Why the Double Standard With Hungary?

What matters to transnational progressives is not “government by the consent of the governed,” but the elite consensus developed and refined in unelected judicial-administrative bureaucracies.

Pandemic Nationalism

The headwinds of the coronavirus outbreak threaten to derail the Left's anti-nationalist program in a serious, and perhaps permanent, way. As Nigel Farage declared recently, in the Age of Corona, “We are all nationalists now.”

Espresso Populism

Matteo Salvini is destined to become Italy’s next prime minister. Barring a black swan event, this will happen as the collective psychology wills it in much the same manner that Trump and Boris Johnson also both lead their respective countries.

Gelato Populism: The Rise of Matteo Salvini

Having shown that a hardline stance against migrants can be implemented quickly and successfully and having won Italians over to the idea of a Europe of sovereign nations, the leader of Italy's Lega Party has positioned himself to complete the task of “making Italians” that began a century and a half ago.