The Republicans

Greg Abbott Is Cornered and Scared

The Texas governor will do whatever it takes to look after Number One—small business tech entrepreneurs at Gab, the Texas GOP, grassroots organizers, and Republican voters be damned. 

Turning Their Backs on Marjorie

Striking “moderate” poses in the present political climate is like trying to be a pacifist on a battlefield. Republicans need more backbone—like the Democrats.

Cheney’s Republican Party Is No More

Republicans are no longer interested in the drawn-out foreign wars and nation-building Cheney’s political patrimony would foist upon us. We are more interested in rebuilding our nation and economy.

Start By Boycotting The House

Today’s progressive Democratic Party has taken complete power over the whole federal government. Republicans need to hold them fully responsible for what they do. Here’s how.

Time to Fight

A party is what people say it is and the people who say what it is run and win primaries, show up at conventions, and run for precinct chair. No more whining. Time for work.