Woke Culture

The Talibwoke 

The monument-destroying American Left is much like that of the Taliban, and portends the same dangers.

The 13 Percent National Anthem?

If such openly and intentionally divisive actions as showcasing a race-based national anthem and bashing America every waking hour of every day continue, America’s divided house won’t stand.  

Gender Narcissism

Nothing remains cool forever: that’s the nature of cool. The pendulum never stops swinging. There will be blowback against the current gender mania.

Dear Girls: Give Up

The male takeover of female competition is only in its infancy. Let’s hope it doesn’t destroy a generation of America’s girls and young women.

Cancel Culture Isn’t So New

We have gone from English and psychology professors punishing their intractable inferiors to commissioners of professional sports and governors of liberal states punishing them.