Law & Order

Tomorrow We Get a Nero?

Will our social disorders combine with economic hardship to produce a furious storm that overwhelms the Biden Administration like the one that overwhelmed Hindenburg and the Weimar Republic?

The FBI’s Other Sexual Scandal

For those who do not benefit from the FBI’s selective use of its power, the consistent tolerance of child predators (even within its own ranks) calls into question its legitimacy. 

Semper Tyrannus—Always a Tyrant

It is up to us to use our wisdom and patriotism to correct the course of our nation and reassert our station as the defenders of liberty and the bearers of our constitutional republic.

Back the Blue That Backs You

Maybe one of the things we traditional Americans can stop doing is reflexively giving our loyalty, respect, and cooperation to institutions and organizations that no longer deserve it. 

Abolish the Plea Deal

The government may never understand the principle which their own behavior so amply demonstrates: That incentives for abuse will create abuse.