Where Does Never Trump Now Stand?

Amidst a roiling cold civil war between the proud Americanists and the embittered civilizational arsonists rioting in the streets, it is worth clarifying where everyone stands.

Weapons of Mass Collusion

For two years, as Robert Mueller tried and failed to find evidence of a criminal conspiracy, NeverTrump Republicans tended to the right flank of the Trump-Russia collusion front. But their role in pushing the hoax went much deeper.

NeverTrump Burns Leftist Cash on Failed Impeachment Crusade

It’s only a matter of time before more left-wing largess flows Bill Kristol’s way and he’s running ads on Fox News trying—unsuccessfully—to convince Republicans to vote for Bernie Sanders. It will be NeverTrump’s inevitable, and humiliating, endgame.

Top 12 Get-Trump Bloopers of 2019

If you enjoy watching Trump haters fall flat on their faces, 2019 was a year of political bloopers even more side-splitting than the best cat videos on YouTube.

Everyone Knows a Mitt Romney

After Romney’s anonymous Twitter account was exposed, he fessed up. Then he did the most Romney-esque thing ever: He protected his account.

A Very Cracked Kristol Ball

To see the speck in your brother’s eye, to see your brother as guilty of the highest crimes and the lowest deeds, to see so […]

Hillary’s Useful Idiots

#NeverTrump have become open saboteurs. Whether because of House Speaker Paul Ryan’s have-it-both-ways disavowal of the Republican Party’s nominee, or because of Ohio Governor John […]

Freedom in the Absence of Virtue

Conservatives fret rightly about the state of popular culture, education, declining civility, and the effects these things combined have on Americans’ capacity to govern themselves. […]