Law and Order

The Left’s Raising and Glorifying of Cain

Aversion to God and infatuation with criminals. Those twin traits aren’t common to every “progressive.” But in America, as in Canada, they are common enough to have made a comfortable home for themselves on the Left.

Trump Hasn’t Yet Fulfilled His ‘Law and Order’ Vow

A decline of 3.9 percent, or even of 6.8 percent, does not satisfy the hopes raised in at least some of us by Trump’s vow to bring “the crime and violence that today afflicts our nation” to an end “very soon.” Even when he nods in that direction, his attention to the issue seems mostly rhetorical. In short, he got us up on tiptoes and then didn’t kiss us.

Lynching: It’s Not About Race

Let’s say this all together: Due process is good, even when accorded to a despised political enemy. Law and order is good, even when it involves the punishment of “people who look like me.”