The Swamp

The Medical Slave State

The medical state, usurping constitutional rights, is now a reality, poised to mutate and attack whatever realms serve the interests of the rich and powerful.

An Open Letter to the D.C. Right

You’ve shrugged off Obama’s culpability. And in doing so, you’ve set yourself against liberty and justice. The scales have fallen from my eyes, and the sight before me is a sorry thing indeed.

Layoffs Anyway?!

In a time of national crisis, the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts begged the government for a $25 million handout before ungraciously kicking its staff to the curb. This is reflective of D.C.’s culture, certainly. But it does not at all mirror the rest of America.

The Cowardice of Our Half-Trained Relativistic Elites

American elites have embraced a subjective view of reality. But their educations were incomplete: a true commitment to relativism requires one to abandon the prerogative to make universal claims to truth. But they can’t do that since it’s their ticket to power.

Artificial Unintelligence

When an artificial intelligence clearly fails, like a chatbot that starts making racist remarks or an autopilot that flies an aircraft into the ground, its designers shut it down. America’s 17 intelligence agencies are like that failed chatbot and autopilot.

Open Corruption

If there is not already a law against the Biden family’s self-dealing, there should be. It’s not unique, and the fact that it’s met with a shrug by many of our lawmakers suggests a much bigger problem in their attitude about public service.