Race and Discourse

In Defense of Multiracial Americanism

There are thousands of black Americans who aren’t merely part of the populist conservative, pro-Trump movement, but who are leaders in this movement. And tens of thousands more are stepping up.

We’re All People of Color Now

No good can come of the rhetoric that forces people into racial groups and then allows schools or other actors to make sweeping generalizations about the individuals who fall into those groups.

Dooming Lincoln

If the Left gets their way, Lincoln will someday be remembered no differently than George Wallace.

Abraham Lincoln Facedown

Abraham Lincoln waged a gruesome war to preserve this nation. It makes a powerful symbolic statement of our country’s demise when his statue is facedown in the mud.

Let Them Call You Racist

Only when enough Americans are willing to endure the arrows of outrage Stephanie Martinez and Lauren Witzke did, will the tide turn against those who carelessly make such charges.

Why Are They Capitalizing ‘Black’?

There is no "shared sense of history, identity, and community among people who identify as Black, including those in the African diaspora and within Africa." Only left-wingers believe such nonsense.