The Founding

The Scots and the Founders

Remembering the importance of alienable rights, so richly articulated by the Scottish Enlightenment, would help us better understand our unalienable rights.

The Project Is Launched

The ‘1619 Project’ is not just bad history, it is a danger to our national life, replacing the idea, goal, and reality of American unity with race-based obsessions.

Getting Right With the Founders

If blatant misinterpretations such as this are all that stand in the way of Claremont and the paleos making common cause, that should be easy enough to overcome.

Conservatives in Name Only

The term “CINO” may be just what we need to sort the wheat from the chaff in political philosophy in America, just as “RINO” helps us understand American party politics. 

What About the Founders?

According to some critics, American conservatives are confused about rights. Perhaps these critics are confused about the founders?