The Economy

The Inflation Garden Party

What will Joe Biden do when inflation exceeds 10 percent? Perhaps another garden party with a more relevant musician, some elephants, and clowns.

Blame it on the Rain

We live in the age of man-made disasters. And the men making these disasters are the oligarchs and the governments they control are tyrannies.

Wealth Through Theft

Times are going to be rough, because our government has done a massive damage, an unbelievable amount of stealing and borrowing that we, ultimately, will have to pay for.

Volcker’s Rule

We need a president with political capital to spend and a Federal Reserve Board chairman with the will to tighten the supply of capital, so the pain of austerity may yield the joy of prosperity.

Got Milk?

Globalism leads to a leveling of the entire world by facilitating convergence to a single economic level.