The Republicans

Revenge of the Neocons

The conflict between neoconservatives and the Trump base sets up a major battle for which faction will control the Republican Party in the post-Trump era.

The Unwanted Ghost of Trump?

Bipartisanship is now a country-club Republican illusion, although one that Democrats periodically trot out when they want the Romneys, Murakowskis, Toomeys, etc. to vote with them.

It’s Time For Mitch To Go

If the GOP wants to win again, they’ll reject McConnell and find younger leadership that is ready to build a new party to serve the middle class, not the ruling class. 

Is It Time for NeverGOP?

Why exactly is it imperative to vote Republican? How exactly will Republicans stop the Left—and stop them from doing what, exactly?

MAGA Patriots Must Win the GOP Civil War

The grassroots need destroy RINOs in primary contests, support Republicans in general elections, and make sure establishment traitors cannot escape the specter of Trump for generations to come.

The Stupid Party Redux

The GOP offers the illusion of opposition and so represents the biggest obstacle toward a better future for Americans. Perhaps it’s time it all falls down.

Mr. Trump Goes to Washington

After years of being misled by the disconnected-from-history visions of both the Left and Right, we finally have someone in the lead who loves America and her ideals.

The Republican Retreat on Race

Republicans, please hire some people to teach you how to seize the race issue, not run from it. The Democrat position is flimsy; it’s rhetorical, not empirical.