The Culture

Of Dustbins and Binmen

If an intelligent janitor or maid cannot tell the difference between a genuine work of art and an art-world fraud then it is probably a pile of rubbish and should be treated accordingly.

Unthinking Tools of Unreason Itself

The licensers in Milton’s time feared the bad examples that the untrained mind might derive from bad books. But they were veritable champions of a free press compared to what we have now.

Repairing the Broken World

Imagine nothingness. Imagine joylessness. Imagine life without love, mercy, faith, hope, and justice. This is the essence of the song “Imagine.” And it’s the essence of today’s globalist message.

That Kiss!

How a spontaneous kiss momentarily reminded us of a saner, happier reality—beyond COVID-19 and beyond #MeToo mercenaries.