Law & Order

Teddy Roosevelt’s Rules

We are no longer working under the pressure, as in Roosevelt’s time, of persuading vigilantes to stay their hands and let the law run its course. All the more reason why we “as a people” should take effectual steps to make the law itself come “to the Assistance of the Innocent and Helpless.”

A Throne of Grace

Judge Tammy Kemp and Brandt Jean set a beautiful example of justice and forgiveness at the sentencing of Amber Guyger.

A Chance at Exoneration for Michael Flynn?

President Trump's first national security advisor agreed 18 months ago to plead guilty to lying to the FBI. He still hasn't been sentenced. Now a new motion filed Friday by Flynn's attorney threatens to explode the government’s case.

Countering Progressive Nihilism

America’s homeless epidemic, along with a shocking rise in deaths from drug overdoses, stem from the same root cause: liberal progressive ideology. The seductive power […]

Andrew McCabe’s Unjust Deserts

Is lying under oath or leaking classified information or misrepresenting evidence to a court a crime? If so, then it is as much a crime for McCabe or James Comey or John Brennan or Hillary Clinton as it is for Mike Flynn or George Papadopoulos. At least, that’s the way it is supposed to work. Does it?

Cosmic Injustice

When leaders virtue signal about global or cosmic sin, it is often proof they have no willingness or power to address any concrete crisis. The public tires of such empty platitudes because they also see the culpable trying to divert attention from their own earthly failure by loudly appealing to a higher moral universe.