The Republicans

Paul Ryan’s Impotent Appeal

The Democrats, no less than the media, slobbered all over the former House speaker for his recent anti-Trump speech. But their love is strictly conditioned on Ryan remaining a pajama-boy conservative.

Who Represents Paycheck Americans?

What elite Republicans like Liz Cheney have failed to grasp is that Donald Trump didn’t realign the party. He tapped into something that had already happened and is now accelerating.

The Supine Loser Party

If conservatives and Republicans don’t exactly constitute “the stupid party,” then there are certainly grounds to call them something else.

Alex Mooney, the HINO?

The West Virginia Republican is a Golden Boy who still has an excellent shot at busting up the leftist social-democratic agenda.

The GOP’s Trump Solution

At some point, the former Republican establishment will have to familiarize itself with the consequences of being defeated by Donald Trump within its own party.