Morning Greatness: Riots Erupt Over Breonna Taylor Case

Good Thursday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president and first lady pay respects to Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • The president delivers remarks on the America First Healthcare Vision in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • President Trump delivers remarks at a Make America Great Again Event in Jacksonville, Florida

Breonna Taylor/riots/protests/Black Lives Matter/crime:

Yep. Tucker Carlson: Media distorted facts about Breonna Taylor’s death to help Biden

Ex-cop indicted for ‘wantonly’ firing gun during botched Breonna Taylor raid out on $15K bond

‘Vigorous’ self-defense laws likely prevented homicide charges in Breonna Taylor’s death, experts say

Officer involved in Breonna Taylor shooting posts $15,000 bail within hours of being booked

Daily Caller Reporters Arrested During Louisville Riot

2 Louisville officers shot amid Breonna Taylor protests

Gov. Andy Beshear urges KY AG to release grand jury evidence in Breonna Taylor case

WTF? Acting DHS secretary: White supremacy is ‘most persistent and lethal threat’ internally to US

BLM co-founder argues Black Kentucky AG gave a ‘Bull Connor speech in 2020’

The University of Louisville’s law school is offering a class on systematic racism titled ‘Breonna Taylor’s Louisville’

Kentucky AG gets choked up after asked about anger over case

Breonna Taylor’s family says lack of homicide charges against officers is ‘outrageous and offensive’


Election news:

Democratic Senate hopefuls spurn Supreme Court expansion

There wasn’t peaceful transition of power when Trump won. Biden on Trump’s refusal to commit to peaceful transfer of power: ‘What country are we in?’

FEC commissioner responds to Trump: ‘We do not “get rid of” ballots’

Trays of mail, including absentee ballots, found in a ditch in Wisconsin

Minnesota Sued Over Mail-In Ballot Ruling

China Peddling Communist Propaganda in U.S. State and Local Governments, Pompeo Says

Arizona Governor Halts Last-Minute Dem Push to Change Voting Laws

Florida attorney general scrutinizing Bloomberg paying fines for felons to vote

Ruling on Wisconsin student voter ID case would cause ‘chaos’ before election, judge says


Coronavirus update:

Media is so happy about this. Missouri governor, opponent of mandatory masks, has COVID-19

‘I’m Telling You The Science, And That’s The Answer’: Dr. Scott Atlas Spars With NBC’s Peter Alexander During Briefing

Oh. Early data suggests newly reopened schools are avoiding surges in coronavirus cases

Trump: Four Vaccine Candidates Have Reached Final Phase Of Trials

LOL. Proud Boys denied Portland rally permit over COVID-19 concerns

Coronavirus uptick in 6 NYC neighborhoods is ’cause for significant concern,’ city says


Other morsels:

Trump Is Not A Fan Of Meghan Markle, Wishes Prince Harry Luck: ‘He’s Gonna Need It’

North Korean sailors shoot South Korean official to death, set his body on fire

With echoes of Brexit, Swiss set to vote on immigration


And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


Morning Greatness: Religious Bigots Smear SCOTUS Frontrunner

Good Wednesday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president delivers remarks in honor of Bay of Pigs Veterans
  • President Trump participates in a discussion with State Attorneys General on Protecting Consumers from Social Media Abuses


SCOTUS news:

That’s right. Trump argues full Supreme Court needed to settle potential election disputes

Media Outlets Link Catholic Group Associated With Amy Coney Barrett To ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

Sen. Mike Lee: ‘I hope and expect’ Amy Coney Barrett will be Trump’s SCOTUS nominee


Election update:

Democrats urge Biden to resist filibuster, court-packing calls

Trump attacks Omar for criticizing US: ‘How did you do where you came from?’

Rubio Says Schumer Threw ‘Temper Tantrum’ To Block Intel Briefing On Election Interference

Joe Biden Keeps Touting The Auto Bailout As A Success. Here’s The Full Story

At least two ‘uncommitted’ voters from ABC News Trump town hall blasted president on social media: report

Are you Republicans tho’: Cindy McCain endorses Biden: ‘We are Republicans, yes, but Americans foremost’

LET’S GO. GOP Senate pushes to confirm SCOTUS pick by end of October

‘Naked’ ballot rules put thousands of Pennsylvania mail-in votes at risk, Philadelphia official warns


Protests/riots/Black Lives Matter/crime:

EPA Threatens to Pull Office from NYC After Riots

Polk County Sheriff Uses Pictures To Explain Difference Between Riots And Protests

High school football team banned from waving pro-police flag after online backlash

House passes bill banning race-based hairstyle discrimination

‘Placed intentionally to cause harm’: Michigan city closes playgrounds after discovery of 41 razor blades

Barr says Operation Legend breaks Milwaukee drug ring; 26 face charges

Seattle City Council overrides mayor’s veto of police cuts


Coronavirus new:

Cincinnati professor on leave after calling COVID-19 the ‘Chinese virus’

“The virus is hurting us, not the public health measures,” Fauci says


Other morsels:

House passes short-term spending bill to avoid government shutdown

Zoom Cancels Virtual Event With Terrorist After Public Outrage

House passes legislation to crack down on business with companies that utilize China’s forced labor

Pence aide blasts former coronavirus task force member who criticized Trump

Barr, AGs to meet on fragmenting case against Google

Bill Clinton secretly met Ghislaine Maxwell for ‘intimate dinner’: report

GOP senators introduce bill to punish schools allowing biological males to compete in female sports

Did China use Hollywood movies in military propaganda clip?

White House liaisons being removed from their jobs and replaced

Dozens of students were inappropriately admitted to California universities, state auditor says

Trump bashes China at UN amid warnings against a world divided by two superpowers


And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

US President Donald Trump pumps his fist as he boards Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland on June 11, 2020. - Trump is travelling to Dallas to host a roundtable with faith leaders and small business owners.

Morning Greatness: SCOTUS Meltdowns Continue, Graham Says GOP Has the Votes

Good Tuesday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president receives his intelligence briefing
  • President Trump delivers remarks at a Great American Comeback Event in Pittsburgh, PA

SCOTUS baby:

Graham claims Senate GOP has votes to confirm new SCOTUS justice before Election Day

DO IT. ‘Blow Up The Entire System’: Don Lemon Is Ready To Scrap The Electoral College, Pack The Court

Joe Biden Changes His Tune On Packing The Supreme Court

Two more GOP senators say they will vote to fill RBG’s seat before election

Romney keeping quiet on SCOTUS vacancy as confirmation fight looms


Election news:

Derp State. Former EPA chiefs endorse Biden, criticize agency direction under Trump

NY Gov. Cuomo may use National Guard on Election Day

Meghan Markle cold-called voters with Gloria Steinem to advocate for voting

Judge dismisses Trump challenge to Nevada mail voting law

Judge extends Wisconsin absentee cutoff 6 days post election


Protests/riots/Black Lives Matter/crime:

Fantastic. ‘It’s dog-whistle base stuff’: DeSantis launches Trump-styled protest crackdown

California schools launch anti-racism plan, flouting Trump’s threats

Family of Louisville BBQ restaurant owner sues cops, state over fatal shooting

Second LA deputy in Compton ambush released from hospital

6 Louisville police officers are under internal investigation for their roles in fatal Breonna Taylor shooting

Black Lives Matter organization deletes page calling for ‘disruption’ of nuclear family

University of Georgia fraternity suspends operations after ‘racist, sexist’ chat messages

NYPD officer accused of acting as an illegal agent of the Chinese government

Probe of Jacob Blake police shooting in final stages, says Wisconsin AG


Coronavirus update:

‘Financially Devastated’: 87% Of NYC Bars, Restaurants Couldn’t Make August Rent

CDC: 11,000 may have been exposed to COVID-19 on airplanes

NFL levies more than $1 million in fines against 3 teams and their coaches who didn’t wear masks during games


Other morsels:

Hilarious. Former Mueller prosecutor says in book, ‘We could have done more’

NBA Playoffs Sponsored by Chinese-Owned Teen Surveillance App

Time Is Running Out For Revelations About Trump-Russia Probe

Of course. DeVos under investigation for potentially violating Hatch Act because of Fox News interview

National Institutes of Health staffer to ‘retire’ after being outed as author of online attacks against Dr. Anthony Fauci

DOJ rejects Nadler request for testimony from senior officials after Barr treatment

Edward Snowden agrees to give up more than $5 million from book and speeches


And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


Morning Greatness: A.G. Barr Delivers Some Sedition Smackdown

Good Thursday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president participates in a credentialing ceremony for newly appointed ambassadors to Washington, D.C.
  • President Trump delivers remarks at the White House Conference on American History
  • The president delivers remarks at a Great American Comeback Event Mosinee, WI

Bill Barr wants to lay the beat down on these violent insurrectionists

Attorney General William Barr suggests charging violent protesters with sedition

Barr says calls for coronavirus lockdown are the ‘greatest intrusion on civil liberties’ other than slavery in US history

Seattle mayor says Barr’s suggestions to charge her are ‘chilling’

Barr: A COVID-19 lockdown would be ‘greatest intrusion on civil liberties’ since slavery

Barr asked prosecutors to explore charging Seattle mayor over protest zone: report

Attorney General William Barr accuses some DOJ prosecutors of becoming ‘headhunters’


Election news:

Facebook Censors Unedited Video of Biden Posted by Trump Campaign

Michigan court upholds mass mailing of absentee ballot applications

House panel advances bill to ban Postal Service leaders from holding political positions

Your ballot is totally safe in the mail. National postal mail handlers union endorses Biden

Bail Fund Promoted By Kamala Harris Helped Man Accused Of Sexually Penetrating A Child


Riots/protests/Black Lives Matter/ crime:

44 percent of high earners have considered leaving New York City: poll

Minnesota man facing terrorism charges

GOP Senators To Introduce Act Creating Federal Penalties For Criminals Who Target Law Enforcement With Violence

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Minneapolis City Council alarmed by crime surge after defunding police

WAT. Second Parkland cop reinstated after being fired for 2018 school shooting response

National Guard major: Military police asked about using ‘heat ray’ against DC protesters

Sacred Heart of Jesus statue in Texas cathedral destroyed

Reward for wanted gunman who shot 2 Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies grows to nearly $300,000

University Promotes GoFundMe for Girl Facing Charges of Arson, Rioting


Coronavirus news:

Joe Biden calls for COVID-19 vaccine plan, admits he didn’t read Trump’s

CDC head Robert Redfield walks back Senate testimony claim on COVID-19 vaccine

Chris Rock rips Pelosi, Dems: ‘You let the pandemic come in’ during impeachment

California rabbi’s attorneys weighing legal action over LA County restricting holiday dinners

This is fantastic! CNN editor deletes coronavirus tweet after being fact-checked by Alex Berenson, other critics

LOL. Trump’s not bothering to hide his political interference in vaccine push


Other morsels:

Illinois Dem Pleads Guilty to Tax Fraud

162 House Dems Vote Against Measure to Combat Anti-Semitism

SCUM. Senate Republicans signal openness to working with Biden

Another SCUM. Peter Strzok Says History Will See Him As A Patriot, Doubles Down On Russian Collusion

Iranian nationals indicted in hacking of U.S. networks

Kentucky man traveled to Illinois with dismembered body in suitcases after homicide, police say

Kushner cancels interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell after saying Abraham Accords is ‘not Middle East peace’

U.S. commander: Intel still hasn’t established Russia paid Taliban ‘bounties’ to kill U.S. troops


And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


Morning Greatness: Media Frets About Maskless Abraham Accords Signing

Good Wednesday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president participates in a High Holy Days Call with Jewish Leaders
  • President Trump has lunch with the Vice President
  • The president delivers remarks at National Republican Congressional Committee Battleground Dinner

Historic peace agreement signed, media alarmed about maskless attendees

Oh the humanity! The Trump Administration brokered a peace deal between Bahrain, the UAE and Israel and the killjoys on the clown networks were squeaking about social distancing and mask etiquette at the signing ceremony. CNN, the Karen network, has made a list of all the rule-breakers.  J’ACCUSE!

CNN spotted several attendees at the signing without a mask, including Republican National Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, deputy national security adviser Matthew Pottinger, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, R-Louisiana.

A number of senior level staff at the White House, including Vice President Mike Pence, also opted to go maskless. Several Cabinet secretaries were also seen without masks, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, Attorney General Bill Barr and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

CNN did see a few Cabinet secretaries — Defense Secretary Mark Esper, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross — wear and then remove masks during the ceremony.

This is their schtick, their gimmick, their snake oil so they can avoid talking about the substance of a successful agreement. You can really tell who of the “interagency consensus” crowd and their foreign policy industry handmaidens want to see the dumpster fire Middle East sorted out by their (lack of) enthusiasm for the Accords. By any measure this is a great thing, the better the relationships are between Middle Eastern countries, the better for everyone, right? But the swampy detractors have long pretended that unless we got the “Palestinians” to sign on to an agreement, all the other Arab countries couldn’t have a relationship with Israel. Trump blew that up, he blew up their “smart people” policy. Strategically, the Abraham Accords are just magnificent. The more non-bat shit crazy Arab countries sign on to normalize relationships with Israel, the more marginalized the nutters get. So if the “Palestinians” or Iran do not want to come to the table to sort their mess out then we will get the party started without them. Bye Felicia.

And it gets worse. “President Donald Trump expects ‘seven or eight or nine’ additional Arab states to sign peace agreements with Israel in the near future, including Saudi Arabia, he announced Tuesday during a White House ceremony.”

Wolf Blitzer of CNN, the Karen network, spoke with Jared Kushner about the agreement or rather, the spoke to Jared about the mask situation.

“It’s still very worrisome to see all those of folks so close together, even if they’re outside, not wearing masks, not social distancing,” Blitzer belched up to Kushner.

“I will say, Wolf, I didn’t hear you and CNN being that worried when you saw people out there, you know, doing protesting in different ways,” Kushner fired back, referring to social justice riots that have taken place nationwide over the past several months.

“We were plenty worried about that as well,” Blitzer lied.  No you weren’t.


Election news:

Florida Dems ‘Aghast’ at Biden’s Performance With Latinos

Florida Man Angry Kamala Harris Visited Restaurant

Utah, Nevada officials: USPS sent voters wrong information about mail-in voting

Trump Defends Record In ABC Town Hall Event With Uncommitted Voters

Burn it down. Toxic intel feud dooms pre-election hearing on global threats

Harris, Newsom blame climate change for California fires following Trump visit

Biden says he’s worried about Trump’s ‘insurrection’ talk in Spanish-language interview

Biden panned for playing ‘Despacito’ at Hispanic Heritage Month event

Riot-zone voters back Trump 2-1, and most say violence affects vote


Riots/protests/Black Lives Matter/crime:

Louisville officials detail $12M settlement with family of Breonna Taylor

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Alicia Garza In 2015: Capitalism Must Be Abolished For Black Lives To Matter

Woman accused in Seattle police machete attack may be behind motel fire

Trump defends ‘MAGA’ when asked when America was great for black Americans

Virginia police cruiser shot multiple times with officer inside

Fantastic! Trump admin shuts down CDC training that purportedly flouted executive order on critical race theory

Portland protester charged with pointing ‘high-powered laser’ into officer’s eye

Judge Sets Bail at $1 Million Each for Alleged Lancaster Rioters


Coronavirus news:

HHS chief overrode FDA officials to ease testing rules

Trump says he doesn’t think he could’ve done more to stop virus spread

Iowa bar owner arrested for flouting social-distancing rules

Texas woman fraudulently submitted Paycheck Protection Program loan applications for nearly $2M, DOJ says

Bill Gates says the FDA lost credibility during pandemic

Apology, no firing: Official said US scientists hurt Trump

Texas Board of Education rejects proposed LGBTQ lessons as part of sex education revision


Other morsels:

U.S. Warns Against Travel to China and Hong Kong

Hollywood Director Judd Apatow: ‘China Has Bought Our Silence’

DHS IG won’t investigate after watchdog said Wolf, Cuccinelli appointments violated law

Of course. Trump’s tariffs on China violated law, trade body says

Caputo apologizes to HHS staff, signals desire for medical leave

Nearly 20 percent of Millennials, Gen Z in NY believe Jews caused the Holocaust: Survey

Chinese firm collects data of US leaders, military

Alan Dershowitz files $300 million defamation suit against CNN

New Patagonia tags: ‘Vote the a**holes out’

Group that led Facebook boycott is back with new action

Twitter and Facebook shut down accounts linked to youth conservative group’s misleading social media campaign

Debra Messing Calls Trump ‘Rapist,’ ‘Pedophile’ and Receives No Twitter Fact Check


And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


Morning Greatness: President Trump Welcomes Israel, Bahrain, UAE to Sign Abraham Accords

Good Tuesday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president participates in the arrival of the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Kingdom of Bahrain
  • President Trump participates in a bilateral meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain
  • The president participates in the arrival of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the United Arab Emirates
  • President Trump participates in a bilateral meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the United Arab Emirates
  • The president and the first lady participate in the arrival of the Prime Minister of the State of Israel and Mrs. Netanyahu
  • President Trump participates in a bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister of the State of Israel
  • The president and the first lady participate in an Abraham Accords Signing Ceremony
  • President Trump participates in a working lunch with the Prime Minister of the State of Israel, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the United Arab Emirates and the Foreign Minister of the Kingdom of Bahrain
  • The president participates in an ABC News Town Hall Event

Election news:

Kamala Harris accidentally touts plans under a ‘Harris administration’ during virtual roundtable

Report: Campaign Keeping Biden in ‘Sanitizer-Saturated Bubble,’ Aides Concerned About Health

Indoor Trump Nevada rally site fined $3,000 for violating state ban on large gatherings

Down-ballot Dems split from Biden on door-knocking

Blah blah blah. Michael Cohen: Trump’s disdain towards Obama was ‘purely racial’

Biden calls Trump a ‘climate arsonist’ who ‘won’t take responsibility’ for wildfires

Trump says if ‘weak’ Biden can vote in person, ‘any American can do it’

Biden proposes $5 trillion in new spending, undaunted by Trump’s massive deficits


Riots/protests/Black Lives Matter/crime:

Several Recent Protests And Riots Sparked By Deaths Of Armed Suspects

Conservative think tank Heritage launches pro-police billboards in three cities

Two Hospitalized During Sacramento Anti-Trump Protest

Black Police Chief Says It’s An ‘Extremely Rough Time To Be A Police Officer’

Manhunt intensifies for gunman who shot two deputies in LA

150 NYC Business Leaders Pen Letter to de Blasio Asking that Order Be Restored

Rioters Rage in Lancaster After Police-Involved Shooting of Man with a Knife


Coronavirus news:

Pennsylvania: Judge Rules Wolf, Levine’s Shutdown Orders Unconstitutional

LOL. Top HHS spokesman runs through conspiracies in video and claims without evidence CDC scientists are working to resist Trump

White House blocks Navarro from testifying to House panel about ventilator deal

Chinese virologist posts report claiming COVID-19 was made in Wuhan lab

University of Pittsburgh scientists discover antibody that ‘neutralizes’ virus that causes coronavirus

Trump HHS spokesperson Michael Caputo deletes Twitter account after late-night rant

LOL Top HHS spokesman runs through conspiracies in video and claims without evidence CDC scientists are working to resist Trump

Vaccine maker got $1 billion from taxpayers. Now it’s boosting drug prices


Other morsels:

JK Rowling’s new book renews transgender criticism

Axios Deletes Tweet Linking Criticism Of Netflix’s ‘Cuties’ To QAnonAnd th Conspiracy

US Freezes Imports On Goods Made By Uighur Forced Labor In Chinese ‘Re-Education’ Camps In Xinjiang

Postal police union sues USPS, DeJoy over limits to mail theft enforcement authority

Justice Department watchdog is probing handling of Roger Stone case

Once-standout DEA agent says he conspired with drug cartel

Five Connecticut residents infected with flesh-eating bacteria in Long Island Sound

Vindman says Trump is Putin’s ‘useful idiot’, considers himself a ‘never-Trumper’

Drip, drip, drip. Facebook says it’s cracking down on climate change misinformation. Scientists say it’s not doing enough.

Trump issues stark warning to Iran after reports country is considering plot to assassinate US ambassador

Vinyl record sales surpass CDs for the first time since the 1980s

Judge rules Chad Wolf likely unlawfully serving as Homeland Security secretary and temporarily blocks some asylum restrictions

Pompeo’s wife emailed State Department staff for help with personal Christmas cards, source says

South Dakota AG involved in fatal car accident over the weekend told officers he hit a deer: Police

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


Morning Greatness: Does Joe Biden Really Plan to Debate Trump?

Good Monday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president participates in a briefing on wildfires in McClellan Park, CA
  • President Trump delivers remarks and participates in a Ceremony Recognizing the California National Guard
  • The president participates in a Latinos for Trump Coalition Roundtable in Phoenix, Arizona

Five minutes of hate:

People are wondering, how will Joe Biden pull off a debate with Trump? It’s clear Biden is aged, he seems to have some degree of cognitive impairment, his media appearances are very controlled, his press conferences are choreographed and recently, he had difficulty reading off his teleprompter when answering a predictable question at an AFL-CIO event. What sort of performance can we expect in a debate setting, a setting without a teleprompter, and against Donald Trump who is a very aggressive adversary? There is a huge risk Biden will go sideways, that he will speak gibberish or make one of his strange “you ain’t black” proclamations. Additionally, Biden is not rigorously campaigning, he takes entire days off. The presidential horse race is competitive, Biden doesn’t have it locked up, so I wonder, what is the strategy to win the election without a strong debate performance?

I think there is something else planned.

It’s not a smart idea for the campaign to come up with a “health reason” as to why a sick Biden can’t debate three times.  He’s old, he looks old and he appears befuddled and confused in his rare unscripted appearances so to portray him as infirm is not wise, it is not confidence inspiring for those undecided, independent voters he will need to win an election. If Biden straight up refuses to debate Trump, that looks suspicious and would give credence to the rumblings about Biden’s physical and mental capacity. “What is he hiding?” people will ask. Many voters watch the debates because it is a unique opportunity during a campaign to directly contrast the two candidates. There is a big cost for refusing to debate, especially when the race is close.

Unless. Unless there is something that mitigates the cost. Something that doesn’t mean Biden has to win or earn votes, but something that will cause Trump to lose votes.

There will be some event or development that makes it more desirable for the undecideds and soft Biden supporters to vote for Biden despite his refusal to debate and crappy campaign than it is for them to vote for Trump. The Democrats have a bomb. They have something planned to damage Trump. Of course we know the mail in ballots will help boost Biden’s count, but vote fraud can only help so many percentage points before it looks suspicious. Trump’s entire first term was a series of bombs intended to damage Trump and undermine his legitimacy. The bomb will have to be detonated before the first debate to get Biden out of it and it will have to be damaging enough that Biden won’t have to debate or campaign at all.

The bomb doesn’t have to be true. Remember Harry Reid lied about the despicable Mitt Romney’s taxes. It had its effect. “Romney didn’t win, did he?” snickered the hateful Reid. We will see this move again except it will not be a politician launching a serious accusation against the president, that won’t fly because it happens on an hourly basis these days. Trump’s a RUSSIAN spy, Trump hates the military (LOL), Trump is making money off of the presidency, Trump bites the heads off of kittens…people are numb to it.

The bomb will involve a credentialed agent, a person or persons certified by the lefty-controlled institutions in which regular people still have faith.  We recently saw Adam Schiff resurface with his shiny new toy, a DHS whistle-blower who claims that he was told to stop reporting on the “RUSSIA threat” because it “made President Trump look bad.” Is this true? Probably not but every administration controls the flow and form of information. But it doesn’t have to be true for the prestige media to treat it seriously and highlight the specific allegations.

But this particular tale might not make enough waves since the public is burned out on the RUSSIA schtick. However we have another “scandal” brewing, this one coming from the derp state “scientists.” I am guessing that Trump’s alleged dereliction handling the coronavirus registers well in all the focus groups the Democrats are perpetually conducting. A group of Dr. Derp States are claiming that

The health department’s politically appointed communications aides have demanded the right to review and seek changes to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s weekly scientific reports charting the progress of the coronavirus pandemic, in what officials characterized as an attempt to intimidate the reports’ authors and water down their communications to health professionals.

Perhaps this episode will pick up steam and be the magic “get out of campaigning” free card for Biden. The legacy media will move forward with the bureaucrat’s allegations, gin up public hysteria and find more anonymous sources to tell tales of treachery for media showcasing. There will be pearl clutching, wailing and lamenting from the Democrats, the full Monty. We’ve seen it before: emoluments clause, Logan Act, Ukraine-impeachment, Hatch Act and on and on.

But if it’s not this issue, it will be something. The Democrats have something on the back burner they think will produce the desired effect of damaging Trump so severely Biden can just continue to phone it it. And by the time people figure out it is all a lie or just a partisan maneuver, it will be too late. I cannot think of any explanation for the lack of campaigning and their cognitively impaired loose-cannon candidate except they think they have something. There’s a hard out, the election day is set. We don’t have four years like we did with the RUSSIA-collusion hoax to unravel a scheme. The Democrats just need to keep something outrageous in motion for one month to pull it off but I guarantee you, the Democrats have a bomb and they are getting ready to set it off.

Election news:

Biden pushes gun control less than 24 hours after attempted assassination on deputies

Biden argues he’s in better shape than Trump: ‘Just look at us’

Is anyone watching? Biden campaign plans to run ad during every NFL game until Election Day

Black church leaders demand apology for Trump campaign ad

Schumer and Pelosi-Aligned Groups Funnel Millions in Secret Cash Into 2020 Elections

Federal judge temporarily bans USPS from sending election mailers with ‘false statements’

Crowd aims ‘lock him up’ chant at Obama during Trump rally

Trump holds first entirely indoor rally in nearly three months

‘Open up your state’: Trump defies Nevada Gov. with indoor rally near Las Vegas

Chris Wallace Presses Biden Advisor On Travel Ban: ‘Would You Agree … That Trump’s Actions Saved Thousands Of Lives?’

Major US city may soon allow 16-year-olds to vote, could others could follow suit?

Man warned for wearing MAGA hat when voting in Georgia

Peter Navarro abruptly cut from CNN interview after telling Jake Tapper network ‘is not honest with the American people’

Start of Pennsylvania’s election is on hold because of ballot delay

Bloomberg to spend at least $100M to help Biden in Florida


Riots/protests/Black Lives Matter/crime:

Trump calls for swift justice in shooting of ambushed deputies as manhunt intensifies in LA

Los Angeles County Deputies Out of Surgery, Expected to Survive

‘F**cking Die’: BLM Activists Lay Siege to LA Hospital Treating Officers Hit in ‘Ambush’ Shooting

This Week in Leftist Violence and Intimidation Vol. 3

Officer shot during traffic stop in New Mexico

Video shows police pinning journalist covering LA protest to ground during arrest

Westchester school under fire for cartoon comparing cops to KKK, slave owners

NAACP chapter president Talbert Swan: ‘No such thing as blue lives’

Racial injustice themes fill empty NFL stadiums


Coronavirus news:

400K sign on to ballot drive to repeal Michigan governor’s emergency powers

Scientists outraged by White House appointees’ meddling with coronavirus information: ‘Outright egregious’

Derp State. Trump officials interfered with CDC reports on Covid-19

More pandemic fallout: No Peeps for Halloween and Christmas

Blitzer to Fauci: Who should we trust, you or President Trump?


Other morsels:

Wildfires Will Become Worse Thanks To Decades-Old Liberal Policies, Says Fire Expert Who Predicted Uptick In Blazes

Pompeo to resume ‘Madison Dinners’ despite controversy

Trump unveils plan to slash drug costs tied to what’s paid abroad

Of course. Justin Fairfax to run for Virginia governor despite sexual assault accusations

Iran weighing plot to kill US ambassador to South Africa: report

TikTok picks Oracle over Microsoft in Trump-forced sales bid


And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


Morning Greatness: Remember 9/11

Good Friday morning:

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president and first lady  participate in a Flight 93 National Memorial Nineteenth Anniversary Observance in Shanksville, PA
  • The president presents the Medal of Honor to Sergeant Major Thomas Payne, United States Army

Today is 9/11. Take a moment and remember:

Election/campaign news:

Barr casts doubt on mail-in voting: ‘There are going to be ballots floating around’

Biden Spox Won’t Say Whether Biden Used Teleprompter During Interviews

Bret Baier Presses Biden Campaign Official On What Biden Would Have Done Differently To Tackle COVID-19

ABC’s Jon Karl asks Trump why ‘did you lie to the American people’ about coronavirus

NY Times reporter claims Trump campaign removed her from president’s Michigan rally

California mail dumps prompt USPS investigation: report

Russian man charged with stealing Americans’ identities as part of election interference efforts

Google is removing search suggestions about candidates and voting

Joe Biden Ignores Record Offshoring of American Auto Jobs in Pitch to Auto Workers in Michigan


Riots/protests/Black Lives Matter/crime/police:

Woman Attacks Security Guard in Seattle with a Machete After ID’ing Him as an ‘Officer’

50 GOP Congressmen Ask DOJ to Investigate Who May Be Funding Riots

Portland mayor bans cops from using tear gas during protests

More voters think that it’s harder to be Black in US now than in 2016: Pew

California man charged with trying to torch GOP women’s club

South Carolina art museum pulls ‘Wear Their Names’ jewelry named after police brutality victims

American Airlines attendant gives Black Lives Matter note to travel influencer

1619 Project founder says US ‘not an exceptional nation,’ Founding Fathers ‘did not believe in democracy’

New Orleans shootings: 4 dead, 1 hurt in separate shootings

4 Houston police officers fired after shooting man on the ground 21 times during alleged mental health crisis


Coronavirus news:

Senate Democrats block $300 billion coronavirus stimulus package, leaving little hope for relief before November

Teachers in at least five states have died with coronavirus since fall semester started

Cuomo threatens New Yorkers with tax hikes over COVID-19 shortfalls

Long Island student defiant after arrest for showing up at high school on remote learning day

Dolphins announce they will stay inside locker room during national anthem, ‘Lift Every Voice and Sing’ rendition

NFL player charged with fraud in coronavirus relief scheme


Other morsels:

WUT. Killer Mosquito Clouds Rise From Swamp, Descend On Louisiana Livestock And Drain Their Blood

Trump admin may postpone admitting refugees: report

Court blocks Trump order to exclude undocumented immigrants from census

Texas Lawmaker Asks Attorney General To Investigate ‘Cuties’ For Violations Of Child Exploitation Laws

26 Fort Hood Soldiers Have Died So Far In 2020. Here’s What We Know About 10 Of Them

Pelosi On Fires In California: ‘Mother Earth Is Angry’

White House moves to curb policing of corporate misbehavior

Family frightened as Texas officers break into wrong home to serve warrant

Wildfires burned millions of acres across the West. See what that looks like.

US Marshals capture Oklahoma man accused of recording sexual assault of 6-month-old baby and posting it on social media

Critics blast CNN’s Jake Tapper for ‘lying’ after claim about GOP candidate Sean Parnell

CNN gives Netflix CEO a pass on ‘Cuties’ controversy despite #CancelNetflix hashtag

Treasury Department says Ukrainian linked to Rudy Giuliani is ‘Russian agent’


And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


Morning Greatness: Another Day, Another Anti-Trump Media Freakout

Good Thursday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president meets with the Secretary of State
  • President Trump delivers remarks live from Michigan Freeland, Michigan

Five minutes of hate:

On Wednesday, Bob Woodward released some curated recordings from his interviews with President Trump for his new sensational book. The book is coming out next week. Who cares. Now why would Trump talk to Woodward? WHY? This was a horrible, horrible decision. Trump, if you are reading this, stop giving your enemies the bullets with which to shoot you.

The clip causing so much sturm und drang is about the coronavirus and reads: “I still like playing it down, because I don’t want to create a panic,” Trump added at the time. First of all, you need to know that this was released because the Democrats have focus grouped Trump’s weaknesses with undecided and target voters and coronavirus is a big concern. We are hearing about this now, because it hurts Trump. You must always remember that every news story and every action from the Democrats and media are carefully selected to hurt the president and not because they are news worthy.

So the actual clip is causing freak outs because IT SHOWS THAT TRUMP DOWN PLAYED THE VIRUS. This is the narrative. What it really shows is the president didn’t want to panic people but also, we didn’t know much about the virus, that is why we call it a novel virus. At the time, in January and February and March, we didn’t know mostly because China was lying and did not cooperate. Trump did not want to cause a panic, and he was right not to do so. Can you imagine what would happen in a national panic?

It’s also important to remember that the Democrats had access to the same information the president had. The Gang of 8 is briefed on these kinds of threats but the Democrats were too busy impeaching the president at the time to take the information as serious as they say Trump should have. The left was also invested in contradicting the president no matter what he said so Nancy Pelosi was telling people to go to Chinatown and hug people, Bill DeBlasio was telling people to go out and enjoy themselves and Joe Biden was saying Trump’s China travel ban was racist. The media was also along for the ride.

The Democrats are desperately trying to blame the virus on Trump to hurt him but also to divert the real responsibility from Democrat mayors who mismanaged the situation. Cuomo put sick people in nursing homes where they infected and killed thousands, state economies have been destroyed because Democrat leaders have shutdown businesses. Suicides are way up, crime is up and that is not on Trump, he doesn’t control the states, but the Democrats and media want you to think so.

The kill shot to this artificial hysteria came from none other than Dr. Anthony Fauci who was interviewed yesterday and said, “No, I didn’t,” Fauci responded. “I didn’t get any sense that he was distorting anything. I mean in my discussions with him, they were always straightforward about the concerns that we had. We related that to him. And when he would go out, I’d hear him discussing the same sort of things. He would often say, ‘We just got through with a briefing with the group from the task force,’ and would talk about it. So it may have happened, but I have not seen that kind of distortion.”

Was Trump breaking from his advisers? “You were there through that whole thing,” Roberts said. “Was that the playbook or was that the president just going his own direction?”

“I don’t think so, John,” Fauci responded. “I don’t recall anything different than in our discussions that we had with the president that he said things quite similar publicly.”

Ouch man. That has got to hurt but it won’t stop until the next artificial hysteria which is Whistleblower says top Trump appointees tried to censor reports on Russian influence. Stay tuned for that.

Election/Campaign News:

HERE WE GO AGAIN. Michael Cohen says Trump is not joking about staying in office for more than 2 terms

James Mattis Warned Intellligence Chief: ‘Collective Action’ May Be Required Against Trump

Susan Sarandon receives backlash after voicing support against Joe Biden vote

House panel details ‘serious’ concerns around Florida, Georgia, Texas, Wisconsin elections

Trump unveils Supreme Court list, includes Cruz and Cotton

Biden Campaign Admits It Edited Out Redskins Logo On Old Photograph For CNN Feature, Citing Copyright Concerns

Woman votes topless after getting stopped at polls wearing anti-Trump shirt

Washington Post report praises Kamala Harris for ‘shoe choice,’ gets slammed on Twitter

LOL. Pence to attend event hosted by QAnon backers

YES! Trump plans for Nevada rallies conflict with virus limits


Riots/violence/Black Lives Matter/crime:

Rhode Island professor says killing by Portland activist OK from ‘moral’ perspective: ‘He killed a fascist’

More than a dozen police chiefs faced backlash – and left – after George Floyd’s death. Here’s a list.

Jessica Krug, the professor who pretended to be Black, resigns from George Washington University

DOJ Awards $16 Million To Advance Community Policing, A Top Demand Of Police Reform Advocates

University of Michigan Apologizes for Apparent Segregation of Student Events

Multiple workers fired after George Floyd’s medical records ‘improperly accessed’

Cornell faculty-student group demands racial quotas, criticizes ‘colorblind’ practices

A grand jury will soon hear case of Breonna Taylor’s killing

More than a dozen companies pledge to add a Black director to their boards


Coronavirus news:

Biden incorrectly states 6,000 U.S. military members died from coronavirus

Senate paralyzed over coronavirus relief

Biden says Trump downplaying coronavirus threat was ‘almost criminal’

WATCH: Joe Biden Told Americans Not to ‘Panic’ About Coronavirus in February



What’s the hold up? AG Barr Says There ‘Could Be’ More Charges In Durham Probe

Democrat releases 15-second ad calling de Blasio ‘worst mayor in the history of New York City’

Official With Anti-Israel U.N. Group to Help Train BDS Activists in D.C.

Fox News signs Brit Hume to new multiyear contract

Human Rights Groups Largely Silent On Disney Working With China Despite Human Rights Abuses

Tucker Carlson Reveals 2018 Recording Of Chris Cuomo Reportedly Coaching Michael Cohen Before A CNN Appearance

Netlfix Releases ‘Cuties’ Movie About Child Dancers And … ‘It’s Worse Than You Could Imagine’

AG Barr defends having DOJ lawyers rep Trump in E. Jean Carroll suit

US reveals it has revoked more than 1,000 visas to Chinese nationals deemed security risks

Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 should not be held in China, human rights groups say in letter to IOC

Love Kool & the Gang! RIP. Kool & the Gang co-founder Ronald ‘Khalis’ Bell dies at 68

Kim Jong Un thought Obama was an ‘a–hole,’ Trump tells Bob Woodward


And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


Morning Greatness: Rochester Police Department Command Staff Taps Out

Good Wednesday morning:

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president receives his intelligence briefing
  • Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany holds a press conference

Five minutes of hate:

The entire Rochester police department command staff has quit. Rioters/BLMers have been destroying the city and harassing randos on the streets and in restaurants after the death of Daniel Prude who died while police tried to restrain him. Police put a spit hood on Prude because, while he was having a naked break down in the street, he said he had covid-19 and was spitting on them. He also had PCP in his system. The medical examiner ruled as the cause of death, “complications of asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint, excited delirium [and] acute phencyclidine [PCP] intoxication.” The Mayor announced at a City Council meeting on Tuesday that “the entire Rochester Police Department’s command staff has announced their retirement.”

In a public statement, Chief La’Ron Singletary, a 20-year veteran of the police force called out  “mischaracterization and the politicization of the actions that I took after being informed of Mr. Prude’s death.”

“As a man of integrity, I will not sit idly by while outside entities attempt to destroy my character,” the statement said. “The events over the past week are an attempt to destroy my character and integrity.” Two out of the three people leaving are black; Singletary is black as is Mark Simmons, so I guess yay? If there’s anyone left out there that thinks the BLM movement is really about black lives, remember the black Seattle police chief also quit her job.

An ACLU staffer is mad that Nick Sandmann was admitted to Transylvania University, calling it a “stain” on the school.

“Does anyone else think it’s a bit of a stain on Transylvania University for accepting Nick Sandman [sic]? I’m sure it’s a “both sides” defense, but it’s pretty counter to their mission and another instance of there not actually being equal sides to an issue,” ACLU’s Samuel Crankshaw said in a Facebook post. The post has been taken down. Sandmann was the young teen who was accosted by a “Native American activist” when he came to town to attend the March for Life. The “activist” along with the media smeared Sandmann, running story after story that the Catholic school teen aggressively taunted the Native American agitator. If you thought the ACLU was about civil liberties I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Someone named Avery Tompkins who is an assistant professor at Transylvania University and a “diversity scholar” (LOL) called Sandmann’s “public behavior and rhetoric atrocious and uninformed.” As opposed to say, Tompkins who is unaware of the facts surrounding Sandmann’s ritual defamation.

“We can’t not admit academically qualified students due to their political and personal views,” Avery said. “If he ends up in my Intro class, fine. He might learn something that is actually based on research and evidence.”

“If he were to cause problems by being disruptive, trolling, or engaging in unethical behavior of any kind, I would immediately document it (just like I would for any student doing the same thing)…and he would just be putting himself in a position for me to file a conduct report.”

I doubt Mr. Sandmann would disrupt or troll your class because he’s not a rude, ill-mannered brat like so many of your leftists comrades are.

Neither of these clowns must have gotten word about the CNN and Washington Post settlements after Sandmann sued them for their lies.


LOLOL. Russia spreading disinformation about Biden’s mental health: DHS

Love Rogan! Trump shares clip of Joe Rogan comparing Biden to ‘flashlight’ with ‘dying battery’

Who cares? Joy Behar calls for a ‘change’ in the Electoral College

Maryland To Eliminate Almost 85 Percent Of Polling Locations, But Officials Say They Aren’t Worried

VERY IMPORTANT. Trump tells his supporters to become poll watchers with a baseless claim about fraud at voting locations

Georgia Secretary of State: 58% of Double Voters in June Primary Were Democrats


Riots/protestors/Black Lives Matter/crime:

Never gonna happen. Republicans call for Judiciary hearing into unrest in cities run by Democrats

Oscars set inclusion standards for best picture category

Washington sheriff defends arrest of protester who says he was ‘abducted’

Will she give up like Seattle’s Carmen Best? Louisville taps first black woman to run police department after Breonna Taylor shooting

Trump Threatens to Cut Federal Funding to Schools That Teach 1619 Project

Pennsylvania Man Facing Up To 15 Years In Prison For Throwing Molotov Cocktails At Police Officers During Riot

Slack Got Security Robots For Its Headquarters. Now, Its CEO Is Bankrolling Groups That Want To Defund The Police

Group of 100 Orthodox Jewish rabbis calls on Bezos to stop using SPLC to ID alleged hate groups

Boston news reporter stabbed while working in city over weekend

Protester allegedly threatened police, wanted to ‘take these pigs heads off with a hand saw’: reports

A 13-year-old boy with autism was shot by police after his mother called for help managing a ‘mental breakdown’

Portland Police Have Spent $6.9 Million on Overtime Due to Riots


Coronavirus news:

No Trick-or-Treating: LA County Health Officials Announce Strict Halloween Rules

AstraZeneca Is Pausing Studies On Their Coronavirus Vaccine After Individual Experienced Severe Symptoms

Trump, supporters gather without masks in NC despite request from local GOP official

USAID to shut down its coronavirus task force

Washington Post mocked over ‘analysis’ attempting to count COVID-19 deaths while Trump golfed

Michigan’s Whitmer says Trump event this week ‘distressing’ – but Biden event OK: report

Half a million US children have been diagnosed with Covid-19

Coronavirus pandemic is jeopardizing decades of work in reducing preventable childhood deaths, new report finds



Hollywood reportedly casting light-skinned actors to appeal to China

In Move Against China, Palau Invites Pentagon to Build New Bases in Pacific

Trump Admin Sanctions Hezbollah Boosters in Lebanon


And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


Morning Greatness: Anti-Trump Propaganda Heats Up

Good Tuesday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president delivers remarks on Environmental Accomplishments for the People of Florida Jupiter, Florida
  • President Trump delivers remarks live from North Carolina Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Hot news topics:

He’s not wrong. Trump launches unprecedented attack on military leadership he appointed

Poll: Majority of Idaho Voters Approve Law to Protect Female Athletes from Transgender Competitors 

Women Plan All-Black Community in Georgia After ‘400 Years of Racial Oppression’

Peter Strzok Reveals What He Told Mueller About Trump-Russia Collusion

‘Stop Using My Image’: Wounded Vet Says Trump Never Called Him ‘Loser,’ Demands His Face Be Taken Off ‘Propaganda’

Jamal Khashoggi’s killers sentenced to lengthy prison terms

In battlegrounds, absentee ballot rejections could triple

Joe Biden threatens ‘personal price’ if business leaders oppose attempts to unionize

My patients suffered because of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s illegal lockdown

‘Operation Homecoming’ leads to rescue of 8 endangered children in Indiana, US Marshals say

Young Black voters not excited about Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket, analyst says

Georgia senator whose event was disrupted by Black Lives Matter says she’s holding rioters, DAs accountable

Trump thanks John Kelly aide who denied hearing president call fallen Marines losers

Biden could still lose to Trump when it comes to the suburbs: report

Likelihood US will have Covid-19 vaccine available this year is “extremely low,” former FDA head says

Biden says he would get vaccine even if it cost him the election

6-year-old boy among 5 people shot during Brooklyn J’Ourvet celebration

Lincoln police officer Mario Herrera dies nearly two weeks after being shot while serving a warrant

100s mourn St. Louis police officer shot in line of duty

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


Morning Greatness: Protests Continue During Holiday Weekend

Good Monday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president has no public events on the schedule today.

Labor day spin cycle:

Harris Reverses Herself on Fracking Ban
This Week in Biden Gaffes
New York school district delays start of year after mass resignations, leaves of absence
Police Union Bosses Blame Local Prosecutors For ‘Night After Night Of Rioting’
Michigan secretary of state warns Election Day could be Election Week
Jacob Blake speaks out for first time since police shooting
California’s El Dorado wildfire sparked by pyrotechnic device at gender reveal party
Anita Hill backs Biden, despite his ‘mistakes’ in handling her testimony during Clarence Thomas hearings
American Airlines allows crew to wear ‘BLM’ pin, sparking backlash from some members
12-year-old suspended after teacher spots toy gun during virtual class
Paintball shootings in Los Angeles on the rise and concerning police
Court overseeing national security surveillance finds FBI routinely doesn’t observe rules
Rochester mayor and police chief say they won’t resign amid Daniel Prude protests
HA! Schiff accuses Barr of lying over election intelligence
California governor declares state of emergency as multiple counties battle wildfires
Demonstrators march to Rochester Public Safety Building to protest death of Daniel Prude
Navajo Nation calls for investigation into Fort Hood deaths

And that’s all I’ve got, now go enjoy your Labor Day!


Morning Briefing: Joe Hiden Heads to Kenosha

Good Thursday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda

  • The president receives his intelligence briefing
  • President Trump has lunch with the Secretary of State
  • The president delivers remarks live from Pennsylvania

Hot topics:

Cuomo says Trump would need ‘army’ to safely walk New York City streets

Trump threatens funding to Democratic-led cities over unrest

‘You Always Ask A Hostile Question’: Biden Takes A Jab At Fox News’ Peter Doocy

See below. Barr likens mail-in voting to ‘playing with fire’ in testy interview with CNN’s Blitzer

Ugh Chris Wallace. Commission on Presidential Debates Announces Debate Moderators


Wolf Blitzer interview with A.G. Bill Barr

These clips are worth watching. Both to hear A.G. Barr but also to see how vicious Wolf Blitzer is. Can you imagine him talking to Biden or Eric Holder like this?

Election news:

Fox News poll finds Biden ahead of Trump in three battleground states

Biden holds 8-point lead over Trump after conventions: CNN poll

Karl Rove suggests Trump can make inroads with Latino, African-American voters as race tightens

Commission on Presidential Debates Announces Debate Moderators


Riots/protests/Black Lives Matter/crime:

Breonna Taylor’s ex was allegedly offered plea deal implicating her in drug ring

Dirtbag. Romney says Trump’s protest tweets ‘clearly intended to further inflame racial tensions’

MSNBC Anchor Blames Trump Supporters for Portland Violence

Student Activists Pledge to Occupy University of Chicago Provost’s House Until Campus Cops Are Abolished

Kenosha mayor lifts curfew citing several ‘peaceful’ nights

‘Defund The Police’ Movement Emboldened Criminals Across Nation, GOP State AGs Say

BLM Calls For Protests After DC Police Fatally Shoot Black Man, Two Guns Found At Scene

PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor slammed over claim Kyle Rittenhouse shot ‘unarmed’ protesters

Man suspected of attacking officer guarding Rand Paul outside RNC arrested

Dijon Kizzee was running from deputies when he was shot, lawyers say


Coronavirus news:

Chinese Embassy’s PR Firm Received Coronavirus Relief Loan

Wear a mask while having sex, suggest Canada’s top doctor

Novavax coronavirus vaccine is safe, published results show

Covid-19 vaccine “unlikely” by October, despite CDC distribution guidance, NIH director says

Pelosi calls private hair salon visit in San Francisco, against local regulations, ‘clearly a setup’


Other morsels:

Court rules NSA phone snooping illegal — after 7-year delay

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ adds first transgender, nonbinary characters to cast

CAIR says it met with NBC to discuss Joy Reid’s ‘offensive’ Muslim remarks

Facebook removes congressman’s post over ‘incitement’

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


Morning Greatness: Trump Visits Kenosha, Dems Say He’s Starting a Race War

Good Wednesday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president delivers remarks on designating Wilmington, NC as the first American World War II Heritage City

Five Minutes of Hate:

On Tuesday, President Trump visited Kenosha, Wisconsin to survey the arson and damage executed by the fiery but mostly peaceful rioters. The rioters began peacefully destroying Kenosha after accused sexual assaulter scumbag Jacob Blake was shot by police while he resisted arrest.

The governor of Wisconsin did not want Trump to visit because he said it would inflame the fiery but peaceful situation on the ground but in reality, he didn’t want the president to look good and the state leadership to look bad for letting barbarians burn Kenosha to the ground. There is no reason for any state elected official not to accept federal help if they need it to keep the peace. Ensuring the safety of the public is the most important job responsibility of elected state and community leadership. So why not take the help? Don’t answer, it’s a rhetorical question.

Trump announced he would be giving the area millions of dollars to rebuild and millions of dollars for public safety. CNN, racial bean counters, wanted to stir up sh!t by asking the black pastors at the event about systemic racism. The two pastors were were “the only African Americans seated at the dais” CNN wants you to know. Trump interjected so his presser wouldn’t be hijacked with clap trap about left-wing gibberish based grievances.

Along similar lines, one of CNN’s showcased village idiots April Ryan, announced that Trump is trying to start a race war because sometimes victims of Black Lives Matter and Antifa violence fight back.  “Let’s call a thing a thing,” Ryan, the White House Correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks, said on “CNN Newsroom”. “This president, Donald John Trump, has instigated a race war in America. Portland, Oregon, is ground zero. This president, Donald John Trump, has basically stoked the flames for racist extremists, neo-Nazis, and the alt-right.”

“This president is even defending Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old who went in Wisconsin and killed two protesters,” Ryan added. “So, at the end of the day, the mayor of Portland is absolutely right. And there are those who are calling for help from this president … There is a race war in America right now because of this president.”

Yes, this is all on Trump, of course. But the left is calling it a race war when people don’t bend the knee to bullying and violence of social justice barbarians. It’s a race war when Kyle Rittenhouse defends his life and it’s a race war when Trump supporters want to drive through Portland without getting assaulted. Those are the actions of Nazis and racists, act accordingly. And that’s the move: dehumanize political opponents so they are easier to beat and subjugate.


Election/campaign news:

RED FLAG. Bloomberg-Funded Group: Trump May Win Election Night, But Joe Biden Will Win Days Later Due to Mail-in Votes

‘I support Joe Biden’s pro-science agenda’: 81 Nobel laureates endorse Biden for president

Trump, Biden running neck and neck in North Carolina: poll

Donald Trump Takes Lead in North Carolina

Twitter forces Democratic candidate to delete post flouting voter suppression rules

DHS, FBI rebut reports about hacked voter data on Russian forum

Biden-Harris campaign launches merch for ‘Animal Crossing’


Riots/protests/Black Lives Matter/crime:

Seattle adds massive concrete barriers outside targeted East Precinct: No ‘front entrance anymore’

Pence calls Blake shooting ‘tragic’ but says investigation must play out

D.C. Committee Recommends Stripping Names of Presidents From Sites

Chicago Shootings Spike Amid Anti-Police Protests

California lawmakers pass bill making false, racist 911 calls a hate crime

Tony Baltimore School Buckles to Anti-Semitic Demands of Black Lives Matter Activists

Ilhan Omar Demands Apology From Joy Reid For ‘Casual Islamophobia’

Fantastic. ‘I Am Antifa’: Antifa Supporter Sarah Iannarone Could Be Portland’s Next Mayor

Journalist Tells Tucker Carlson That The Government Must Stop ‘Destructive’ Critical Race Theory Indoctrination

Black man fatally shot by Los Angeles police hit over 20 times, lawyer claims

Suspected St. Louis cop killer hit with numerous charges, including murder

Brian Stelter admits CNN’s ‘fiery but mostly peaceful protests’ graphic during Kenosha coverage was ‘mistake’

Lin Wood, attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse, says he was locked out of Twitter account

Elvis Presley’s Graceland Vandalized with ‘Black Lives Matter,’ ‘Defund Police’ Graffiti


Coronavirus news:

Nancy Pelosi gets hair done at SF salon in spite of COVID-19 rules

Florida lifting ban on nursing home visits

COVID Found In Sewage Sends More Than 250 College Kids Into Quarantine Before Classes Start

‘I’m The Public Face’: Here’s A List Of Lawmakers Who Broke COVID Rules

US divorce rates skyrocket amid COVID-19 pandemic

Lies. New WH adviser pushes controversial pandemic response


Other morsels:

Democrats call for IRS to review tax-exempt status of NRA

China Expected To Drastically Expand Nuclear Capability Over The Next Decade, Pentagon Says

University of California System can’t use SAT and ACT tests for admissions, judge rules

Rep. Rice tries to save veteran’s companion dog from euthanasia after ‘minor paperwork mistake’

ICE Arrested Over 2K Illegal Aliens Last Month, Including Killers, Rapists

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


Morning Greatness: Biden Emerges From Basement in Scripted Presser

Good Tuesday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president arrives at property affected by recent riots in Kenosha, WI
  • President Trump surveys property affected by recent riots
  • The president tours the Emergency Operations Center
  • President Trump participates in a roundtable on Wisconsin Community Safety

Five minutes of hate:

Basement Biden finally addressed the violence, rioting and murder across America as his poll numbers are dropping. FUN FLASHBACK: Remember when Jerry Nadler said there was no such thing as Antifa? Biden warned the country: the violence won’t stop with another Trump presidential term. “Does anyone believe there will be less violence in America if Donald Trump is reelected?” Is that a threat Joe? Biden also said of Trump that he is “an incumbent president who makes things worse, not better. An incumbent president who sows chaos rather than providing order.” How so? What has Trump done that makes these barbarians set fires, loot and beat people? The left always removes the agency from its protected actors, as if each and every one of the hooligans destroying Americans communities has not made a choice to act. If Trump can make people riot, can he make people not riot?

President Trump is heading to Wisconsin today, despite lefty Governor Evers asking him not to visit. “I am concerned your presence will only hinder our healing,” Evers wrote. “I am concerned your presence will only delay our work to overcome division and move forward together.” The Democrats are worried a visit will “fan the flames.”  Here we see the same maneuver: Trump’s visit will cause the ensuing violence and mayhem rather than the deliberate actions of malefactors choosing to start trouble. There’s no reason thugs need to hit the street and bust up their community unless they chose to do so. It’s not on Trump.

The president will not meet with the family of Jacob Blake during his visit. Blake is the knife-wielding man who was shot after resisting arrest for violating a restraining order. Blake was restrained from visiting his victim because he had broke into her house and raped her with his fingers as her child slept next to her. (Enjoy your hero!) The Blake family wanted lawyers at a possible meeting with the president. Suspicious request.

Our cultural bullhorns have the vapors because President Trump will not denounce Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old who defended himself against violent thugs hunting him down while he tried to stop their arson and destruction. Trump said at a press conference Rittenhouse was “trying to get away from them, I guess, it looks like” and that protesters “violently attacked him.” The purpose of denouncing the 17-year-old is to dissuade people from defending their life and their property against roving bandits like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. The left doesn’t want anyone resisting the hostile takeover. I think the president knows that and didn’t take the bait. Has anyone asked Biden and every single Democrat politician if they will denounce Antifa and Black Lives matters thugs?

Campaign 2020:

Kamala Harris Has Endorsed Complete Fracking Ban

Biden Says He’s Not Banning Fracking Months After Promising To Stop All New Fracking Projects

Twitter flags Trump campaign for ‘out of context’ clip of Biden attacking himself

Dem mayor in MN endorsing Trump because ‘he is looking out for our way of life’

USPS removes mailboxes every year, despite worries

Kamala Harris makes cameo appearance in record-breaking Brandy vs. Monica Verzuz battle


Riots/violence/Black Lives Matter/crime:

Rittenhouse Attorney: Kenosha Shootings Were ‘100 Percent Self-Defense’

White House blasts Democratic mayors for unrest during protests: ‘Secure your streets’

Alice Johnson Accosted By Demonstrators Outside White House

5 alleged MS-13 members charged in murder of New York teen near reservoir

Protests erupt in Los Angeles after fatal police shooting

Oregon sheriffs reject Gov. Kate Brown’s request to staff Portland protests

Milwaukee police community service officer fatally shot in ‘neighbor dispute’

Kenosha sees nearly $2M in damage to city property so far amid unrest: report

Six Arrested for Assaulting Cops as Disorder Reigns in D.C.

7-Year-Old Shot Dead During Indiana Birthday Party Amid Rising National Violence

DC Police Won’t Say Why They Didn’t Have More Officers Protecting Politicians, Guests As They Left RNC

‘This Is Joe Biden’s Base, And He Needs To Disavow Them’: Rand Paul Blasts Biden For Blaming Violence On Trump

Nunes says Schiff’s DHS protest response probe focusing on Trump, not looters

Florida man known as ‘the Antifa hunter’ gets prison over racist threats

Washburn University dismantles Jefferson, Franklin statues after donor flags potential ’embarrassment’

Video shows Democratic leaders, liberal pundits cheering and condoning violence against political opponents

Portland fatal shooting victim’s friend: ‘They executed my partner. They hunted him down’

St. Louis couple who brandished guns during BLM protest make first court appearance

DOJ ‘targeting and investigating’ leaders, funders of far-left groups and rioters, Wolf tells Tucker

A New Jersey teen was billed $2,500 in police overtime for a Black Lives Matter protest

Jacob Blake’s uncle speaks to CNN about shooting

Wisconsin Republicans take no action on policing bills


Coronavirus news:

County Seizes Property From L.A. Church Challenging Coronavirus Restrictions

Cuomo Sends SWAT Team To College Because Of COVID

Falling Covid-19 cases create opportunity and peril for Trump

94% of Americans who died from COVID-19 had contributing conditions: CDC

FDA willing to fast-track coronavirus vaccine, agency chief says

Philadelphia mayor seen dining indoors while city’s restaurants can only serve outside


Other morsels:

Appeals court deals setback to Flynn’s attempt to end DOJ case against him

Andrew Yang takes lead role in California data privacy campaign

One easy step Trump could take to capitalize on anti-Big Pharma voter sentiment

Trump demands ‘patriotic education’ in U.S. schools

Top CIA spy killed himself in front of wife who later found stash of sex toys, guns

Over $1M worth of cocaine washes up on Florida beach

Steve Bannon, accused ‘We Build the Wall’ fraudsters to face springtime trial

Amazon gets closer to drone delivery with FAA approval

Thousands ask for a statue of Chadwick Boseman to replace a Confederate memorial in his hometown

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


Morning Greatness: Violence Escalates in Liberal Hellscapes

Good Monday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president has lunch with the Vice President
  • The president meets with the Attorney General and the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security

Two minutes of hate:

Leftie elected officials in violent hellscapes blame Trump for the violence dominating their sewer cities. Anarchist-occupied Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler told the president, ‘It’s you who have created the hate.’ The president announced he would visit Kenosha, Wisconsin and the lefties running the failed-state don’t want him there, both the Governor and the Lt. Governor have urged Trump not to show up. Don’t buy into the left’s narrative that rioters and hooligans have no control over themselves and have to hit the streets for a fresh crime wave because the president is going to visit. Trump doesn’t make people do things, it’s a choice. If you choose to hit the streets, you should be held accountable for your actions.

A Trumper was shot and killed this weekend in sh!thole country of Portland. A BLM rioter walked up to the victim in broad daylight and shot and killed him. The victim was wearing a Patriot Prayer hat and carrying a bag that had a Blue Lives Matter flag on it. The killer has been identified and BLM/Antifa are elated about their kill.

We found out why the cops were called on Jacob Blake, he’s a real scumbag. Blake had violated a July restraining order issued after he sexually assaulted the woman who would call 911 on him in August. Blake raped the victim with his fingers during the July incident. Enjoy your hero lefties! Police shot Blake seven times after he resisted arrest, put an officer in a headlock, and resisted non-lethal force. He also had a knife. Where are the women’s groups? Blake is exactly the kind of creep who needs to be taken off the streets.

DNI John Ratcliffe will stop giving oral briefs on election security to the House and Senate intelligence committees because partisan hacks on the committees leak sensitive information. Ratcliffe also said he has filed multiple crime reports over classified leaks. House Intelligence (HPSCI) chair Rep. Adam Schiff is angry because he is almost certainly a leaker. The trash on the HPSCI will still get briefings but they will be written despite the Democrats’ spinning and tantrums that information is being withheld.

The attorney’s for Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old who shot three rioters last week, has released a description of the deadly attack in Kenosha. Attorneys say Rittenhouse was attacked and shot at before defending himself with his firearm. A similar thing happened in Florida where a man was attacked and beaten by thugs at a BLM riot but the man was released as soon as video showed him using a firearm to defend himself.



On C-SPAN, Dems Defect to Trump

MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross Calls Black RNC Speakers A ‘Modern-Day Minstrel Show’

Biden will not visit Kenosha on Monday


Race riots/protests/Black Lives Matter/violence:

Arizona student group slammed for raising money for gunman

Kentucky AG says his office has received FBI ballistics report from Breonna Taylor shooting

Pollster: Biden denounces Kenosha violence after campaign ‘misjudged how important it was to the American people’

This is quite the roster. This Week in Leftist Violence and Intimidation

Trump labels Portland mayor a ‘FOOL’: ‘Bring in the National Guard’

Police officers shot in St. Louis, Chicago

‘I’m Ready To Put These Police In The F**king Grave’: DC Protester Calls For More Violence

Alleged stabber shouted ‘Black Lives Matter’ during random attack in Colorado

Rioters, looters could lose unemployment benefits under new bill

Florida cop shot serving warrant, suspect killed in gun battle: officials

Dallas Stars Admit Losing Fans over Black Lives Matter Support

Black Staff Claim BBC ‘Institutionally Racist’, Like Working on ‘Plantation’

4 shot at Kansas City nightclub where past shooting occurred

NYPD uses facial recognition to arrest brazen sex offender accused of attempted rape on subway platform

Maryland state employee fired over posts supporting Kenosha shooting suspect

Police: Shooting at Pro-Trump Rally Becomes Standoff in Los Angeles

Coronavirus news:

Northwestern University freshmen, sophomores will not return to campus

FDA chief says he supports fast-tracking coronavirus vaccine if ‘appropriate’

World coronavirus cases top 25 million with US leading the way

More than 1,000 University of Alabama students test positive for COVID-19 since classes resumed


Other morsels:

Priceless. ‘You Simply Do Not Care About Us’: Neighbors Allegedly Write Letter Singling Out Neighbor For Trump Yard Sign

Ratcliffe Says He Is Coordinating With John Durham, Plans To Declassify More Trump-Russia Documents

Banksy’s overloaded migrant rescue boat saved by Italian government

France horse killings stun countryside after ‘barbaric’ slayings with mysterious, ritual-like mutilations

Louisiana woman arrested after starting barbecue protest outside mayor’s house

Democrat Insider Details Mail-In Voting Fraud Operation: ‘This Is a Real Thing’

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


Morning Greatness: RNC Wraps Up, Protestors Attack Attendees

Good Friday morning.

  • The president receives a briefing on Hurricane Laura
  • President Trump delivers remarks live from New Hampshire

Last night of the RNC

Speeches worth watching in include:

  • Ann Dorn, widow of retired St. Louis Police Capt. David Dorn, who was killed in June
  • Alice Johnson, whose life sentence for drug charges Trump commuted
  • Carl and Marsha Mueller, parents of Kayla Mueller, an American humanitarian worker killed by ISIS



Five takeaways on GOP’s norm-breaking convention

Alice Johnson praises Trump for First Step Act, urges compassion for ‘forgotten faces’

Biden Confuses Jacob Blake With Teen Who Shot at Rioters

NOT A CULT. DC Protesters Put Trump Effigy Under Guillotine During White House RNC Speech

Rand Paul Harassed Outside White House By Protesters After Trump’s RNC Speech

Tom Cotton says China ‘rooting’ for ‘weak’ Joe Biden at RNC

Scott Walker suggests Biden should have given DNC speech ‘in Wisconsin, where it really matters’

He’s not wrong. Trump mocks Biden’s record, says ex-VP has spent career on ‘wrong side of history’

Kamala Harris: ‘The Life of a Black Person in America Has Never Been Treated as Fully Human’


Riots/protests/Black Lives Matter/violence:

Hundreds gather at White House for Trump speech despite COVID-19 guidelines

Baltimore Ravens call for ‘arrest and charge’ of police officers in Breonna Taylor killing, Jacob Blake shooting

NYPD seeks suspect in brutal parking-garage stabbing caught on video

Cancel the whole thing. NHL puts off 2 days of playoff games amid injustice protests

SCUM BAGS. Charges against Kyle Rittenhouse formally filed in Kenosha shootings

Breonna Taylor’s ex-boyfriend has been arrested and says she had nothing to do with alleged drug trade


Coronavirus news:

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan Authorizes Schools To Reopen, Slams Jurisdictions Without Plans For In-Person Instruction

Jeff Bezos Surpasses $200 Billion Net Worth Mark Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

5-year-old Arizona boy with autism booted from school bus for not wearing mask

Most of Germany imposes $59 fine for mask-wearing breaches


Other morsels:

Private Wisconsin college cancels Pence commencement speech

‘We’re not budging’: Efforts to restart coronavirus talks sputter

Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe intends to resign for health reasons


And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


Morning Greatness: Narrative Set on ‘Vigilante White Supremacist Militia’ Shooter

Good Thursday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president participates in a roundtable with supporters
  • President Trump delivers his Acceptance Speech to the 2020 Republican National Convention

Kenosha shooter arrested, media say he’s a white supremacist

Yesterday Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old accused of shooting three rioters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, killing two and injuring one, was arrested. He was charged with first-degree intentional homicide. President Trump has since sent in the feds and the national guard after the useless governor of Wisconsin previously turned down offers of support. Hooligans are rioting because a black man with a criminal record of violence was shot by cops when he resisted arrest, marched to his car and appeared to reach into grab something. A knife was found in the car. Was Jacob Blake was trying to grab a gun? I wouldn’t want to wait and find out.

A group of people headed to Kenosha after “social justice” rioters had set fires, looted and damaged the city and the businesses of innocent people. This is what happens when the police fail to protect residents and property. It will continue to happen. Kenosha’s violence is squarely on the elected officials who failed to do their jobs.

The media and the cultural elite are melting down because Tucker Carlson asked, “How shocked are we that 17-year-olds with rifles decided they had to maintain order when no one else would?” I am not shocked at all, Tucker.

“We do know why it happened, though. Kenosha devolved into anarchy because the authorities abandoned the people,” Carlson said. “Those in charge, from the governor on down, refused to enforce the law. They’ve stood back and watched Kenosha burn. Are we really surprised that looting and arson accelerated to murder?”

Tucker is right. Do you think the future victims of violence, arson, looting and destruction are overly sympathetic to the rioters who attacked this young man, the rioters who have been burning cars, businesses and destroying property? (Kenosha man, 71, fends off looters, suffers broken jaw, blow to head: report.) I bet they aren’t sympathetic at all, they are wondering why the hell isn’t anyone stopping this sh!t? People know the destruction and beatings can and will come to their neighborhoods. Who will protect them? (Crowd Honks Car Horns, Yells To Wake Up Residential Neighborhood In Kenosha.) The corporate media scum and the narrative bullhorns are out of touch with reality. They have to paint any attempt at self defense as vigilantism because they don’t want people to fight back against civil unrest. They want mobs terrifying the public to make them more compliant so just SHUT UP and wear your mask and social distance. Unless you are a rioter for “social justice” in which case, go right ahead.

Excuse me if I DGAF about people screaming “vigilantism” because the same crowd isn’t decrying violence, looting, beatings, or arson by these barbaric provocateurs. The condemnation only goes in one direction.

“But what I can say is prior to the first shooting that I witnessed I did see a number of individuals pursuing the 17-year-old alleged shooter, and actually the individual who was shot I did see him advance on him very closely,” [Daily Caller reporter] McGinniss described. “And you can see that in the video, although it’s a bit far away. I was actually, maybe, six or seven feet behind them. So I saw it up close.”

Here’s another good description of what happened, based on the bits and pieces collected so far.

In a video interview before the shooting, Rittenhouse said, “People are getting injured and our job is to protect this business,” Rittenhouse said in one clip. “And my job also is to protect people. If someone is hurt, I’m running into harm’s way. That’s why I have my rifle; I’ve gotta protect myself, obviously. But I also have my med kit.”

It’s time to nail down the narrative about Rittenhouse for the left, we can’t have people thinking they need to actively protect their communities. People need to think he’s an extremist who supports the hateful pro-police groups like Blue Lives Matter and, according to the snuff sheet Buzzfeed, Rittenhouse was at a Trump rally. OH THE HUMANITY! CNN wants you to know that Facebook refused to remove the page of the Kenosha Militia, a group Rittenhouse had no connection to because militia.

Here is some more information about the victims. They are all white.


Suspected teen gunman Kyle Rittenhouse spotted cleaning Kenosha graffiti before shooting

Reporter describes deadly night in Kenosha, says civilians have drawn ‘line in the sand’ with protests

Allegedly has a history of battery and repeat domestic abuse. Kenosha protester allegedly killed by Kyle Rittenhouse remembered as a ‘peaceful person’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson stuns with comment on Kenosha shootings



WHERE IS JOE BIDEN? Kamala Harris will deliver counter to Trump’s convention speech

Pence calls Biden a ‘Trojan horse for a radical left’ as he touts Trump’s accomplishments

Marsha Blackburn: If Dems Had Their Way, You’d Never Leave Your House

True. Lincoln Project Republican says polls undercount Trump support

Ted Cruz says he was not invited to participate in GOP convention

Stefanik credits Trump for spike in GOP women running for office

Conway hails Trump as ‘champion’ of women

LOL. Romney 2012 staffers unite behind effort to elect Joe Biden

Ex-Trump spy chief Richard Grenell says Biden helped target Michael Flynn at RNC

Desegregation activist Clarence Henderson says at RNC Trump represents US he fought for

Bette Midler walks back tweet mocking Melania Trump’s accent: ‘I was wrong’

What will the military do if Biden refuses to concede? Al Gore suggests military will remove Trump from office if he won’t concede on election night

Trump says he wants drug tests before debates with Biden

Of course. House committee calls for probe into DHS chief’s participation in naturalization ceremony featured at RNC

Kayleigh McEnany shares story of her mastectomy in convention speech, recalls Trump’s support

Hateful disgusting human being. PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor blasted for tweet knocking Cawthorn for standing during RNC remarks

Conservatives boost efforts to target voter rolls in battleground states

Rasmussen Poll: Joe Biden Sinks After Democrat Convention


Riots/protests/Black Lives Matter/violence:

Jacob Blake’s Mother Denounces Kenosha Riots

Shaun King’s Tweet Promising To Name Cops Who ‘May Or May Not’ Be Officer Who Shot Jacob Blake Doesn’t Violate Twitter Rules, Spokesman Says

Daily Caller Reporter Robbed At Gunpoint During Minneapolis Riots

Breonna Taylor protest in Louisville leads to 71 arrests

Cops ignored gunman during Kenosha riots as he seemingly tried to turn himself in

Cops who killed Breonna Taylor reportedly also botched 2018 raid

Of course. ACLU files lawsuit for Portland protesters, military veterans against Trump administration

Lincoln police officer shot serving warrant, suspects in custody

Bob Costas rips RNC for not expressing ‘basic sympathy’ to BLM movement

Piss off. Athletes across US sports take a stand, as games are called off in solidarity with Bucks’ boycott

Piss off harder. NBA, WNBA postpone all Wednesday games after players refused to play over Jacob Blake shooting

Good. Get rid of all these rich, entitled athletes. Biden, Obama back NBA boycott over Jacob Blake shooting

Chicago violence: Chilling video appears to show woman, 85, slammed during robbery

Hilarious. CNN panned for on-air graphic reading ‘fiery but mostly peaceful protest’ in front of Kenosha fire

Donald Trump Sending Federal Law Enforcement to Kenosha, Wisconsin, to Help Quell Riots


Coronavirus news:

FDA gives go-ahead to fast $5 coronavirus test that doesn’t require lab equipment

CDC warns workers to avoid arguing with anti-mask customers

CDC did not get orders from President Trump to change coronavirus testing guidelines, HHS says

Snort. Fauci says he was in surgery when task force discussed CDC testing guidelines

Woman may have caught coronavirus in airplane toilet, researchers say

More scrutiny needed of Florida coronavirus isolation centers, seniors’ advocates say


Other morsels:

Scary! Number of millennials running for Congress increased 266 percent in two years: survey

Montana Gov Bullock’s Climate Council’s Leaked Plan Pushes For Carbon Tax

Boohoo. Vindman twin accused top NSC officials of misconduct, claims retaliation

DO NOT VOTE BY MAIL. Intel officials contradict Trump on voting by mail

Drugmakers getting bolder in fight over 340B drug discounts

Louisiana Gov. Edwards calls Hurricane Laura ‘huge threat to life,’ storm may be worst since 1957

Navy sailor reportedly under investigation in USS Bonhomme Richard fire that injured 21: report

Federal appeals court sides with student in Virginia transgender bathroom case

TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer quits following Trump’s threat to ban the app

Idaho wraps up chaotic special session; Bundy arrested again



Morning Greatness: Hillary Clinton Says Biden Should Not Concede ‘Under Any Circumstances’

Good Wednesday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president receives his intelligence briefing
  • President Trump meets with Medical Professionals on COVID-19

Hillary Clinton tells Biden not to concede presidential loss NO MATTER WHAT

Why are we even having an election if Joe Biden is the winner no matter what happens at the ballot box?

“Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances because I think this is going to drag out, and eventually I do believe he will win if we don’t give an inch and if we are as focused and relentless as the other side is,” Clinton burped in the tabloid TV show “The Circus.”

“If Trump wins, the GOP cheated.” That is the narrative being fortified right now. The Left and their media terror proxies are setting the groundwork to pronounce that Trump lost the election and any claim to victory is illegitimate regardless of what the election results are. If Trump insists he is the winner, violence and terror will be legitimized because the election was stolen. It will be 2000 all over again but with bullets, fires, and Molotov cocktails. Bonus: urban violence is the new normal with these Black Lives Matter riots.

Trump campaign lawyer Matthew Morgan said Clinton was “unashamedly trying to lay the groundwork for Joe Biden to deny the election results when President Trump wins.”

He is correct. As far as the left is concerned, Joe Biden has already won the election. If you think that’s crazy and wonder how could that happen let me tell you. The public believes what they are told and what they are told originates from the progressive, corporate media. Wrongthink will get you banned from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other cybersh!tholes. The only information available is “approved” information, there’s little opportunity to say anything that isn’t “allowed” by the thought police. How would you know anything other than Biden won the election?

Any contradictory information will be censored or drowned out by the powerful communication mediums controlled by the left.  Think of how many lies and falsehoods are believed with religious fervor by the public-at-large. How many people think Paul Manafort went to jail for colluding with the RUSSIANS? How many people believe Michael Brown said “hands up, don’t shoot” before he was shot at Ferguson? How many people don’t know that a DoJ investigation found that at least 2 of the 4 FISA warrants on Carter Page were illegal? How many people know the Obama DoJ spied on the Trump campaign, Trump transition and the Trump presidency? How many people think Nick Sandmann aggressively accosted a Native American Elder in front of the Lincoln Memorial? How many people know that not a single person associated with the Trump campaign was found to have conspired with RUSSIA? How many people believe that Trump said there were “fine people on both sides” about the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville? Those are just a few examples, I could go on.

Many people believe lies and they believe lies because the media tells them the lies are the truth. Only two days ago, progressive groups sent a letter to the networks asking them to time delay the RNC broadcast “to combat the spread of disinformation.” We all have a good idea of what these progressive groups think is “disinformation.”

Sometimes it takes days for the dupes on the right to figure out what is true and sometimes it takes years. If Trump hadn’t won the election, we would never know the lengths the Obama administration went in their abuse of government power to interfere with the Trump campaign and the 2020 election. What do you think will happen in a presidential election where the media tells the people Biden won and Trump cheated? How long will it take to figure out that’s not true (if in fact it is not true)? It will be too late. Be prepared because this is coming.

Watch the RNC and skip to the parts you want to watch:

Election/campaign/RNC News:

Republican Convention Draws Five Times More Views Than DNC

Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron tells Biden he’s ‘not in chains,’ touts Trump

LOL. House Committee Launches Investigation Into Pompeo’s RNC Speech From Jerusalem

Juan Williams Calls Cuban Refugee’s RNC Comments ‘Disgusting’

Who wants to see Chuck Todd? NBC Shows Chuck Todd Commnetary On The Election Over RNC Naturalization Ceremony

Widow of retired St. Louis Police captain killed amid protest violence to speak at RNC

CNN’s Joe Lockhart attacks Sandmann as ‘snot nose entitled kid’ after network’s defamation suit

Bette Midler During Rand Paul RNC Speech: Where’s His Neighbor When We Need Him?

Bette Midler accused of xenophobic tweets mocking Melania Trump: ‘She still can’t speak English’

In new lawsuit, New York state adds to mounting legal pressure on Postal Service over mail-in voting


Riots/protests/racial turmoil/Black Lives Matter:

The left loves immigrants! Pro-Biden Group Says Nikki Haley’s Name is Proof America is Racist

CNN analyst slammed for tweet hitting Nikki Haley’s claim that America ‘is not a racist country’

Antigun Police Chief Puts Out Hiring Call

‘White Silence Is Violence’: Videos Show Crowds Of DC Protesters Harassing People At Restaurants

Of course. Woman Who Punched Philadelphia Churchgoer Will Not Be Charged, Police Say

Not allowed to ask that. Lindsey Graham questions why Jacob Blake ‘didn’t yield’ in Wisconsin police shooting

Black Lives Matters protesters accost white diners for not raising fists

The death of Breonna Taylor: Report details why Louisville police decided to forcibly enter her apartment

Democratic senator warns democracy ‘unnatural,’ may not be ‘permanent’

But not BLM/Antifa violence? House lawmakers introduce bipartisan resolution to condemn ‘dangerous’ QAnon conspiracy theory


Coronavirus news:

Florida confirmed 9K new COVID-19 cases among children within 15 days as schools reopen

ISIS Has 10,000 Members And Has Bolstered Propaganda Efforts, Attacks During The Pandemic, UN Warns

FDA chief issues mea culpa for his plasma treatment claims

New coronavirus cases declining in US, experts credit masks in drop

Iowa nursing home fined for denying one woman’s plea to say goodbye to her dying mother

Covid-19 superspreading event in Boston may have led to 20,000 cases, researcher says

A mother captured an emotional photo of her son crying in virtual class to show difficulties of distance learning during pandemic

Covid-19 cases among US children increased by 21% in just two weeks

Updated CDC guidelines now say people exposed to coronavirus may not need to be tested

American Airlines to cut 19,000 jobs this fall amid industry upheaval


Other morsels:

NASA Researcher Arrested For Cooperation With Chinese Regime

US sanctions Chinese fentanyl ‘kingpin’ for mailing lethal drug

No stand down orders? Ammon Bundy arrested at Idaho state capital after occupying press desk

Yum! General Mills to sell Lucky Charms marshmallows in limited-time pouches

USPS delays endanger 14M who won’t get medications on time

Seattle landlord accused of murdering, dismembering tenants ‘likely had help from others,’ court documents say

Comey accuses Trump, Barr of ‘damaging’ DOJ, urges support for Biden in WaPo op-ed

Becki Falwell speaks out on affair allegations, denies Jerry liked to watch

WAT. Squaw Valley Ski Resort near Lake Tahoe to change name from the ‘racist and sexist slur’

Bacteria from Earth can survive in space and could endure the trip to Mars, according to new study

Trump says he will nominate Chad Wolf as permanent head of DHS


And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


Morning Greatness: Corporate Media Pans RNC’s Patriotic, Proud Portrait of America

Good Tuesday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president attends the First Lady’s Remarks to the 2020 Republican National Convention

Republican National Committee begins

On Monday the RNC hit the road running. Here’s the video if you want to watch or want to find certain speeches. I skipped several. I recommend Tim Scott, Vernon Jones, Amy Johnson Ford, Kim Klacik, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, Andrew Pollack, Tanya Weinreis and Natalie Harp.

The mood of the convention was both patriotic and proud, but also warned about the danger of letting the left control America…well control it more than they already do. Several more scumbags announced they were signing on with the despicable Lincoln Clown Show like former RNC Chair Michael Steele and Jeff Flake. What does this say about Trump? A better question is how could these people possibly claim to be members of a party with which they are entirely out of touch? According to Gallup, 90 percent of Republicans approve of Trump’s job performance, so in what way did these men ever represent their party members? They didn’t and many still in elected office don’t.

Another notable observation: the corporate media is “fact checking” and analyzing the statements made at the convention in a way they absolutely did not for the Democrats. Did any of the Democrats’ speakers, assertions, claims or production get held up to scrutiny? No. What a joke they are.

And now for something completely different….

Important: 4 Big Moments From the House’s Postal Service Hearing

RNC/election 2020 news:

Trump Jr. calls Biden the ‘Loch Ness Monster of the swamp’

Gaetz uses convention speech to criticize Biden for lack of activity

Liberal ‘Fake News’ Site Spends Millions on Deceptive Facebook Campaign 

Tim Scott: My Family ‘Went from Cotton to Congress in One Lifetime’

Tim Scott invokes Breonna Taylor, George Floyd in Trump convention speech

Is this guy a Republican? Conservatives Will Be ‘Better Served’ In The Long Run: Jeff Flake Endorses Joe Biden For President

Is this guy? Former RNC chair Michael Steele joins anti-Trump group

Former Trump DHS officials launch anti-Trump group

Lies. Lincoln Project Claims RNC Attendee Called Obama A ‘Monkey’ During Trump’s Speech

Idiots. CNN Cuts Into RNC Coverage To Criticize Trump And Guests For Not Wearing Masks

‘Democrats Won’t Let You Go To Church, But They’ll Let You Protest’: Jim Jordan Slams Democratic Riot Policies

Gimme a break. RNC tries to rewrite pandemic history, casting Trump as decisive leader

Rescued hostages thank Trump during Republican convention: ‘You got me back’

TikTok users flood Trump campaign app with 1-star reviews, forcing a reset: report

Pompeo shattering precedent, sparking fury with RNC speech

Eyewitness Says as Many as 20,000 Unverified Absentee Ballots Counted in Detroit Primary


Protests/riots/Black Lives Matter/violence:

Wisconsin activates National Guard after protests over Jacob Blake shooting

Rioters Set Fire To Furniture Store In Kenosha, Wisconsin

Twitter praises, questions Vanity Fair September cover featuring Breonna Taylor portrait

Wisconsin protesters rally for second night against ‘shocking and outrageous’ police shooting of Jacob Blake

Biden calls for ‘immediate’ investigation into Wisconsin police-involved shooting of Jacob Blake


Coronavirus news:

Cuomo, other governors mum on quarantine rules after CDC drops recommendation

Trump turns up pressure on FDA

KFC suspending use of ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ in advertising amid coronavirus pandemic

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to receive regular coronavirus testing


Other morsels:

Death toll from California fires rises to seven

REPORT: Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Received $4.5 Million In Gifts, Freebies

Lather, rinse, repeat. NY AG investigating whether Donald Trump inflated value of Westchester County estate

LA jails refuse to turn 25,000 criminal illegal immigrants over to ICE

Of course. Eliminating payroll tax could deplete Social Security by 2023, chief actuary warns

TikTok sues Trump administration over US ban

Scott Peterson’s death sentence overturned in murder of pregnant wife

Hospital confirms Putin critic Alexey Navalny was poisoned


And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!