The Republicans

Pedro Gonzalez on Tucker Carlson Tonight

A merican Greatness assistant editor Pedro Gonzalez joined Tucker Carlson to discuss his latest article, “Caudillismo or Weak Sister Conservatism?” Tucker & @emeriticus: Trump's Rising […]

Will Trumpism Endure in the GOP?

Will Republicans have a party that regresses back to the altar of soulless neoliberalism or will they endeavor to think deeply and be humble enough to chart a nobler course?

Trump for the Win

Barring another catastrophe on the scale of the coronavirus, this president will be reelected and be the only chief executive whose second term was more successful than his first.

Feeling Good Through Feeling Bad

Heroes, promise, opportunity, and greatness versus a round-the-clock obsession with racism and identity politics, climate hysteria, open borders, and higher taxes. Which is the more attractive?