Second Amendment

Heller Skelter

Heller v. D.C. held that the Second Amendment protects private firearm ownership. So how has Washington, D.C. managed to shut out thousands of law-abiding residents from getting carry permits?

Boys, Girls, Guns, and Blacks

If Congress is going to discriminate against 18-21 year-olds by requiring them to jump through certain hoops to buy a gun, shouldn’t it also impose the same rules on “similarly situated” people?

The Cost of Doing Something

The failures of the same old gun control laws should warn us away from the easy route of penalizing virtually all American gun owners who will never commit a crime with their guns.

In the Shadow of D-Day

Joe Biden, who can’t remember D-Day but can’t wait to take your guns, should spur us to remember what happens when those with all the power have all the guns.