Law & Order

FBI Bends Its Knee to the Mob

If we focused on the facts and on the Democratic Party’s history, people would see that our circumstances have not changed much because the people and the party in charge have not changed much either.

Kneelers and Submitters

Take away the power of one man to ride another while “booted and spurred,” and perhaps we might find a slice of real justice and liberty for all.

Alleged Racism Does Not Justify A Mass Shooting

There’s a clear double standard when the media asks all white Americans to take responsibility for one maniac’s mass shooting, yet we’re supposed to sympathize with black mass shooters whenever there is even a dubious charge of racism.

The FISA States of America

Republicans and Democrats should join together to curtail the unchecked and unpunished abuse perpetrated by our own government.

The Obligations of Compassion

Compassion, properly tempered with common sense, and properly balanced with the other fundamental moral values, may seem harsh, but the results are what matter, not the rhetoric.