Law & Order

Back the Blue That Backs You

Maybe one of the things we traditional Americans can stop doing is reflexively giving our loyalty, respect, and cooperation to institutions and organizations that no longer deserve it. 

Abolish the Plea Deal

The government may never understand the principle which their own behavior so amply demonstrates: That incentives for abuse will create abuse.

John Carlin Lies to Spy 

The return of a key architect of the Russia collusion hoax to the Department of Justice is a chilling sign of things to come. 

America’s Political Prisoners First

While official Washington fixates on the plight of an anti-Putin Russian political dissident, American supporters of Donald Trump are facing persecution and prosecution right here at home.

How Our Oligarchy Crushes Terrorism

The FBI’s increasing preference for political action over bona fide investigations is part of its overall decadence—laziness, incompetence, and eagerness to integrate with the ruling class.

Kamala and the Killers

The terrorist massacre in San Bernardino five years ago foreshadows what we might expect under the “Harris Administration” Kamala has been touting.

Your FBI Will Entrap You

Is the nation’s top law enforcement agency protecting society from sociopaths or is the bureau itself sociopathic? Evidence and experience suggest the latter.