Weekend Long Read

The Tortoise and the Hare of Modernity Reconsidered

Hares do not countenance irrational impediments such as "taboos." Their response to the tortoises who deploy them is a mixture of loathing, hysteria, and contempt. But as a wise man put it, “The madman is not the man who has lost his reason. The madman is the man who has lost everything except his reason.”

Human Capital:
A Horror Story

You never wanted your life to be like this. This is not how you imagined life to be at 35. You studied hard. You worked hard. You did all the right things. Said all the right things. Yet here you are being asked to give $5 for Zoe’s birthday cake in an open-plan office.

The YouTube Channel That Never Happened

The Southern Poverty Law Center and Media Matters called it a “hate site.” YouTube agreed and wiped out hundreds of videos with more than 300,000 subscribers and millions of views. Now Red Ice TV co-founder and co-host Lana Lokteff answers the charges, makes the case for freedom of unpopular speech, and reveals what it’s like to be “canceled” by Big Tech.

The Politics, Science, and Politicized Science of Climate Change

What if global warming, regardless of the cause, will not race catastrophically upwards? What if some warming, and somewhat more CO2 in the atmosphere, is mostly good for the planet and for humanity? What if extreme weather is not bound to become more extreme than ever? Even if anthropogenic CO2 emissions are driving the planet headlong into an apocalyptic nightmare, climate skeptics should be heard.

Keeping Our Covenants

The Constitution-as-covenant pushes us always to strive toward the “better angels of our nature,” to use Abraham Lincoln’s phrase. It pushes us to become the best version of ourselves and our government a continual reflection of that aspiration.

The Backward Logic of Cancel Culture Apologists

At one and the same time, cancel culture is imagined to be the harmless, spontaneous effect of virtuous citizens criticizing those who cross a line, and also a sweeping revolution that threatens to swallow up those destined for “irrelevance.”

The War on Common Sense

Faltering belief in common sense is behind the rejection of the Founders’ idea of America. More broadly, it is behind the astonishing rejection of Western civilization by its own people—a rejection that has reached what looks to be a civilization-ending crisis in Europe.

America, the Racist

For Howard Zinn, it was not a good thing to simply treat former slaves as men, to leave them free to run their own lives. For Zinn, the very real horrors of slavery were simply more fodder for his war against America and Western civilization.

Henry Fielding, a Man for This Season

"To speak out fairly and honestly, though mercy may appear more amiable in a magistrate, severity is a more wholesome virtue," wrote the great 18th-century English jurist and author of Tom Jones. He has much to teach Americans about criminal justice in the 21st-century. 

The Density Delusion

The unchallenged premise that lies at the heart of unaffordable housing in America is that there is no room for more suburbs. That detached homes in new suburbs are unhealthy for people and the planet. It simply isn't true.

America’s Homeless Industrial Complex

An alliance of special interests and government bureaucracies has acquired money and power by presiding over a problem that has only gotten worse, year after year. The worse the problem has gotten, the more money and power they have acquired. Creative solutions exist, and only await a critical mass of networked citizens and conscientious policymakers to insist on change.