P.C. Follies

Canceling Yale

By all means, rename the Ivy League university founded on the riches of a slave-trader. But replace it with a more honorable name.

Bound and Gagged by the Bugmen

We cannot build a better America without a common language with the capacity to inspire it. “Bug language” only debases and defeats us.

Should We Cancel Susan B. Anthony Now?

Certain moral judgments, like scientific discoveries, evolve over time. It makes no sense to write history backward and condemn those who lived in earlier times for not having conformed to the moral opinions of our time.

Woke Privilege

Perhaps we are tired of Woke untruths feeding vulnerable girls to monsters, and making monsters of those who don’t play along?

Woke Harry Potter

What if J.K. Rowling reimagined Harry Potter in the satirical tradition of Orwell’s Animal Farm? She should.

Is Your Christmas Tree Racist?
(And Other Tall Tales from Academia)

Statues have been toppled, flags were taken down, and they would have us dynamite a mountain. It's easy to imagine a day when the “historian” inspectors come into our homes, turning up branches of spruce, sniffing their way around the kitchen for evidence of she-crab soup or mint Juleps.