The Return of Bibi Netanyahu

Israelis finally sobered up and realized Netanyahu is the best candidate to steward the Jewish state on issues of law and order, public safety, national security, and even
international diplomacy.

Bye Bye, Brexit

Soon, those millions who voted Leave will find out what they suspected all along: it’s a big club, and they ain’t in it.

Sauce for the Goose

It is fear of Marine Le Pen that will keep Emmanuel Macron in office. It is hope for change that may see him lose.

Why Viktor Orbán Needs To Win

With President Trump having been ousted and Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro at risk of a similar coup, Orbán may well be the last man standing in the Western national-populist movement. 

Ende Europa

 Is it surprising that the EU’s greatest proponents are polling at record lows, while nationalists are confounding their critics with high approval numbers—in Europe and everywhere?

The Competence Question

The national government of the United States is incompetent. It’s time to consider what can lawfully replace it.

The Franco and American Problem

France is calling for adherence to its vital center, ahead of the possibility of taking distastefully firm action. The United States has a simpler problem in resurrecting its vital center.

About Those ‘DOA’
Abraham Accords

Biden Administration policy—not the civil suit against squatters who refuse to pay Jewish landlords or a failed “peace process”—is the underpinning of the current Hamas war against Israel.