of activists at Cornell University, consisting of students, faculty, and alumni, have published a letter demanding that the university abandon its “colorblind” approach to admissions and enact racial quotas instead, as reported by Fox News.

The letter was published on Monday, and declares that “every ‘colorblind’ event, mechanism, and process at the university – from new faculty orientations to selection of endowed positions – perpetuates racial disparities and reinforces an unjust status quo.” The letter, however, fails to give even a single example of any such alleged “disparities.”

One of the demands is that the number of black faculty be increased to 7 percent in 2025, and 10 percent in 2030. It also calls for an increase of overall “faculty of color” to 20 percent in 2025 and 25 percent in 2030.

In addition to the focus on faculty representation, the letter also demands that the university no longer consider SAT/ACT scores as criteria for undergraduate admission, claiming without evidence that standardized testing has a role “in exacerbating race/class disparities, especially given the racialized history of intelligence testing.”

The many racially-charged proposals in the letter represent the kind of race-based rhetoric and teachings that the Trump Administration is currently pushing back on, with the president banning the teaching of “Critical Race Theory” in all branches of the federal government, as well as threatening to defund any public schools that teach the New York Times-endorsed “1619 Project.”

US President Donald Trump pumps his fist as he boards Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland on June 11, 2020. - Trump is travelling to Dallas to host a roundtable with faith leaders and small business owners.

President Trump Threatens to Cut Funding for Public Schools that Teach 1619 Project

On Sunday, President Donald Trump took aim at public schools that currently teach the racist and anti-American “1619 Project” using taxpayer dollars, threatening to withdraw federal funds from such schools unless they drop the program, as reported by the Washington Free Beacon.

President Trump made the announcement on Sunday that the Department of Education is currently investigating which schools are actually teaching the curriculum, which essentially tries to rewrite American history and portray it as a fundamentally racist nation, allegedly built on the back of slavery and oppression. The project has been noted for numerous historical accuracies, eschewing facts in favor of a particular narrative portraying America as inherently flawed. If any schools are found to be teaching this as fact, then “they will not be funded.”

This announcement comes after President Trump issued a presidential memorandum officially banning the teaching of a similar idea, “Critical Race Theory,” in any branch of the federal government. Both the “1619 Project,” spearheaded by the New York Times last year, and “Critical Race Theory” focus on the idea that racism is systemic in all of society’s institutions, and that some groups such as White people have certain “privileges” that other races do not have, among other far-left race-based ideas.


Student Suspended After Teacher Sees Toy Gun During Online Class

A 12-year-old boy in Colorado with learning disabilities was suspended and the police were called to his home after he waved a toy gun across the screen during a virtual art class, according to Fox News

El Paso County Sheriff’s officers arrived at the family home and did a welfare check on Isiah Elliott without parental notification. The Sheriff’s Office said the teacher thought it was a toy gun but police still went ahead with the house call.

“It was really frightening and upsetting for me as a parent, especially as the parent of an African-American young man, especially given what’s going on in our country right now,” Curtis Elliott, Isaiah’s father, told KDVR.

Police said in a report that they advised Isaiah that if his behavior continued, he could “potentially face criminal charges for interference with staff, faculty, or students of educational institutions.”

Isaiah, who has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and has learning disabilities, wasn’t aware the gun was shown on screen during the virtual art class.  Isiah was left traumatized by the incident, his parents said.

“He was in tears when the cops came. He was just in tears. He was scared. We all were scared. I literally was scared for his life,” said Curtis Elliott.

“He was in tears when the cops came. He was just in tears. He was scared. We all were scared. I literally was scared for his life,” said Curtis Elliott.

“The virtual setting is not the same as the school setting,” the dad added. “He did not take the toy gun to school. He’s in the comfort of his own home. It’s a toy.”

The toy gun was neon green and black with an orange tip featuring the words on the handle: “Zombie Hunter.”

According to a Buzzfeed report, Elliott said that she had not seen the video because the school district has so far refused to release it to her. The mother told Buzzfeed she was unaware that the school had been recording the virtual classes without informing parents, and never would have consented if she had known. However authorities showed the family a video of the class from a recording from a police body camera.

The boy’s mother said the punishment didn’t fit the crime.



The nightmarish Biden-Harris ticket is the teachers’ unions’ “dream team.”

“You don’t just have a partner in the White House, you’ll have an NEA member in the White House.” Referring to his wife Jill, presidential hopeful Joe Biden uttered those words at the virtual National Education Association convention in early July. He also expressed dissatisfaction with charter schools and said he wanted to triple funding for Title I schools, higher pay for educators, universal pre-kindergarten, etc.—all music to the ears of the teacher union faithful.

But as we all know, if elected, Biden will not be president for long. The man is firmly entrenched on Senility Street, and his legendary gaffes have turned positively daft. When Biden—willingly or otherwise—steps aside, the reins would then be in the hands of Vice President Kamala Harris.

After Biden announced his choice of running mate, the National Education Association referred to the duo as the “Dream Team” and posted “6 reasons educators are excited about Kamala Harris.” It’s all the usual stuff—increasing K-12 funding, defaming current Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, asserting that “vouchers divert public school funding,” etc. Yup, all the gooey twaddle that does nothing at all for kids, but does get the NEA elite and their flock really excited.

More than anything, Harris has inserted herself as the Wizard of Ed, with all goodies flowing from the White House. The fact that federal programs like No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, and Head Start were all ridiculously expensive and accomplished little, if anything, seems to be if no interest to her.

Teacher salaries are a big issue for Harris. In 2019, she proclaimed that “the United States is facing a teacher pay crisis.” Her evidence? “Public school teachers earn 11 percent less than professionals with similar educations (sic).” Her solution is to give teachers across the country an average yearly $13,500 pay bump.

The low teacher pay fabrication has been exploded more times than Wile E. Coyote. Teachers do indeed make less than some other professionals, but there are valid reasons for that. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, teachers work on average 1,398 hours per year, whereas lawyers put in 2,036 hours per annum, almost 50 percent more time on the job. Dentists (1,998 hours per year) and accountants (2,074 hours per year) also work many more hours than teachers.

Additionally, salaries alone are not the whole story, as they don’t include the extraordinary perks that most teachers receive. When healthcare and pension packages are included, teachers are actually overpaid, according to a study by researchers Andrew Biggs and Jason Richwine. They found that workers who switch from non-teaching jobs to teaching jobs “receive a wage increase of roughly 9 percent, while teachers who change to non-teaching jobs see their wages decrease by approximately 3 percent.”

The cost of Harris’ teacher pay plan would be prohibitive. As Mike Antonucci points out, the raise would cost taxpayers about $42 billion a year. Not only that, but teacher pensions are typically based on average salary over a period of time. This will greatly stress already underfunded state pension systems.

When Harris was running as a presidential candidate, school desegregation was a key issue. While short on specifics, she did say that busing was an important component and wanted resources for it. But busing has never been popular or effective, except to racial bean counters whose agenda has no room for educational quality. Children can spend hours on a bus, gaining nothing academically by doing so.

To achieve greater integration and educational excellence, let’s get rid of the ZIP code-mandated government-run education system we have throughout most of the country. Since most neighborhoods are not well integrated, neither are the schools. But opening up a system of universal choice would allow parents to expand their education options. In fact, researcher Greg Forster reports that 10 empirical studies have examined private school choice programs’ effect on segregation, and nine found the programs reduced it, while one found no visible difference.

A recent American Federation for Children poll conducted by Beck Research, a Democratic polling firm, reveals that nationally 73 percent of Latinos and 67 percent of African-Americans back “the broad concept of school choice.”

Not surprisingly, Harris and her union friends are mum on these inconvenient facts.

Another idea from Harris that has the unionistas all atwitter is her calling for a federal ban on right-to-work laws, declaring, “I’d use my executive authority to make sure barriers are not in place to do the advocacy (unions) need to do.” Sounds as if, with the stroke of a pen she would try to knock out right-to-work laws for private-sector workers in 27 states, as well as similar protections for government workers in all 50 states courtesy of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Janus decision. Of course, right-to-work laws have nothing to do with “barriers.” Unions are still allowed to function, but forcing workers to pay dues is not legal.

Both Biden and Harris have said they would pick a teacher to be their secretary of education. Randi Weingarten, as a former teacher—albeit briefly—and union leader certainly fits their requirements. If that doesn’t frighten you, nothing will.

This article originally appeared at the California Policy Center.

Great America

Institutional Wokeness Is Destroying American Higher Education

With the possible exception of narrowly targeted investments in science and technology, it is long past time to defund American higher education of every single taxpayer dollar.

The English department at Rutgers University, the eighth-oldest university in America, recently went woke. In an email obtained by The College Fix, Rebecca Walkowitz, English department chair, announced to faculty, staff and students that the department would implement a set of “anti-racist” initiatives. Lest the gullible be led astray by such anodyne phraseology, these initiatives include “limit(ing) emphasis on grammar/sentence-level issues so as to not put students from multilingual, non-standard ‘academic’ English backgrounds at a disadvantage.”

A pedagogical insistence on proper English grammar and syntax, you see, is now racist.

Once upon a time, in those halcyon days before America’s Great Awokening, education was heralded as the best ticket to success. Generations of hardworking immigrants arrived on these shores from the farthest-flung reaches of the globe, toiling away in menial, minimum-wage jobs to provide their children a greater chance at success. They strived to assimilate into our culture and integrate into our politics. Learning the English language was — and still is — a necessary steppingstone.

Alas, the leading lights of Rutgers University would now hold that steppingstone to be a hallmark of insensitivity. What was and still ought to be universally lauded is now condemned as an outmoded bigotry.

The Walkowitz missive represents yet another pawn in our roiling society-wide chess match between the Americanists, preservers of the American regime who rightly prize assimilation as necessary for a functioning body politic, and the civilizational arsonists, who espouse an anti-American, multiculturalist vision of intersectionality. The Rutgers English department rejects “e pluribus unum,” America’s traditional motto of unity, preferring instead to stoke the flames of divisiveness. Worse yet, those Rutgers feigns to help are the very ones who will be most hurt; their odds of assimilating, and therefore building distinctly American lives, will be most hindered.

Shortly before the Rutgers kerfuffle, it was Princeton University—a leading Ivy League light less than 20 miles to Rutgers’ southwest—that offered its own sacrifice at the pagan altar of wokeness. On Independence Day, hundreds of Princeton faculty members co-signed a disgraceful letter to Princeton University President Christopher Eisgruber. That letter, echoing the worst of The New York Times‘ mendacious “1619 Project,” baldly asserted that “anti-Blackness is foundational to America.” The letter includes its own overtly racist elements, such as rewarding certain faculty members with extra privileges and perks based on nothing more than their melanin levels.

Princeton classics professor Joshua Katz dissented, penning a public “declaration of independence” four days later on Quillette. For his thoughtful, nuanced rejection of our harrowing new dogma, Katz was denounced in the public square, excoriated by Eisgruber, smeared as “abhorrent” on his own department’s website, publicly threatened with an investigation by a Princeton administration spokesperson and very nearly “canceled.”

Welcome to the world of American higher education in the year 2020, where up is down, left is right, good is bad, and right is wrong. William F. Buckley Jr.’s 1951 book, “God and Man at Yale,” famously painted a portrait of an elitist, parochial academe at war with America itself. Buckley could not have possibly imagined just how bad the situation would be a full seven decades later. U.S. taxpayers are on the hook—via subsidized student loans, over $1 trillion in student loan debt, calamitously spiked tuition, exacerbated administrator-to-faculty ratios, the hiring of ever-more diversitycrats and the intellectual poisoning of each new generation—for the very rope to hang ourselves.

Let’s be clear about this: We the people, one subsidized student loan and one gender-studies major at a time, are actively complicit in destroying the United States of America. The propagation of a noxious myth about college as an indispensable rite of passage has now come full circle to bite us in the derriere. Each generation that emerges from the smoldering ashes of the once-noble academy is further indoctrinated in insufferable anti-American, anti-Western, self-renouncing claptrap. There is nothing noble about bamboozling, on the taxpayer dime, impressionable teenagers into indebting themselves to major in unemployable “academic disciplines” nonetheless feted by the woke as cutting-edge scholarship.

How long a society can perdure while its educational apparatus is oriented toward churning out heavily indebted pompous ignoramuses is anyone’s guess. But we should not wait to find out. With the possible exception of narrowly targeted investments in science and technology, it is long past time to defund American higher education of every single taxpayer dollar.



K-12 History Books Will Start Capitalizing ‘Black in Reference to African-Americans

McGraw Hill, one of the country’s leading publishers of history textbooks for students in the K-12 range, is planning to republish all of their books with “black” capitalized in reference to the race, according to CNN.

The announcement was made by Albert Broussard, a history professor for Texas A&M University and one of McGraw Hill’s history textbook writers, who says that “I personally would like to see it capitalized because I think African-American and black are used interchangeably by most people in the population.” He further attempted to justify his radical decision by claiming that “if you start children out thinking about black or White or any group that way, that’s how they will think about them for the rest of their lives.”

Although the final decision will be left up to McGraw Hill’s team of internal staffers, the company recently released a statement saying that they are “strongly considering” accepting the change. Cengage, another company specializing in the publication of K-12 history textbooks, has already decided to capitalize black.

The seemingly slight detail change is part of a larger effort by the far-left Black Lives Matter group to push for a greater emphasis on black people in their focus on so-called “systemic racism.” The Associated Press recently made a similar announcement in their decision to capitalize black, while at the same time, in a racist double-standard, explicitly refusing to capitalize White.


Students in Virginia County Mandated to Learn About Slavery in Kindergarten

Students in one Virginia County are being ordered to learn about slavery and so-called “institutional racism” as early as kindergarten, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Loudoun County, Virginia, located just outside Washington D.C., is mandating that “social justice” be made a permanent part of the curriculum in all public schools in the county. To do so, county education officials are seeking input from the far-left hate group known as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

“Long before we teach algebra, we teach its component parts,” read a statement announcing the new curriculum. “We should structure history instruction the same way.” It also stated that “sugarcoating or ignoring slavery until later grades makes students more upset by, or even resistant to, true stories about American history,” thus falsely claiming that “institutional racism” is real.

One Loudoun County teacher who spoke anonymously on the subject expressed their opposition to the change, noting that the history of slavery was already taught to students in the fourth grade. By moving it to the lowest possible grade level, the teacher said, “what they’re really trying to do is divide people as early as they can…they’re really going to be inciting hate.”

The Manhattan Institute’s Max Eden, an education policy expert, directly blamed the New York Times’ radical “1619 project” for the decision by the county. “What the real goal of this is,” Eden explained, “is to try to get the left-wing, Nikole Hannah-Jones, SPLC meta-political narrative into kids’ heads as soon as possible.”



Ohio School Denies Threatening to Suspend Students for Flying pro-Trump Flags

Students from the National FFA Organization (Future Farmers of America) at Coldwater High School in Ohio were informed they could not fly Trump flags on their tractors on school grounds. The school has since denied ever threatening the students with suspension should they disobey that order, The Hill reports.

Once a year the FFA kids are allowed to drive their tractors in a parade on school grounds. Prior to the morning parade school leaders were informed in advance that some of the students intended to fly Trump flags on their tractors.

The school district released a statement for participating FFA students, notifying that “once their tractors were on school grounds, as part of the FFA event they were to remove these political decorations,” according to a post on Facebook. The school district’s policy does not allow speech in favor of or against candidates, parties or issues.

“Students in the parade complied with the orders from Coldwater High School, flying their Trump flags for as long as they could before reaching school property, where the flags were willingly removed,” reports The Hill. The kids were also invited to parade at a local tractor dealership.

A video posted by Craig Lefeld, a manager at Kenn-Feld Group in Coldwater shows the parade, with students outside of school grounds, flying their Trump banners along the way.

“The school administration told them they were not allowed to drive their tractors into school with Trump flags on them or they would be suspended and ban all future FFA activities,” said Lefeld, who invited FFA students to begin the parade at a local tractor dealership.

“Just a group of kids standing up for what they believe in,” Lefeld said in the video.

The high school’s Facebook page affirms that “no students were told they would be suspended or that any activities would be canceled in relation to this,” denying Lefeld’s claims. However, published text messages, purportedly from school administrators, that contradict the district’s statement.

“Please remove any political flags, signs, etc. before parking at the school. If you would like to talk to me about this and the possible consequences if you don’t follow this request, please give me a call tonight,” the text message read.

And ended with “I don’t want the FFA program to suffer for years to come because of one event,” the message read.


Parents Sue School District for Allowing Student Gender Identity Switch Without Parental Notice

Breitbart reports, a group of parents in Madison, Wisconsin is suing the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD), claiming it violated their parental rights by implementing a policy allowing children to change their name and gender identity without parental notice or consent.

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) filed the lawsuit in Dane County Circuit Court on behalf of the parents on Tuesday.

The lawsuit alleges that the school policy, issued in April 2018, directs teachers and staff to “conceal and even deceive parents about the gender identity their son or daughter has adopted at school.”

The MMSD policy, titled “Guidance & Policies to Support Transgender, Non-binary & Gender-Expansive Students,” contains content and information provided by LGBTQ+ rights activist group GLSEN.

On Page 9 of the policy document, the school district instructs about “Confidentiality”:

“The district shall ensure that all personally identifiable and medical information relating to transgender, nonbinary, and gender-expansive students shall be kept confidential in accordance with applicable state, local, and federal privacy laws. School staff shall not disclose any information that may reveal a student’s gender identity to others, including parents or guardians and other school staff, unless legally required to do so or unless the student has authorized such disclosure.”

“Transgender, non-binary, and gender-expansive students have the right to discuss and express their gender identity and expression openly and to decide when, with whom, and how much to share private information. If a student chooses to use a different name, to transition at school, or to disclose their gender identity to staff or other students, this does not authorize school staff to disclose a student’s personally identifiable or medical information.”

On Page 16, the policy states:

Students identified as transgender, non-binary, and gender-expansive may have not come out to their families regarding their gender identity.

Disclosing a student’s personal information such as gender identity or sexual orientation can pose imminent safety risks, such as losing family support and housing.

  • All staff correspondence and communication to families in regard to students shall reflect the name and gender documented in Infinite Campus unless the student has specifically given permission to do otherwise. (This might involve using the student’s affirmed name and pronouns in the school setting, and their legal name and pronouns with family).

  • In the event that a student insists on maintaining privacy from their family, student services staff shall discuss with the student contingency plans in the event that their privacy is compromised.

“Madison schools have adopted policies that violate constitutionally recognized parental rights,” said WILL President and General Counsel Rick Esenberg. “A public school district should not, and cannot, make decisions reserved for parents.”


Harvard Students Sue Over School’s Ties to Prisons

According to CNN, five Harvard University students filed a lawsuit Wednesday to force the Ivy League school officials to withdraw its investment funds from companies that profit from the prison industry – what they call the “prison-industrial complex.”

The students are accusing the university’s president, a senior fellow of Harvard Corporation, and Harvard’s endowment manager, Harvard Management Company (HMC) of a “violation of fiduciary duty and breach of the Harvard charter.” The students call on the university to withdraw its $40 billion investment in prisons and companies that profit from them and accuses the school of falsely claiming it aims to remedy the harmful legacy of slavery while reaping financial benefits from the prison system, NBC reports.

“Instead of helping to dismantle the entanglement of profiteering, government interests, and the system of human caging, Harvard makes profit off of it,” the lawsuit, filed in the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court for Suffolk County, states. “That money funds the opulent lifestyles of Harvard’s top administrators who are prison profiteers.”

Harvard uses its endowment to “help ensure Harvard University has the financial resources to confidently maintain and expand its leadership in education and research for future generations,” according to HMC’s website.

The Harvard Prison Divestment Campaign (HPDC) has argued that the university has at least $3 million invested in the “prison-industrial complex,” which it says goes beyond private prison operators like GEO Group and CoreCivic, to include companies that are not exclusively involved in the prison system, CNN reports.

A separate group of seven students unsuccessfully filed a similar lawsuit in 2014 to force the school to divest from the fossil fuel industry, which was dismissed in court, with a judge writing they failed to demonstrate “that they have been accorded a personal right in the management or administration of Harvard’s endowment that is individual to them or distinct from the student body or public at large.”

However the five plaintiffs in the new case may be more successful by citing the fact that they have all donated to Harvard in the past year. “Our standing now is based on the premise that we’re donors to the university,” Xitlalli Alvarez, a plaintiff and a doctoral student in anthropology, told NBC News. “This is one way to hold Harvard’s feet to the fire.”


Georgetown Library Bans ‘Offensive’ Books

Georgetown University officials removed and banned “all but a few books” from the McCarthy and Reynolds libraries that students have deemed “offensive,” Breitbart reports.

According to a report by the College Fix, Georgetown University officials have removed hundreds of books from campus libraries after students argued that they were riddled with bigotry and the extremely vulnerable students found them unacceptable and offensive.

Student Alexandra Bowman said she noticed a book “prominently featured a Native American on its cover” and therefore she complained to the administration. Shortly thereafter, Georgetown’s Reynolds and McCarthy libraries were almost cleared out.

“While some were simply raucous crime noir murder mysteries representative of the literary and cultural time in which they were written, other books included extremely problematic and damaging elements, including the glamorization of rape, including that of underage girls,” Bowman said in a short comment. “Completely naked women of all races were frequently featured on these books’ covers. Further, many books fetishized young nonwhite women.”

“Upon looking further at the collection of books in the library, we noticed other serialized books, most published in the mid-20th century, with similar pornographic, racially derogatory themes,” Bowman wrote during correspondence with The Hoya a Georgetown student newspaper. “Ultimately, the removal of the books was what we expected to come as a result of our inquiry.”

The Georgetown Review, an independent student newspaper associated with Georgetown University, also contributed to the university’s decision to remove the books from the library. After hearing of Bowman’s complaint, the newspaper published a report detailing the most offensive books in the two campus libraries. Some of the books featured sexually provocative cover pictures. The seemingly innocuous book included in the report was Legion, William Peter Blatty’s sequel to The Exorcist was included in the list.

“But upon first encountering the books, we documented nearly forty of the most problematic ones, predicting they would clear the library when questioned.  Keep in mind, except for one book (the last in the series pictured at the end of this article—Death of an Informer), the offensive content was surmised from just the books’ front and back covers.”

Novels by Don Tracy, Carter Brown, Nick Carter and the writing duo Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy are on the Review‘s offensive list, as well as a novel by the late English writer Kingsley Amis. They often include seductive women, foreigners or both.

A Georgetown spokesperson said the decision to remove the books was made out of concern for the sensitivity of the university’s students and staff.

The university “led an investigation into the content of both libraries’ collections” following outreach from the crack research team at the Hilltop and Review. The Residential Life team removed books whose “titles, topics, and images … raised concerns for students and staff,” the spokesperson said.

The student newspaper Hoya was worried how readers might react to a story about offensive books. It put a trigger warning at the top of the story for “racist and sexist content” and offered contacts for campus health and counseling services at the bottom.


Indiana Professor Suspended for Calling Police on Disruptive Black Student

A professor at Indiana’s Ball State University was suspended for the remainder of the academic semester after he called the police to his classroom to remove a disruptive black student, ABC News reports.

Professor Shaheen Borna, who teaches marketing, reportedly asked the student, Sultan Benson, to move to another seat after displaying disruptive behavior. When Benson refused to move, Borna called the police, and Benson left the classroom after two officers arrived.

Benson claimed without evidence that he was singled out for his race, and added, again without proof, that he “feared for his safety” at the sight of the police officers. Following Borna’s suspension, Benson said that the punishment was “just the bare minimum,” and demanded “justice.”

However, many faculty members at the university expressed their support for Borna and his actions, with 30 of them writing a letter to the university’s student newspaper, The Daily News, explaining that Borna’s actions were justified by the “Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities, Appendix Q,” which deals with “Responding to Disruption in the Academic Setting.” According to this clause, a professor has the right to ask that a disruptive student leave the classroom, and if they refuse to leave, then the next required step is to call the university police.


Vassar College Workshop: ‘All White People Are Racist’

Students that attended a recent workshop at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York, were reportedly told that “all white people are racist,” Breitbart reports.

According to a report by The College Fix, The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond’s “Undoing Racism” workshop, hosted on various college campuses and other community locations across the nation, works to end systemic racism and institutional oppression, teaching students that racism is woven into the fabric of American society.

One way it does that is by telling attendees “all white people are racist.”

An op-ed in Vassar College’s student newspaper states that during an Undoing Racism workshop there during the fall 2019 semester, instructors made that statement and highlighted specific ways in which they believe American society is racist.

“We looked into each other’s souls as we discussed hardships and shared truths. For some spotting racism is easy, while for others it comes to light that racism is not always this blatant use of the n-word or making someone sit in the back of the bus. It’s oppression. It’s a lack of opportunities. Racism is thinking you are being progressive by allowing a Black child into your predominantly white school, but not wanting your white child to attend a predominantly Black school.”

“Interestingly, the instructors did not focus on the possibility of dismantling race in an attempt to establish equality. PISAB defines racism as “racial prejudice + power.” With this in mind, there were no interjections when the instructors stated, “All white people are racist.”

“Sitting in this imperfect circle, each participant motionless in their seats, the words reverberate around the room. Can this controversial statement initiate the beginning of change?”

“Undoing Racism” workshops have been taking place on American college campuses since 2010. Organizers of the workshop claim that their program is not a workshop on racism but rather a “social movement” that teaches students how to analyze the “structures of power and privilege that hinder social equity.”


New Jersey Schools Set to Teach Holocaust ‘LGBTQ History’ Lessons

The New Jersey public school system is beginning to implement statewide curriculum that includes “LGBTQ history” courses, which will include the treatment of homosexuals during the Holocaust, according to the Daily Caller.

After Governor Phil Murphy (D-N.J.) signed legislation into law last year “requiring all public schools to include LGBTQ lessons in middle school and high school lesson plans,” making it the fourth state in the country to require such curriculum, along with California, Colorado, and Illinois.

One of the lessons included in the curriculum focuses on the persecution of gays in the Holocaust, who were forced to wear pink triangles during their imprisonment in the concentration camps. The primary force behind the legislation, a group called Garden State Equality, issued a statement through spokesman Jon Oliveria declaring that “LGBT history is part of American history. To tell our students anything other than that would be fictional.”

The curriculum has faced some pushback from conservative groups such as the Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey. FPANJ Director Shawn Hyland declared that “this curriculum violates and conflicts with the religious and moral beliefs of millions of New Jerseyans regarding human sexuality…The public school classroom is no place for the indoctrination of sexual ideology.”


Minnesota ‘Teacher of the Year’ Kneels During College Football Championship’s Anthem

At the college football championship game, the 2019 “Teacher of the Year” from Minnesota was seen kneeling during the pre-game national anthem, ABC reports.

The teacher, Kelly Holstine, later explained her gesture in a tweet in which she expressed her support for Colin Kaepernick and the black nationalist movement known as Black Lives Matter. With a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr., she falsely claimed that some people in America are not free.

Holstine, an English teacher at Tokata Learning Center in Shakopee, had previously kneeled during in 2016 in support of the BLM movement, and hosted a TED Talk in which she claimed that teachers need to be “allies” for “all of the human beings who are being marginalized or oppressed.”

Holstine has also been critical of the Trump Administration. In April of last year, she was one of only two teachers in the country who skipped the national “Teachers of the Year” ceremony at the White House. In her statement explaining her absence then, she falsely accused the Trump Administration of being “filled with a lot of hate toward the LGBTQ community.” President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were also present at the championship game.


Tennessee Proposes Bill to Force Student Athletes to Play as Biological Gender

Tennessee lawmakers are proposing a bill that would require student athletes to play on the teams that represent their actual gender rather than their imagined one, ABC reports.

The bill is Tennessee House Bill 1572, and it was introduced by State Representative Bruce Griffey (R-Tenn.). The law would mandate that all public schools “ensure that student athletes participate in school-sanctioned sports based on the student’s biological sex as indicated on certificate issued at time of birth.” Failure to comply with the law would result in a fine of up to $10,000.

The bill is an effort to curb the rising trend of so-called “transgender” athletes, who believe they are the opposite gender, joining teams that are the opposite of their real gender. This has primarily resulted in men playing on women’s teams, which overwhelmingly results in the transgender athlete far surpassing the actual women on the team.

Representative Griffey released a statement on the matter, saying that “We are seeing more and more transgender athletes competing and posting victories in traditionally gendered sports competitions, and doing so to the detriment of girls and women biologically born female.”


Far-left ‘Workshop’ Encourages Teachers to Rewrite History of Thanksgiving

A “workshop” for school teachers was recently held in Washington D.C., for the purpose of convincing these teachers to start lecturing students about a more violent version of the original Thanksgiving, Time magazine reports.

The workshop, “Rethinking Thanksgiving in Your Classroom,” took place on November 9th, and was led by a far-left activist named Renee Gokey. Gokey told the teachers in attendance, without evidence, that the original Thanksgiving was celebrating the burning of a Pequot village and the killing of a Wampanoag leader’s son.

While schools have traditionally taught about the first Thanksgiving, in the year 1621, as a moment of peace between the Pilgrims and the Indians, some are seeking to indoctrinate students with anti-white and anti-American rhetoric by claiming that the Pilgrims were violent towards the native inhabitants.

Following the workshop, several teachers were convinced of this far-left narrative. Tonia Parker, a second-grade teacher from Alexandria, Virginia, said that she felt she had been “teaching a lot of misconceptions.” Fifth-grade teacher Kristine Jessup of Chantilly, Virginia, said that she now believes “it is my obligation as an educator to ensure that history does not get hidden.”


Tennessee Students Walk Out in Support of Teacher Fired for Using the N-Word

After a teacher in Tennessee was placed on administrative leave over an assignment concerning a racial slur, students showed their support for the teacher in a walk-out, as per Fox News.

The incident concerns an English teacher at Cane Ridge High School in Antioch, Tennessee, who issued an assignment regarding the play “Fences,” which is about “a black man struggling to provide for his family.” The assignment asked students to write an essay about the racial slur, including the questions “How is it a racist term,” and “how is it used?”

After the assignment was handed out, “some parents found [it] to be inappropriate for their children,” and their demands led to the school placing the teacher on leave. The leave ended on Thursday, but the teacher will still have to “undergo training by the school system’s Diversity and Equity team.”

Students subsequently showed their support through both the walkout and an online petition, with one student declaring that the teacher was “being persecuted for trying to prepare us for the real world.”